27th March

A good week great weather hopefully more to come.

Wolf has been back for a visit with his csv pup called Rupert, well what a fantastic dog, well mannered well balanced and well trained.
I am very proud to have bred him.
If anyone in the London area were considering one of the pure csv pups in the future he would be a fantastic dog to meet before making the trip to Devon.
Wolf has also taken back Echo as a companion for Rupert.
I must say this is one dog I will really miss, not just the hair everywhere but she was always by my side even on the bed.
In the cold light of day it has left a huge hole and an air of sadness with Echo.
As she was a complete escapologist we were, and still are, paranoid about clipping doors and double locking everything.
Kate said it seems wrong to leave the gate open as she expected Echo to come flying out to meet her.
Wolf will bring her back for visits, but she is in our thoughts constantly.
Kia trained Echo, the plan was for her to take the Alfa position as Kia is getting on a bit at 10 years old.

I will now have to bring another wolf dog pup in for Kia to train; I think it will be a CSV female pup from Cito; thankfully she looks like she is in pup.
All I need to do is pray for a female.
This is her last litter and the sire is Titan Lobo, this was his last mating.

I still have a couple of pure csv pups left from Kiro’s litter they are fully vaccinated and wormed up to date.

Shaun has been over most days this week meeting new Czech owners and working with Wolf and Rupert.
Thankfully Shaun was here when my Yorkie bitch started to whelp, that was one experience I do not want to go through again in a hurry, we had a pup with its head out for at least 30 minutes before I could get my finger underneath the pup and gently move the legs out.
All was well she has three very nice healthy puppies, so I owe that to my very dear friend Shaun, he was a lifesaver for the little pup and me.

Cedar is doing well and enjoying being a mum for the last time.
Her sister Boots will be due soon to have her last litter these pups are from Reo.

Taska is doing well with her remaining two pups her boy Malikie is in the house as he is going to his new home next weekend.
He is happy as I have two of his sisters in here until Shaun takes them to the park next week.
I will miss them as it’s been great having them in playing with the housedogs, they will be back for frequent visits.

Quahana is having fun still at the park with Shaun, meeting lots of people and getting up to mischief, I am really looking forward to her coming home she is one of my favorite little pups.

If the right home came along she could be for sale, but secretly I am hoping to keep her.

Both the lab girls are doing very well with their Labradoodle puppies; these are also the last litters for both Judy and Rosie-Lee.

Wolf dog and Wolf courses with Shaun Ellis for this year still have a limited number of places left so if you are interested please contact wolfpack management and book up to avoid disappointment details are on the web site.

Two Hybrid females still for sale from Taska.

2 year old female ¾ Saarloos still available due to time wasters please email me for details, she is still in foster care in Somerset.

Zeajai our 9 moth old silver female is still looking for a home.

She is a beautiful girl and very friendly towards everything.

Meli is in season so another litter coming up in a few months from Reo.

Smokey is doing great in his new home.

Also Titan has settled in without any problems.

A’Lupa is doing very well and growing very fast she is a beautiful pure csv I am so looking forward to her coming to the uk this summer.

Kiro’ puppies escaped from their kennel during the night and let three other dogs out of their kennels, they has obviously had a fab time ripping up towels and generally trashing the inside kennel area, that was a lovely mess first thing in the morning but still no harm done.

They had now been moved into a kennel were they cannot get out from.

Mia’s pups are doing exceptionally well I am over the moon with the progress they have made since being weaned they are little porkers and so very cute.

They will be ready to be homed in two to three weeks time.

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