27th November

Last weeks blog finished with Kate and I going over to see Shaun, we had a great night is was nice to have a break from here for a few hours, we also brought home a pheasant for Idaho, Shaun plucked it for me as I am not to keen on doing it myself and I don’t like the feathers all over the pen so its as easy to get him to do them for me., whoever said you don’t need a man lol
A good week with fairly much everything going well, nothing has gone wrong but no major achievements either.
More howling than normal but we are heading to the winter so this is Coosa and Matzi’s talkative time of year.
Bobbie and Cassy have had a good week all has been very happy with them two and they have spent 90 % of their time living out.

Reo and Iman are fine, she has not yet come into season.

Steel and Siren are a good match they are very happy together.

With all the dogs that have changed around in the last two weeks there have been no real problems.

A’Lupa has started to settle down and not screech so much when you pass her kennel, we are starting to do some lead work with her, this is a pain as I had hoped she would already be lead trained.
She needs work, as she does not have anything like as much muscle as my own Czechs.
I was hoping to have hip scored her by now but I think I will have to leave it another couple of months.

We have booked the two hybrid puppies into training but still have not found a name for the boy who is unsold and the girl I am keeping.
At the moment I am thinking of calling her Quilla after her mum, as this will be her last litter.
Kate is looking for a name for the boy as she is going to spend time with him away from the kennels and socialize him ready for when he finds his new home.
Both Dora and Quilla are doing a fantastic job with the pups.
These litters are far more forward than previous puppies we have had in the past, they are happy to come and greet you with their tails wagging and they all love a cuddle.

Next week Shaun is coming over so we can have a chat a pick the pups for the new owners who are all really looking forward to finding out which puppy they will be picking up just before Christmas.
Two of the pups going to Europe have fairly much been allocated.
The paper work is already being arranged for these two and the vet has been booked we are just waiting to confirm the flights.
And the Dora female was arranged a couple of weeks ago.
There is possibly one male staying in the UK to go to another breeder.
If the last male is homed and we still have sensible enquiries for any more pups then Taska may have a litter with Reo.

Our next litter will hopefully be ¾ Saarloos ¼ Czech the sire will be a forest brown purebred Saarloos dog called Wayakin who was bred by me and owned by Shaun Ellis.
We are hoping for a mating next week, this will be the first litter from him as he is coming up 3 years old now.

Training went very well this week with C she was very well behaved and responsive, she really enjoys playing with all the different dogs, this week it was a lively young collie she was very taken with.
Her down stays are exceptional for such a young dog.

We had a pallet of food delivered this week as always right in the middle of morning cleaning so half got put into my van until we could take it up and unload at the top block.
Another straw delivery this week so we are in front with our winter supplies building up.
Kate has practically moved in at the moment as her boyfriend is in New Zealand, great for me, maybe not so good for Kate but we have had a good laugh and I have managed to get the yorkies bathed and groomed, and a large amount of liver cake cooked and frozen ready to do the worming next month of everyone.
The next task is the rest of the housedogs, and then catch up on some paper work.

I still have not got my new computer installed yet as I am waiting for my Microsoft 2010 disc to arrive I wish it would hurry up as my pc is now crawling along at a snails pace.

I have bought a new freezer this week so I can finally go and pick up the tripe so we do not run short of food, the tripe is good back up food as it does not take up much storage space, unlike the chicken carcasses and bones.

That Friday feeling has come again we seem to do ok till the end of the week then for some reason we have been cursed on Fridays lately.
Kate arrived feeling very under the weather and said I hope we can get an early finish today, well that was the start, things went from bad to worse.
One of our meat pick up that we get every month at a really good price was changed so we worked around that with some difficulty, then Tarna looked very depressed and her back legs and one front leg had appeared to lock up.
Off Tarna and I went to the vets leaving poor Kate to struggle on with the rest of the duties.
The verdict is not really decided on what has happened with Tarna but at the moment she has some spinal damage, which is causing the problems with her legs.
She is currently on 14 high strength steroid a day.
I called in an old friend who is trained in healing and Tarna had an hour’s treatment with her on Friday evening this has helped to relieve some stress from her body and to relax her more.
She is back in the house again being rested in a cage and monitored to see what Course of action we take from here, the good thing is she is happy and eating ok drinking a little more than normal but this is to be expected with the steroids she is on.
Poor girl has not had much luck since she has had her puppies.

Saturday all went well Isi came to help out which is always a pleasure as she is very efficient and just gets on with anything you need.
Wendy, Brian, Kate and I cleaned the kennel and did a few odd jobs, which made the morning fly by.

Dora and D’Quilla will both be available for rehoming in 4 weeks time to suitable homes only.
Neither one can go to a normal house with just a small garden; they both require very large gardens.
D,Quilla is ok with 6 foot fencing but if Dora were to be left unattended she would jump or climb out.
They are both 8 years old.

Pictures of all the hybrid puppies.
1 male still available he is 2,000 pounds.

Quilla boy

Quilla boy

Quilla girl

Quilla boy

Dora girl

Tarna girl

Tarna boy

Tarna boy

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