28th April

Sunday morning was Sam and I the house dogs were finished when Sam arrived so she fed and gave the whelping area a quick clean.
Kiro and Moon’s groups went out while we cleaned out pups and did Razzles group.
Feeds and everything was finished, two loads of washing in the machines.
We went up to the top kennels and did them, I did Idaho while Sam did water buckets.
We burnt the rubbish as it looked like rain, then down to change vet beds waters etc. for the house dogs.
Cito and C out in one field and Narla and Shone out in the other while we cleaned the bottom yards and got the next days feeds ready.
I went out for a walk with C and Shone up to the park, as they were both in the van in separate cages Shone only dribbled so we did not have our normal mess to clear up on arrival.
They were both really good, so many dogs just came flying up to them while they were both on a lead, people have no idea on how to control their dogs, one stupid bimbo was sat on a seat on the opposite of the park with her back to the dog while it was all over C.
I am just glad my dogs are well mannered and don’t take offence to another dog all over them.
C was fantastic with her recall, shone on the other hand was great until we got back near to the van and she decided to stay back just out of reach so I put C in the van and Shone was not happy to be left behind so she sat at the gate and waited.
I got home and Sam had got the next group of dogs out and the yard was clean, so we went straight in to feed the pups and give the kennel a good clean and wash water feeders.
We took pictures of the last pups for sale on the little dogs.
Sam left and I got the dogs out and then washed the floors in the house while the dogs were all out eating bones.
I went up to get Matzi in so the lab group could go out and ended up in the pen with Coosa’s group playing with them for nearly half an hour.
I fed the house dogs which was a pain as it was raining so everyone got fed inside, this makes things difficult as Narla will defer to the yorkies and poodles as she gets three feeds a day this can take up time, at night she is fairly easy as I leave her in the lounge in her bed with three chicken carcasses or she may eat a couple of scoops of biscuit depending on her mood.
We had horrible drizzly rain most of the afternoon, but it didn’t cause any problems with the dogs as they didn’t seem to mind unless it’s really pouring down.
Mum came over to pick up some more antibiotics for Roxy and measure some of the walls in the new kennel for the waterproof boarding in the shower room.
She was only here for a flying visit as a neighbour had gone into look after Roxy while she was here.
Kirsty came down with Malcolm to have a look at the possibility of having two of my older dogs and buying one of my free standing kennels, by the time we had gone through dogs and suitability it was about an hour and a half.
I had a chat to the lady that was going to be having Atlz and we decided that he may not be the dog for her, as she lives in Ireland it was too big a chance to take for him to travel that distance and things not to work out.
I phoned Martine a friend of mine who used to have Titan Lobo, she was happy to have Atlz and understands the breed.
I finished off my dogs and Kirsty came back and picked up Atlz and met Martine in Bristol so Atlz was on his way to his new home in Suffolk with Luta.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I we had a really good morning everything was finished early so I went out for a walk with Malcolm we took Moon and Bobby out for a walk down to the river for an hour, they were brilliant together and both walked well on the lead.
Bobby will be owned by Malcolm and Moon will still be owned by me so I can use him at stud and for film work whenever needed, if ever Malcolm needs to be away then Kirsty will look after the dogs so they don’t have to have any changes.
Malcolm will be coming over for the next few weeks and taking both dogs out so he can get to know them better before he moves them.
This will give him time to move the kennel and get the fencing sorted out a bit better and making it secure.
We had some worming and vaccinating to do before the lunch time feed.
The weather was a little miserable as we had that drizzly rain, the little dogs were fed inside while Kiro came out in their yard as she has hurt her back leg probably from leaping around the kennel like a lunatic, she will stay down in the bottom kennel area and only be walked on a lead for a few weeks.
I had a long chat with Helen my friend that is looking after daisy for me; she is going to have Roka after her stitches are out next week.
Atlz is a very happy boy I have had pictures of him chilled out on the sofa, which is lovely to see.
This now leaves us with no dogs to re home for a couple of months then we have two more bitches to go.
I took Shone for a quick walk around the village while the Coosa group were in eating their bones and the lab group was out in the field.
The afternoon was power washing and brushing dogs.
After a very long day I finished outside at just after 6 pm.
Tuesday morning Kirsty and I did the pups and the bottom groups, then the top kennels we are finishing quicker now as Roka is not going out in the field due to a reaction from her stitches, kiro is not going out and Reo and A’Lupa are on shorter times out as he is not having too much exercise with his recent leg injury, some days it feels more like a hospital than a breeding kennel.
My yorkiepoo pups have now moved out of the house to a larger pen.
Tango the labradoodle girl has finally had her pups it felt like the never ending pregnancy she was very overdue but mum and pups are all doing well.
My yorkie has now had her puppies, they are all doing fine.
We have moved whelping boxes around so Tango now has a box in the office, next we will move Puzzle out into the whelping area so her pups will have more room when the two dogs have been picked up to go to Italy.
This will still leave us with a couple of hybrid males, one from Taska and one from Roxy who we may keep but I am not sure as we are only going to be breeding a limited number of hybrid litters to ensure we get the right homes for these pups.
In between doing dogs in the afternoon I have arranged the date for the under floor heating to be put in the new kennel.
I have arranged the plasterer to come and put the plaster boards up in the office and store areas, also the tiler is booked for the 20 th of May and the delivery of the tiles has been arranged so we are making good progress.
Coosa had to come in for a long sleep as he was very tired, he has been so busy digging a den for Rainn as it is not long now until she has his puppies, little does he realise she is not having many pups and she will be moved into a different kennel, this will upset him as he hasn’t left her side for weeks.
Tarla is not in pup so when Rainn moves Coosa can go back in with Tory this may be some compensation for not having Rainn.
He is also hiding bones all around the field and having to stop Rainn from digging them up.
I have had Delta in the house for a while today getting her used to having a collar on and spending some time with the house dogs, Shone and Narla love her the yorkies are not so keen as she is a bit of a thug with them.
Kiro is feeling very sorry for herself so I spent a little while sat in the yard with her giving her a brush and she was happier.
I got the rest of the dogs finished and the washing was hanging all around the house as it damp and horrible.
Wednesday was Kirsty and I we were very busy as we had pups to move and feed orders to sort out and dogs to walk.
I wanted to get finished early as possible so I could be ready for training.
We got everyone fed and exercised and the yards all cleaned.
I did the blog while Kirsty did Roxy and the odd jobs.
We did the feeds ready or the next day and de frosted the freezers ready for the next delivery.
We did the lunchtime feeds and cleaned the pups out again.
I did some paper work and tidied up in the house and washed the floors.
I got all the bitches fed and out before Sam arrived to look after the dogs while I was out at training.
I started to wash the yards and get prepared early ready for dog training with Shone, I am also taking C to keep her company on the drive and hope she is not so sick.
I got all the yards washed and buckets out ready to fill up in the morning prepared all the feeds for Sam to do the puppies.
I got all the dogs in and most of them locked up I just left Roka for Sam to lock up.
I went off for a walk before training with C and Shone.
C did help Shone a bit with the travelling but we didn’t make it to town before I had to stop and clean the paper out of her cage.
When we got to club I took the girls off for a walk then put C back in van and took Shone in.
She was much better this week but she still dribbled throughout the whole class.
I am sure she will get better as she gets older.
I got home and let all the house dogs out and cleaned out he bitches with pups before spending a couple of hours with the house dogs, we all fell asleep so when I woke up they all went out to the toilet before bed.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I, the house dogs were finished when Kirsty arrived so she put two groups from the top kennel out while I did the whelping area.
We then did the two bottom groups that are only coming out into the yards.
Razzles group and the pups were next.
After most of the bottom groups were finished the lab group went out while we cleaned three pens at the top.
Razzles group went out in the field and Coosa’s group went out in a pen to eat while they were out.
Moon and Coosa went out while we did the house dogs.
We had two litters of puppies to vaccinate and 10 little dogs.
Kirsty did pen 4 while I did the vaccination certificates for the pups that were leaving next week.
Then lunchtime feeding and getting the feeds ready for the next day.
We took Kiro and Siren out for a short walk.
Kirsty went home and I put the next group of dogs out.
I spent the rest of the day out weeding the garden and brushing dogs.
I only had one lot of visitors so I had the afternoon and the evening to myself for some quality time with the dogs.
Friday morning was Sam and I while I was finishing off the dogs Sam picked up outside then we did the pups in the front whelping area.
Sam put two groups of dogs out while I started Razzles group and the two groups down the bottom that are not able to go out in the field as Kiro is still resting and Roka has had a reaction to her stitches.
We did the top groups and then got all the washing finished and out on the line.
Sam did drains and odd jobs while I did the meat delivery and got food ready for the next day.
I then had a meeting for an hour discussing food for Narla as she is burning up everything I am giving her, she looks ok but I would prefer her to look better.
All the puppies were wormed and the dna paper work all printed ready to complete the files for them to leave next week.
I got all the little dogs fed then took Kiro and Siren for a quick walk, Siren is getting better but still a lacking in confidence a bit.
I got the feeds ready for the next day and re cleaned all the pups.
Kirsty and Malcolm came round to walk Moon and Bobby while I was washing the yards before all the dogs were put away for the night.
I had few emails to catch up with and people to ring about puppy training classes that we are doing for the new pups that have just left.
I cleaned ears on little dogs and brushed one of the poodles.
The house dogs spent the evening chilling out with bones in the lounge.
Saturday morning was Sam and I Sam did the front whelping area while I finished off the house dogs, we did all of the vets first so they could be washed while we were cleaning the rest of the dogs.
I started doing Kiro and Razzles groups while Sam put two groups of the wolf dogs out.

We did the morning feeding and then finished the groups at the top got the burning rubbish done then came down and did pen 4 and the housed dogs.
The wolf dogs in the house went out in the field while we cleaned the yards and got all the washing hung out.
We washed all the floors in the house and towel dried them so the yorkies did not get wet feet.
I have two lots of visitors coming to visit their puppies, so while I was with them Sam did the feeding of the pups out the front and some odd jobs.
After the visitors had gone we cleaned out the whelping area and then re cleaned all the pups.
Sam left and I fed the little dogs.
I spent time out in the field watering the new trees so I could be around the dogs and throw the ball for the lab group.
I had an hour of ear cleaning on the poodle group as Hannah could not work yesterday so I had to make sure everyone had clean ears until next week when Hannah will be back to groom.
I brushed Coosa’s legs and removed as much fur as I would from brushing a whole dog, he thought it was great but kept wanting to roll around on his back, it wasn’t helping much with Rainn trying to sit on me at the same time.
I got all the washing in and put away, then I had Kiro and Siren out with me while I filled up water buckets for the builders in the morning.
I cleaned the yards and got all the outside buckets in and washed ready for the morning.
Everyone went in and had a chew, I fed the pups and cleaned them out again and checked water before going out and giving Narla a quick brush.
C came out in the garden while the other dogs were out in the field and we had 20 minutes training just so I could get some one to one time with her.
I came in and had dinner and answered a couple of phone calls before watching the voice.

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