27th March

Normally a quiet chilled day but this one wasn’t going to be.
All the dogs out early and cleaned and fed, vet beds in the wash.
The phone started before 8 am.
I got Coosa’s group fed and then a customer came to view their puppy.
After they had gone I power washed one of the top outside pens where the labs were going to move to.
I stopped and then cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
Dave arrived as he is here this week helping the builder’s with the plaster boarding.
Next Gordon and Julie arrived with their pack of dogs for a coffee and a chat, they were here for a short time and then I swapped over dogs again and power washed another outside pen at the top kennels.
Dave picked up some leaves and then I finished the pen and came back down and swapped over dogs and then got everyone fed and in for the night.
We did some paper work and then went off to meet a friend that was picking up one of my hybrids that needed to come home as there have been changes in his family circumstances.
I let Kiro out and then went off to pick up the dog, we got the boy and got home at 10.30, we introduced him to Cito and Shone and then went to bed just after 12 o clock, I knew it was going to be interesting as the boy was not a house dog but he was very good apart from trying to sleep on my legs and he is seriously heavy.
A really nice cold morning, Dave helped me get some of the dogs done before he picked up in the drive and let the builders in to start with the plaster boarding.
Things were a bit slower as I had to feed Shone, Cito and Lycan outside as he is not used to being shut in and then Dave helped me to get him back in so we could move them down to the bottom block, he can’t go out in the filed yet as he has a cut on his foot, which left blood all over my bed.
I finished off the kennels and then went up and fed Coosa’s group.
The labs were out in the top yard and then everyone else was either out on the drive or in the fields.
I went up and brushed Lycan for about an hour he was very good but still he needs more brushing.
I cut up the chicken and then went to the dentist my tooth was killing me the anti-biotics were not touching the infection so she took the tooth out.
I got home and fed Dave and the rest of the dogs and then just had a bit of peace and quiet shredding paper and another brush for Lycan.
My next job was to power wash the front as there was blood all over it from Lycan’s paw, I had Razzle’s group on the drive while I was doing the pen.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then went back out and brushed Lycan again.
The afternoon was dogs in and out and cleaning in the kennel.
I spent some time with the puppies and then got the evening feeds done and everyone in and fed.
Coosa’s group came in and then Cito, Shone and Lycan came up to the kennel with me.
An early start everyone out cleaned and fed.
After everyone was finished I off all the dogs and got the washing in.
I got the freezer cleaned out ready for 100 kilo’s of chicken coming in on today’s delivery.
Next was to sort out some stuff with the builders and get some more measurements for the dog room.
I ordered some more materials and the doors for the bedrooms.
The chicken arrived and then I sorted out the chicken and cut up the food for lunch time feeding.
The afternoon was everyone out for the rest of the day.
I had a few people to talk to about puppies and emails to catch up with.
Dave came up for some food and then I did the dogs and got everyone’s beds ready for the evening.
I spoke to the vets and got Lycan’s records sent to Gavin.
Dave finished with the builders and came up and helped me finish off of dogs and then we went up to see Nathan, Laura and Sophie.
We had dinner and then came home and I got the rest of the dogs in and Kiro back out.
Another very early start so I got everyone out and cleaned out and fed.
I went up to the top kennel and let them out and cleaned their kennels.
Dave helped me to take a whelping box up to the top kennel as it can get a little cold up there at night.
We put the box together and filled it with straw.
The builders arrived and then I finished off in the kennel and then hoovered everywhere in the kennels.
Lunchtime feeds done and then everyone out for the rest of the afternoon while I was catching up on stuff in the office.
I got the feeds ready for the evening and then moved some of the dogs and left the rest out, so I could bring them in when I get home from training.
I went to training on my own as Shiraz was being a bit contrary and poor little Winter was so lame he has an abscess right by his toe nail on the front foot, so I left him at home.
Dave sorted out Shone, Cito and Lycan and kept an eye on them until I got home.
I had a really good night training and then got home just after 9 pm.
An early start everyone out and cleaned and finished and the vet beds in the wash and then opened up the gates for Hannah to come in to groom the little dogs.
I fed Coosa’s group and then moved Shone and Lycan to the bottom block, Cito stayed up in the office as she didn’t want to go out.
I went out to pick up some bits from town and then home and swapped over dogs in the fields.
Vet beds changed for the girls and puppies all checked over.
I gave Hannah a hand to do Rupert’s ears and then left him sat in my office on the chair as he was starting to scratch.
Lycan and Shone needed a brush so I did them two and a token gesture with Cito.
I hoovered through the kennel mats and the office area and then cut up the chicken for lunch time feeding, everyone fed.
After feeding I washed the front pen by the kennel block and then swapped everyone around.
Dave was working with the builders so I got dinner ready for us and then Hannah left we popped out quickly shopping and then got back and brought the last groups of dogs in and fed the wolfdog group that stay with me in my room.
I did the dogs bloody early again and then finished up the top kennel and opened the gates for the builders.
My sister arrived with my nephew as he was helping the builders with Dave as one of the builders has decided to go down to a 4 day week which I might say really annoyed me as nothing was said when they took the job on, poor business management I think or ignorant depending on how you view things.
I had some building materials and things to sort out with my sister and then she left so I washed Coosa’s kennel and made a couple of calls.
I had a few puppy enquiries as I have a bitch due any day now.
Chicken cut up and everyone fed.
The dogs all stayed out late as the afternoon was sorting out a load of newspaper and shredding as you couldn’t move in my office.
After the builders left I fed everyone and then disinfected and hosed all of the bottom block and then the last groups came in just after 8 pm.
An early start but at least it was dry so I got everyone out and cleaned and then up to the top to do the labs and Narla and Siren.
Dave picked up in the drive and then put a board on the panel in the labs outside yard as the bottom of the panel is starting to rust and may cut their feet.
I was leaning the top pens and putting dogs out as it was defiantly going to rain at some point and I wanted everyone to get a good run before the weather turned.
I had an early chicken delivery as Nicola and Nobby were coming down today to collect their hybrid adult male they have just bought from me and needed more chicken and tripe.
I had to cut up 60 kilo’s of chicken for the next couple of days for Kate to feed while I go off with my sister for the day on bank holiday to a spa and over night stay.
I had a family come down to visit their puppy and then I swapped over dogs again.
Kate arrived to run through a few things for the dogs when I am away.
She helped me with the lunch time feeding and then Kate left I popped into mole valley.
I got home and got the dogs out for a quick run.
I put some food on to cook for Nicola arriving and then they arrived in the rain.
We had a coffee and then all sat down in the covered block with their three dogs and my hybrid, the introductions went well so we left the hybrid in the big pen with the girls and put Caz in the pen next to us and Dave brought up the chicken and chips so we sat in the pen between the dogs and eat our food.
Nic and Nobby loaded their dogs and then we had another coffee and cake and then loaded the hybrid and the food, they left and I got all of my dogs out again for another run, I moved Coosa’s group to labs outside pen and then Dave and I disinfected and cleaned all of Coosa’s pen.
Dave cleaned out drains and I swept the pen.
Cito and Shone went out for their last run and then Coosa’s group and everyone else came in for the night.
Kiro and Reo out on the drive with food.

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