27th July

Saturday night was a late finish and an early start on Sunday morning as it was hot.
I got everyone out and fed; all the kennels cleaned by 8.30, then up to do the fire.
I put all the hybrids and cleaned the bottom yard then power washed the top hybrid day pens.
Hybrids back in and all the lunch time feeds done.
I spent the afternoon planting more trees and plants and ordering pear trees.
I alternated dogs out in the fields and front pen while watering plants.
Last job was to wash all the yards and lock all gates before my dinner.
Monday morning was very hot so dogs all out early feeding done, kennels cleaned.
I did some more planting before the heat became unbearable, then I washed from the top kennels down the steps to the bottom yard, I carried on through the yard and into the bottom block.
Hybrids then came in and I brushed Coosa and Matzi.
Lunchtime feeding done, the puppies all had a little time out in the front pen and played in the water.
Paper work done, I spent a short time out with each group so I had chance to check them all over and check ears were clean.
I had a customer come and view puppies so we spent time out in the pen with the puppies playing in the water.
Evening feeds done; all the hybrids were out in the field until 9.30.
Tuesday morning everyone out, meat delivery done by 9.30.
Puppies were out playing and little dogs out in the field.
I spent some time on the internet ordering Diamanté collars for my new poodles.
I spent the rest of the afternoon re potting plants and watering the new plants everywhere.
Hopefully this is my planting over with now until September/ October for the last plants to go in.
The Coosa hybrid group where shut up around the top yards at 4 pm as this was the second time they had decided to go into a full howling session and I had to come right from the top gates, by the time I got up there they had quietened down.
I booked the vet for a call out on Friday lunch time to check on puppies.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with the dogs in their yards playing ball.
Wednesday all the dogs out and outside pens all power washed as we are not training at the moment it gives me more time at home.
Hannah was here grooming, so I helped her with Rupert and then did the lunchtime feeds.
All feeds ready in freezer boxes for the next morning.
It was a good job I had got in front as my poodle bitch started to have her puppies, I stayed with her most of the time, I popped off quickly to change dogs in the fields so they were not out in the sun too long.
The yorkie group seem to be happier out longer than any other group playing in the paddling pool.
The dogs stayed out until nearly 10 pm as it was still too hot for them to come in.
Thursday morning the house hybrids were out by 6 am as they were getting hot.
The kennel dogs were out by 7.30 everyone fed and cleaned out.
I washed the front yard and did the fire then had breakfast.
I had some paper work to catch up with, then for lunch time feeding.
Kiro and Reo come out in the drive when the other dogs are locked up or in the field.
I did some training with Shone and then checked over the new puppies all are well.
I had one of my labradoodles come for training and then time for late lunch while Kiro was out.
I did some house work while the next groups of dogs were out.
Apart from puppies and Yorkies most of the poodles and labradoodles stayed in the kennels for the afternoon as it was just too hot for them to be outside.
When it started to cool down in the evening then everyone went out again and came in just before 10 pm.
Friday morning yet another very hot day, dogs out, fed and cleaned hybrids out.
I had some time before the meat delivery arrived so I defrosted the freezer ready to start new again.
Meat delivery sorted and frozen.
Little dogs and puppies all came in while I cleaned the house hybrids yard.
Everyone stayed in for a couple of hours and just slept.
I did the lunch time feeds and then all the dogs came out for a short time before going back in for another couple of hours, the kennels are all cool and the velux and side windows are open right through the kennel block, both doors are open at each end to give a better air flow.
I left all the velux windows open and the Coosa group stayed up in the top kennel area as I went out to a concert for the evening and a friend came in and checked the dogs twice before I came home.
Saturday morning I rushed around and got most of the dogs done before Wendy and Brian arrived.
We put up a panel fence along the walk way to the front yard to stop the little dogs from falling off the wall when they come out from the back of the kennel.
We had to change a couple of panels in coosa’s field as they were Broken.
Then time for breakfast as I was feeling a little delicate.
Next job a new panel in the poodle yard by the house and we had to replace a top panel in the bottom block as we needed it for the yorkie run way to come out.
Lunch time feeding for the dogs while the puppies were out in the front yard.
All the dogs alternated between fields and yards all day.
New steps are now in up to the back of the kennel block, small mesh fencing done in the paddock for the yorkies.
Dogs all in at 6 pm as the dog sitter arrived I left to go out with my sister for another night of music and fun.

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