27th May

Steel has one female puppy left she has had her first vaccination wormed and microchipped.
Last Sunday turned out to be a little hectic as we had no Kate.
Annabel was in, after we had finished cleaning we weeded all of the area by Coosa’s tunnel were he comes out of his day kennel into the field, we were both stung to death and very hot by the time we had done it.
I spent the rest of the day brushing dogs as everyone is now blowing their coats.
Echo, Rupert, and Meala have all gone home so that has relieved a lot of pressure on the number of dogs in the house.
Barney the little labradoodle has also gone home now.
Monday morning was a mad rush as I had to go out for the day to get my van mot in Taunton.
Hannah was here for the day grooming the house dogs.
Practically everyone had been out and kennels cleaned when Kate arrived.
I had not been gone an hour when I had a call from Kate to say Koko and Bobby had a set to, so Bobby has now been moved.
With all the commotion going on Reo was being moved to go in with Bobby for company and somehow got in with A’lupa, so she has been mated, this will be a litter of pure bred Czechs due at the end of July ready for homes early September.
I came home late afternoon to help Kate finish off and move dogs around.
There is a lot of tension in the house dog pack at the moment as we have two bitches in season and neither of them are being mated this time round.
The hot weather is not helping with them being a bit touchy either.
I spent some time outside taking pictures of Bobby in the afternoon and I know how they feel as it is nice but when you are in the sun too long its quite wearing.
This gave me a good excuse to go out and share an ice cream with Coosa.
Reo and A’Lupa had another brush as they were looking so shaggy and the heat was getting to them especially as every time they go out in the field reo mates her.
After all the kennel dogs were finished I spent two hours out with the house dogs pulling up yet more weeds in the garden.
Wednesday was a very hot day no one was too energetic to run around and play in the field they all spent most of the time just lying in the sun.
After we had finished cleaning Kate and I did some more de weeding up by the top kennel.
Then everyone in and fed before we went off to training with Peaches and C.
Both dogs were very good.
My group with C went for a road walk and did the getting in and out of the car to show they could do so under control on the road side, then back inside for stays and heel work.
Ali did some paper work while we were out.
Thursday morning was nice and hot but nothing seemed to come together I spent all morning cleaning with Kate instead of doing the paper work that I needed to be getting on with.
All of the dogs were really hot and not enjoying the weather so they went out on shorter exercise time for the afternoon.
Coosa and Matzi were especially not enjoying the weather, even with all of the brushing Coosa still has not even half way blown his coat yet.
I had an appointment to get my neck looked at in the afternoon to help stop the constant headaches, then had to clean the little dogs ears and get everyone in before I went over to my sisters as my niece and girls are over from new Zealand for a couple of weeks.
We spent some time outside with the girls and the animals and had a lovely meal and a late night then I came home to let all of my house dogs out before bed.
Friday morning was Kate’s day off, she popped in and picked up Lobo to take him out for a walk for a while.
It was really hot again so the dogs wanted to go out early but none of them wanted to be out for very long, so after Sophie and I had finished the cleaning and got everything done we both did some more weeding until lunch time.
I spent the rest of the day brushing moulting dogs and washing the day pens down before everyone came in for the night.
Saturday Sophie and I did practically everything the same as Friday.
Sophie is getting on well she is sensible and understands the dogs, so far I haven’t pushed things too far with Kiro or Matzi, if she decides she wants to stay then I will get her used to dealing with Kiro.
I had a few hours to brush a few more dogs as I had enough weeding my arms were so stung.
I got all the meat feeds ready in the freezer after everyone came in for Sunday evening as I was doing the morning with Annabel and Kate is doing the afternoon, so I could go out to lunch with my Niece and Nathan as I haven’t seen him for so long.

As you can see Coosa has still not blown all of his coat yet and he is getting very hot so he has dug himself a nice big hole to lay in by the hedge.

Coosa having a sleep after his brush.

Idaho has blown her coat as you can see

Kiro and Bracken just chilling in their kennel.

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