27th October

Sunday was very busy I had an early start as Brian and Wendy were coming to get lots of jobs done.
I put everyone out in the top kennels and fed them it was still dark when I came back down to the house to do the feeds for everyone else.
The house dogs went out while Maddie and I fed the first group of puppies and cleaned them out.
I brought the house dogs in while maddie put the bitches out that have little pups.
We changed the vet beds and paper, the bitches came back in.
Wendy and Brian arrived at 7.30 am and got straight on to white boarding the walls in Idaho’s pen to make the cleaning easier.
We fed the rest of the doodles and poodles and cleaned them all out.
We went back and stripped out the whelping area and did a deep clean as we were moving the last two puppies that are here until the owner returns from her holiday.
After we had finished we moved one of my doodle girls into the pen ready for her to have her pups.
Mother arrived to do paper work and hoover and clean the house.
Brian white boarded both sides of Kiro’s panel next to the door as she is always jumping on it and making it really dirty.
All the boards in the yards came off to be washed.
Maddie and I cleaned all of the kennels in the top block while dogs were out.
We stopped for breakfast quick coffee and chocolate croissants.
Next Maddie and I cleaned the yards while Brian carried on with the boarding when he was not being interfered with by us to undo things and help with heavy stuff.
I had to spend a while with my cocker bitch as she was whelping and she gets a little stressed until she has finished.
I changed her vet bed when she stopped for a while to change sides as it was really wet.
I did the feeds and Maddie fed the puppies and cleaned them out again, while I cut the chicken for the little dogs and fed them.
Maddie left and I did the afternoon dogs exercise.
Mum cooked our lunch so we stopped for 20 mins and had food and a drink.
Brian finished off the boarding and then put an aluminium strip on the edges so the dogs can’t pull the boards off and chew the corners.
I cleaned all of the drains out and had a general tidy up around the kennels.
I cleaned the bottom block and dried it as the rain was getting heavy and the little dogs needed to go out.
I did the frozen feeds for the next morning and took them up ready.
Coosa was waiting to come in so I let his group in and Wendy and I fed and cleaned the puppies out, we were still cleaning white boards when the light was fading.
We finally gave up as I had a table booked to go out with my brother in law and Antony.
Mum was ready so I came in and locked up the house dogs and got changed.
Brian followed us over to my sisters to pick up the last of the kitchen cupboards, while Wendy stayed here and looked after the dogs.
We left my sisters and went to the restaurant for dinner; we had really nice food and a great night as we were only half an hour from home I phoned Wendy as we were leaving so it meant the dogs were only on their own for about 20 minutes.
We got home and did paper work until just after 12 o clock and then off to bed.
Monday morning the dogs got me up in the dark so I went out and fed them I didn’t put anyone out as I was very early and pouring down with rain.
I came down and had a coffee and checked my emails.
I let the house dogs out and made the feeds for the rest of the dogs and puppies.
Amy arrived and she fed the first group of puppies and cleaned them out.
We went in and did the next bitches and pups and changed their beds and fed them everyone was going out in the bottom block as it was a real winter’s morning dark and wet.
We cleaned all the dogs out in the bottom areas and the puppies.
Hannah arrived to groom all of the house dogs and Amy and I did all of the top groups one kennel at a time so if need be we could get them in quickly.
No one went out for very long as it was just too wet.
We cleaned and towel dried Idaho’s pen and then came down and washed the yards.
Amy did lots of odd jobs and I was on paper work with mother and helping Hannah when I needed to with holding dogs for her that are difficult on the grooming table.
I made the feeds and Amy fed the puppies and re cleaned them.
Amy cleaned the kitchen cupboard doors for me as wet dogs had made muddy marks all over them.
Amy left and I didn’t put anyone out for the next hour as the rain was not looking like stopping so we had a sandwich and carried on with paper work.
The weather did not brighten up so the little dogs alternated with the bottom block and the wolf dogs only went out for a short time except Coosa who stayed out and the six hybrids have an undercover pen and a kennel they can get into.
I did the evening feeds for the puppies and the wolf dogs had some bones and locked the dogs up for the night and then finished the bitches and pups.
I spent the evening with the house dogs and finished the rest of the paper work.
Tuesday morning was another wet morning so I put the top groups out for a quick toilet picked up from the kennels and then let them all back in for biscuit.
I went down and let the house dogs out and did the puppy feeds and the little dogs feeds.
Amy arrived and we fed the puppies and the little dogs and then put them all back in for a while.
All the pups and little dogs were cleaned out and water changed.
We went up and cleaned the wolf dog kennels and only put one group out at a time even then it was a struggle to get the kennels done quick enough to get them done before they got too wet.
After we had finished them we burnt the rubbish and then came down and let the little dogs out.
Amy cleaned the walls in the lounge from where wet dogs have made muddy marks on the wall.
I did the puppy feeds for Amy and left her some jobs.
I went off to the Osteopath for a grilling session, Maddie came in as Amy was finishing so she could help for the afternoon and let dogs out as Amy doesn’t do very much with the wolf dogs.
I got home and we started cleaning yards and feeding chicken carcasses.
I had more building stuff to order and then I did the frozen feeds ready for the next morning.
Maddie and I cleaned the bottom block as most of the dogs had been going out in their as the rain was relentless.
We still had two more loads of washing to get done.
I did the feeds for the pups and Maddie fed them while I was cleaning the other two yards.
I brought Coosa in while Maddie washed the bowls; everyone was fed and locked up by 5.30.
I did my emails and did very little for the evening.
Wednesday morning was a fairly wet and windy start so I put Reo out and left him with Coosa’s hatch to the field so he could get back inside if the rain got too much, while I was feeding and cleaning out the little dogs and pups.
I put the house dogs out and did their food and had everyone else’s feeds ready for when Maddie arrived.
The house dog’s pens were ready for them to come back into.
Maddie arrived and we fed the pups and cleaned them out, then on to the doodles, poodles and the bitches with pups.
After they were all finished we took all of the rubbish up to burn and put out Kiro and cleaned out Reo and brought him in.
Kiro’s pen cleaned and food ready for her coming in, as she was quiet we started cleaning the run part of the hybrid pen.
Kiro came in and the hybrid six went out with their chicken, Coosa’s group went out and we cleaned both pens and then came down and put the house dogs back out and changed their bedding.
I spent a short time on the computer and getting paper work done for the puppy that was leaving the next day.
We had mountains of washing and drying to do and my van had to be papered and ready for training.
Maddie did some odd jobs while I sorted out phone calls.
We fed the puppies and then cleaned the bottom block.
Razzles group went in for a while so we could clean their yard and then Budds group went in and their yard was cleaned.
I left all the wolf dogs except Coosa’s group in for an hour as the rain was getting heavier.
Maddie went off for a while and I fed all the little dogs and the house dogs.
Maddie came back she did a quick re clean on the pups and I power washed the yards and got everything in the van I needed for training.
We fed the puppies and locked all of the dogs in we loaded Shone and River in the van.
Kate arrived and kept a watch on Rosie the doodle that was due to have puppies, she also did the microchip registrations and insurance on the pup leaving.
I arrived at training with a little more time to spare so it was nice not to have to rush.
I brought river in for Daisy and got prepared for my class.
We had the full eleven again this week, as I have so many to teach I have asked Janice to keep a watch on the owners that are doing examine their dogs while the other half of the class are doing heel work.
Then we swapped over and had the younger members of the class doing heel work.
Most of them were good on the waits and the gate, River was brilliant she did all of the heel work and even did the sits, down and stands.
We did food manners with human sausages and I still had all of my fingers so that was impressive.
We finished off with recalls and all were good including River.
I went out and got Shone ready for the next class, Daisy asked the trainer if she would mind River joining in the Silver class as a couple of bitches were away due to being in season.
You could see immediately that River was happier with a smaller number of dogs and people in the class she took an interest straight away, I sat at the far end of the room away from her and it didn’t take long before she realised Shone was in the hall.
Daisy did everything that the rest of the class were doing, she did have to hold her collar in the sit or she would have been in the down fairly quickly.
Daisy’s mum took River on the road walk just to be on the safe side and she was good she pulled less than I expected.
When it came to controlled getting in and out of the van we just left River in her cage as it was not practical to confuse her.
Shone did hers with a good wait and then we had finished so I left Shone and went and made the coffees and watched the gold class.
After the class had finished we had a quick chat while clearing up and then off home.
I got back and Kate had to leave straight away as Milly wasn’t feeling very well and Kate wanted to get home and settle her down.
I brought Shone and River in and let them straight out for a drink, all the rest of the housedogs had been out.
I checked my emails and made a couple of phone calls before bed.
Thursday morning was a dry start the dogs got me up at 5 am, I was still tired but another day starting so first was tell the top group to be quiet and have a coffee.
I left Shone, Narla and River in the bottom yard as it looked very likely to rain.
I went up and put Reo and Kiro’s groups out and fed the rest of the dogs.
I took Shones group up and put them in their day pen, I came down and let the house dogs out did the feeds for the pups and everyone else.
I brought the house dogs in and put them back in the pens with breakfast.
Maddie arrived and we fed the puppies and cleaned them out, then we did all of the little dogs and went up and cleaned Kiro and Reo’s pens, they came in for food and Coosa and Shone’s groups went out while we cleaned them out and fed them outside.
We left both pens to be dried later as we needed to get the house dogs out and clean their pens and sweep the floors in the house as my new licensing officer was due for a visit.
Hannah was already here she had done one of the doodle bitches.
Maddie went to check on Rosie and she had just started whelping, she had one pup.
I went to check on her and then popped in to sort out a phone call, I went straight back in after 10 minutes and she had started to have another pup, I tried for about 45 minutes to get a puppy out that was really stuck, my licensing office turned up in the middle of all this, he went off for half an hour when he came back Hannah was just getting the last minute instructions and was about to load Rosie to take her to the vets for a caesarean.
This was Hannah’s first visit to my vets so I rang them an explained that Hannah was the groomer she never really has anything else to do with the dogs, that was fine they said they would get one of the vet nurses to deal with the puppies.
I was busy with the inspection and showing Phil around as he has only been here once five years ago.
Maddie had a list of things to get on with while we were going through stuff.
She fed the puppies and cleaned them out again.
I took Phil down to show him around the new kennel, he was impressed and said he would like to come back in a few weeks and she what it looks like when it’s finished.
After he left I rang he vets to find out about Rosies progress and check the C sec went ok.
We cleaned the bottom block, and then Kate arrived after taking Milly to the doctors; I fed the little dogs and the house dogs their chicken.
Maddie left.
I brought Shone’s group in and fed them, Reo went out.
My poor puppy owners arrived three hours late they had been stuck on the M5 in the queues from the early morning fatality.
Puppy left for her new home and Kate and I did a few jobs.
I had one of my owners pop in to show me their puppy he is really sweet just like his dad.
After they were leaving Hannah arrived back with Rosie so I went out and brought her in from the car and put her in the whelping area for the night.
All the little dogs went in and I cleaned the yards and fed the puppies.
Next I brought the top groups in and cleaned the outside pens.
I came down for dinner and a well-deserved sit with the dogs for a couple of hours.
Friday morning was dry windy start I put Reo out and gave him Coosa’s pen and put Kiro out in field two as it was still dark they kept fairly quiet while I put the house dogs out and made the feeds.
I did the first group of puppies and Maddie had not arrived.
House dogs came in for food and then I did the next puppies and doodles and poodles.
I took all the rubbish up and left it for burning, I cleaned Kiro and Reo’s pen, they came in for their biscuits and the hybrids and Coosa groups went out, I fed them outside and cleaned their pens.
I got a text at 8.20 to say Maddie was not coming in.
After they were finished I quickly went into town and got shavings and went to the bank.
I got home and unloaded everything and the meat delivery had arrived so I sorted all that out and burnt the boxes.
I changed all of the vet beds and moved my cocker as she needed a pen with more room.
I rang Kirsty as I had puppies to photograph and vaccinate so she popped down for a while, after we had finished we spent some time with the hybrids.
I fed the puppies and re cleaned everyone, I picked up from all of the yards.
I washed the bottom block and Razzles yard.
Next I fed the house dogs their chicken and the little dogs outside.
I put Kiro out and came down and cleaned the floors in the house and sorted out washing.
I checked my emails and then ordered stone for the drainage to be done.
I had some time to write the blog and update the diary.
I spoke to the kennel fitters and made arrangement for them to come down and gave them the details of the pub where they could stay while they are working down here.
Next was time to give Cito a brush as she is the only wolf dog in the house blowing her coat.
I got the frozen feeds done ready for the morning and defrosted one of the freezers.
I put the poodles in as they were being vocal and washed their yard.
Next was Razzles group in and yard washed.
I brought the hybrids in to have their food and cleaned Coosa’s day pen then brought them in.
All the puppies were fed and cleaned out.
I got the morning feeds done and spent the evening with the house dogs.
Saturday morning was a really windy start not too wet so I put Reo out and then the house dogs and did everyone’s feeds.
Amy arrived and we fed the puppies and then the poodles and doodles.
After everyone was cleaned out we took all of the rubbish up to burn.
We put the hybrids out with their food and cleaned Reo’s pen and the hybrids kennel and run, this meant that Reo got to be out longer.
After we had finished them and towel dried them Reo came in for his food and we put kiro out and did her pen, we burnt the rubbish and then brought Kiro in and fed them all.
Coosa went out and we did his pen.
Next we cleaned all of the house dog’s pens and then the bottom yard.
Amy did some odd jobs stocking up on paper and blue roll.
Wendy and Brian arrived and cleaned out all of the gutters on the garage, kennels and runs and the house so if we get this weather that is supposed to be really bad we have done our best to make things as safe as possible.
We cleaned all of the mess in Razzles yard from what Brian had thrown from the roof.
Wendy and Brian went to town and bought us fish and chips for lunch which was very nice.
I fed all of the house dogs and the little dogs their chicken.
Brian took shavings up to the top kennel for me which was great as they are so heavy carrying them up nearly kills you.
Wendy brought the hybrids in for me and put Reo out while I was with a customer that came to visit their puppy.
Amy left and we did a few more odd jobs, then Wendy and I de frosted the next freezer.
Reo came in and Kiro went out for an hour, then she came in and the hybrids went back out.
Wendy and Brian left and I cleaned the rest of the yards and put the dogs away.
I fed the puppies and then brought the hybrids and Coosa’s group in.
I fed the pups and cleaned them out.
All of the house dogs went out in the yards for a while as it was going to rain and I wanted to get them all back in the house before they got soaked.
Shone and Narla came in and they all went to sleep for a couple of hours which was nice it gave me a chance to write the blog and do my emails.

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