27th September

A nice morning a little cold but dry.
House dogs out and Kiro in labs out fed and cleaned.
All the kennel dogs done and the fire done, I left most of the dogs out and went to cash and carry.
I got home and swapped all the dogs round and then did the lunch time feeds.
Time for some more packing upstairs, I got bored of being in the house so I cleaned the floors and let the house dogs out on the drive and then got the evening feeds ready and wormed puppies.
When I was getting the labs in I noticed the side of Coosas’s face looked grungy and sticky so after the labs in I brought him out in the track to take a look, it was a mess he had abscess right by the side of a cyst the abscess burst and so had part of the cyst.
I cleaned it all up and gave him some more chicken and then let him back out in the field.
I picked up in the drive and locked the gates.
All of the old paper and cards from the house that I seem to have been hoarding is now in the office ready to be shredded, either when it’s raining or if I am hanging around waiting for someone.
I had a bit of spare time so I wrote today’s blog.
I did some shredding paper until the shredder got too hot and then I went out and cleaned up Coosa’s face it’s still a bit messy so I have washed it to clean up the blood still running out of the face.
I picked up in the paddock and changed the water buckets ready for the morning.
The meat out ready for the morning, the labs went out in the field for the last run before bed time.
I stopped for dinner and then cleaned the poodles yard and brought Coosa’s group down to the kennel for the night.
The house dogs went out in the drive for an hour and then Kiro and Reo went out.
A dry start but really cold and windy, house dogs out labs out and Kiro and Reo in.
I fed them and cleaned the labs kennel and then put the house dogs back inside.
I did the kennel dogs and then the fire.
I popped into town for half an hour to buy a steam cleaner as mine packed up while I was away.
Kirsty came down for coffee that was good timing as the cabinet drier had just arrived so she helped me put the drier into the grooming room.
I am really pleased with it nice and compacted but still large enough for two dogs.
I spent another hour shredding paper from my old accounts that I don’t have to keep any longer.
I washed one of the kennels out and dried that one and then hoovered another kennel while dogs were out.
I checked Coosa’s face and cleaned it again; he is really good so I cleaned his ears out at the same time he was sat on my lap the great lump.
I packed up a couple more bags from the house and then sorted out some clothes that can go to the charity shop.
I steam cleaned the poodles room and then brushed Chili as his coat is really thick and Shiraz hanging around his neck can make the coat matt.
I did the lunch time feeds and then had a play with the puppies for a while.
I did an hour of the accounts and then got bored so I went out and pulled up stinging nettles, anything is better than paper work it bores me to tears sitting on my back side is not my idea of working or enjoying life.
I sorted out the building regs forms ready to send in as soon as the planning is through.
My forms all came through from canine imagining I have 10 forms to complete so I made a start on them.
I rang the vets to order drugs as my sister is going in tomorrow for vaccines and she can pick them up for me.
I had dinner and then brought the last groups of dogs in and let the poodles out on the drive and locked up.
A wet start but the labs still went out in the field and then the house dogs were in the bottom block.
Kiro in and then I did the kennel dogs, I did the fire and just as I was coming back down the guys arrived to fit the flashing on the velux windows in the kennel, so hopefully no more puddles on the wet room floor when it rains.
The bone delivery arrived so I froze all of that and burnt the boxes
I left the dogs in while they were here I only had Coosa’s group out who were all sat watching the guys on the roof, and Shone and Cito out in field one.
I cleaned the poodle’s floor while they were in the bottom block.
I had breakfast and then sorted out some more bits from the house.
I papered the poodle’s room for the evening and then put Cito and Shone into the bottom block and fed Coosa’s group and let Narla out in the field.
The guys finished the windows and off they went.
Lunch times all cut up and everyone fed.
It started to rain quite heavy so I put the dogs away and did some more shredding.
I cut up the chicken ready for tomorrows feeds and then put the labs out in the field.
The chicken delivery arrived so I took what I needed to do the feeds for today
I was on the phone and saw a strange car at the gates, when I looked closer the car was coming through the gates, I got off the phone fast and ran up the drive, it was a friend from the village coming in with 4 of my dogs, I looked and thought oh god where are the other two, with that another car comes in with the other two, the delivery driver hadn’t shut the gate properly so I have now got a padlock for the bottom gates as well, I will lock the gates from now on when anyone comes in or out, the dogs thought it was great but it could have been a very different outcome.
I got the feeds ready for the morning in the house and the kennel and then put the last groups of dogs out.
Everyone came in and were fed I picked up in the drive and went to open the gates, I had put a padlock on the bottom gate and hung the key on a piece of rope 6 feet high so when I had chance I was going to change the rope for a chain.
The rope and key were gone, I walked up and down the drive for about 30 minutes thinking oh great I am going to have to get the bolt croppers on the padlock.
I was sure I didn’t have a spare key for that lock this was why I bought a new padlock before I went away.
I got the bolt croppers from the house and then thought I would just check the spare key box and thank god I had a spare so I went up and opened the gates and then off to my sisters for dinner, we had a great night mainly dog and dog club talk and a little of house refurbishments.
I got home late and let the house dogs out and checked the kennel dogs and then Kiro and Reo out.
I stayed up for an hour with the house dogs and then bed.
A nice dry start to the day.
House dogs done and then the labs out and Kiro in.
I did the kennel dogs and then the fire.
I popped into mole valley to get another gun for my hose as I was fed up with it not turning off and getting wet.
I got home and finished shredding all of the old accounts and then did the lunch time feeds.
I did some more packing while dogs were out and then swapped over groups.
I had a call to take a csv rescue dog, he arrived immediately, thankfully he is good with Shone so I left them together while I got some more panels from the garage to secure the front of his cage as he is going to have to be in the house over night with my poodles and not being sure how he will be I don’t want them to get their feet bitten.
I got all that sorted out and then cleaned the poodle’s yard as it was raining and they wouldn’t be going back out.
I fed everyone and then had dinner, I brought the last dogs in and spent a couple of hours with the house dogs, Shone was playing with winter, the csv was in his crate and Shiraz was spinning Rupert around on his computer chair.
A wet start house dogs out and then labs out Kiro and reo in.
Kennel dogs all done fire done I picked up in the drive and left dogs out while I disinfected and power washed the bottom block.
Shone and the csv out in the field and Coosa group fed.
Dogs were out everywhere possible so I steam cleaned the floors in the house and then power washed starting in the bottom block, in-between changing dogs around and feeding I power washed for 5 hours.
The chicken delivery arrived so I sorted it out and then Kate popped in for a while.
I cut up the chicken and the put the labs out in the field and the poodles in the garden.
I put my dinner on to cook and did the evening feeding and morning feeds ready.
Shiraz is being a handful as she doesn’t like the fact I have moved the rescue wolf dog into the house so this means he is also in a yard near to hers, this gives her an excuse to bark at him.
I papered the poodle’s room ready and did the feeds ready for the house dogs for the morning.
Poodles came in and I moved Shone and washed the yard.
Coosa and everyone in so I let Kiro out and stopped for dinner.
I went back up to the kennel and brought the last groups in and then Coosa’s group in for food.
I picked up in the drive and locked up.
Kiro and Reo went out.
The house dogs came in.
Everyone out and finished as Hannah was for 8 am and she wanted help for a while and see how things worked with the new cabinet drier.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it out quickly and burnt the boxes.
We did the house poodles and got them dried very quickly so we worked out which dogs to put together in the drier and which to be blasted.
The new drier looks like it is going to be a great asset, we were surprised at how quick it does dry the labradoodles and the heavier coated dogs, I am pleased I have it now.
I did the drains and then got the lunch time feeds ready and fed everyone a little earlier than normal as my sister was coming over to get the building regs forms completed and the pricings done for the regs, we spent hours sorting it all out and printing everything off ready to take in next week.
We popped out for a very late lunch and then swapped over dogs when I came back, Hannah kept an eye on the dogs and the gates were locked so she knew they were safe.
Kirsty popped in to drop off my cage and pick up her chicken.
My sister left and then I got the feeds done for the morning and the evening.
After all the dogs were in I went over to my other sisters and dropped off all the planning info for the builder and had dinner.
I got home and sorted out my dogs and finally got to bed around 1 am.
A really nice morning.
All the dogs were done and then Kate arrived to give me a hand moving stuff from the house and putting pictures safely into the store room.
Kate was here for a few hours and then we fed the lunch time feeds and had a sandwich and then Kate left and I hoovered the mats and grooming room before people arrived to spend time with the cockapoo’s as their son has allergies.
After they left I swapped over dogs and then got the frozen food out for the morning.
I took some more food up for the labs and then got the evening feeds ready.
Everyone fed and in.
Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.

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