28th August

Saturday evening all the dogs were stressed and very unsettled we had high winds and heavy rain, when that finally subsided we then had the fire work display to beat all displays we have had in this area the dogs were barking and howling and scratching the doors and this was just the kennel dogs, god knows what the outside dogs were thinking.
It seemed to go on for ever.
Finally it finished and I settled everyone in the kennel and then went to check the outside packs, Coosa’s group were all hiding in the back of the pen, they were certainly pleased to see me.
Now gone 12 it was time to try and get some sleep.
Sunday morning was a nice dry start so everyone out, fed and cleaned and then the top groups done.
I hosed the outside yards and then opened the gates for two customers viewing dogs.
I thought I would get the visitors over with early so I could lock up and then I would have the day with the dogs.
I fed the puppies and then just started to feed the rest of the dogs and the rain started so I fed the one’s I could in the hall way and waited for the rain to stop before feeding the rest.
I decided to take an hour to myself and go down to the house for a chill out for an hour as the dogs were all locked in due to heavy rain.
When the rain eased up I left everyone out again for a good run before bed time.
Evening feeds done and then the morning feeds all ready.
I brought Shone’s group up and fed them all.
A dry morning which was nice as there was plenty of rain in the night.
Everyone fed and cleaned in the kennel all been out for a good run.
I did the top groups and washed Coosa’s pen.
I had a chat with the builders and then popped into town to pick up doughnuts for them for morning tea break.
David and his partner came to spend some time with Cracker as he would like to re home her in the future when she is ready to accept being with them.
I had a customer arrive to pick up their labradoodle, they were quite late due to heavy traffic but not a problem as they rang and told me so I didn’t have to open the gates.
Lunch time feeds done and then I popped back down to the house for quarter of an hour.
Another customer rang to view pups late afternoon so I got everyone out again for a long run and all the puppies went out in the drive for a play.
I went to see Shone’s group and see how Fern is getting along, if I sit in the pen with them then she will come up and sniff me.
I sorted out some paper work and then my last customer arrived.
After they left with a Snoodle puppy I locked up the gates and let the dogs back out on the drive.
Everyone was out until just before 9 pm when it started to get dark.
Shone’s group came up to the kennel for food.
An early start as it was really warm and I wanted to get my dogs finished early as I needed to get a mating with Chili before it got too hot.
Everyone done and the top group and then a mating with Chili.
I had a lady come for a mating with her girl to Razzle but she wasn’t ready so we are leaving her for a couple more days.
I popped in for coffee with the builders and got a few bits sorted out.
Another call to arrange a bricklayer and then the lunch time feeds done.
I cleared the rubbish from the house and did a fire.
I made time to take pictures of all the puppies this takes a while as they want to jump all over me
Then I got a couple of pics of Voodoo and Fern.
Everyone had a good run out for the afternoon and then I let Kiro and Reo out early as I went off to see Nath, Sophie and Laura, a quick stop to buy some baby clothes for Sophie.
I had a time for a good play with Soph and then we had dinner and I came home and fed the puppies and got all the dogs done.
Shone’s group came up and had food before bed time.
Everyone done and finished early as I was possibly going to have the bitch back in today to try another mating.
I did the top group and opened the gates.
Hannah arrived to clip the dogs.
The lady rang to say the bitch still isn’t ready so I locked up the gates and spent time outside with the puppies.
I took the camera out with me and got a couple of pictures.
I got the paper work sorted out for the puppy that I was going to deliver later today.
Lunch time feeds all done for the puppies and adults.
I held Kola while Hannah cut his nails and then I got the feeds ready for the puppies for the evening so I could go off with the puppy to her new home.
Evening feeds ready for my lot when I get home.
I went off to Cornwall to deliver the pup.
It was a good drive down, the puppy was really good.
I stayed for a short time to introduce her to the lady’s old yorkie and then started heading home.
I stopped off to see friends for a coffee and then back to feed the rest of the dogs and lock everyone up for the night.
Shone’s group came up for food and then Voodoo decided he didn’t want to come in so I had to persuade him thankfully he did come in quite quickly as a few minutes later the heavens opened up and it hammered down for hours.
A bit of a wet start but all the adult dogs got out without getting too wet.
I did the top kennel dogs and then back down to let the puppy out as it was now dry.
I went to town to pick up doughnuts and milk quickly.
I got home and got sorted out and swapped over dogs before customers were due to arrive.
After they left I did the lunch time feeds and cleaned ears on a group of little dogs.
I fed Voodoo’s group and then spent some time sat with them for a while.
I had a chat with the builders and then ordered some more paint for next week.
I washed all the kennel floors and hoovered in the office area.
I spent time out playing with the puppies and then with all the other groups.
Sarah and family came to pick up their puppy.
Evening feeds done and then everyone back out for a run before bed time.
Shone’s group fed and in as it was tipping down with rain.
Everyone finished early I wasn’t sure if I had Chris coming over to do a mating.
All the builders arrived.
I popped into town for milk, doughnuts and bones for the dogs.
I got back for my first customer to visit one of the older girls.
After they left I fed everyone and then Kirsty arrived for coffee, Anna arrived to spend a couple of hours with the dogs.
The afternoon was dogs out for a short time as it was too hot for them to be out for long.
Dave came with his partner to visit Cracker and walk her up the drive to get her used to him.
I popped into the house to see today’s progress and sorted out the washing.
I fed everyone and then tidied up.
Morning feeds were already on the side.
Shone’s group were fed early as I was waiting over an hour for a customer, it can be difficult for people to judge how long it will take to get here with holiday traffic.
Now the nights are drawing in by 8.15 I am not doing anymore evening viewings as it makes my life very difficult, also the wolf dogs don’t like evening visitors.
Everyone finished at 9.30 in the dark.
An early start as a busy day ahead.
Everyone out, clean and fed.
Top groups done and pens washed.
I left dogs on the drive and popped to town quickly, I got home and swapped over dogs and then moved Winter to the Labrador pack as Jezz could come into season soon.
Lizzy popped in for a couple of hours and picked up her dogs, she bought me some lovely presents from Canada.
My sister came over to go out to lunch but we had to wait quite a while for a customer to arrive to pick up their poodle puppy as they had been in a lot of traffic from Leicester.
After they had gone with their puppy we went out for late lunch and then home to let everyone out again.
I had just got all the pups out and another customer arrived to see my last snoodle puppy and off he went to his new home.
I got the evening feeds done and then locked up in the house and had time to play with Shone’s group.
I caught up on some paper work but then got bored and went back out with the dogs.
Everyone fed and Shone’s group came up to the kennel and we had an early night.

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