27th January

In memory of Titan lobo csv stud dog now past over the rainbow.
Titan had a nice couple of years in retirement in the woods with Martine and Luta a former brood bitch.
Sunday was Lisa and I we had a cold dry morning.
Kate phoned up early to ask Kirsty to pick up Lobo as she was going into labour.
The bottom groups went out while we did the bitches.
The house dogs went out and came back plastered in mud so C and Cito spent a few hours cleaning up in C’s pen in the house.
We had all of the top groups out by 9.30.
Kirsty arrived with Lobo and I put him back in with Bobby and Siren, all was well with them Lobo fits back in much easier now he has been castrated.
Roxy’s pen was really wet and dirty so all of the straw had to be changed, Lisa did them and Idaho while I did the house dogs and bitches.
We fixed the board between the whelping area dividing door ready for Taska to whelp next to Yabbie the cocker bitch.
We then cleaned out the whelping area.
Kate phone late evening to say she had a little girl and everything was well.
During the delivery Kate made many references to whelping and knowing how and why she was having stitches, I think the doctor thought she was a vet nurse.
Monday morning was kirsty and I .It was bitter morning an even rushing constantly did not help you to keep warm.
All the little dogs were out while we did the bitches and pups.
Kirsty did the two hybrid pups.
We then scrubbed and towel dried Idaho’s pen and put new bedding in.
I lit a fire and got the frozen feeds out for the next day as they are taking so long to defrost.
I had a couple of calls about pups but it is so difficult making any arrangements for viewings not knowing what will happen with snow or ice.
I am running around with a camera getting puppy pictures as people cannot come and view them.
I did the lunchtime feeds so Kirsty could get them all done while I popped into town quickly.
When I got back Kirsty left with the two hybrid pups to take them out for a walk and to spend some training with them.
I cut up the carcasses for some of the afternoon feeding.
I fed everyone and got them all out while I was hosing the yards and emptying water buckets from the fields and outside pens.
They were all filled up ready in the top kennel in case the pipes froze and left us short of water for the morning.
I put Coosa’s group in last and cleaned his outside pen.
Kirsty brought the boys back ready for their feeds.

I finished the bitches and pups.
I had a quick bite to eat and let the house dogs out.
As the roads were not very good I knew I was going to be out for quite a while so a friend came round to keep an eye on things while I went to see Kate and Shane to meet the new addition Milly Ava.
Milly is a little quieter than a puppy and very sweet, let’s hope for Kate’s sake she stays that way.
After I left the hospital I went to visit my Son as it was his birthday the day before.
I thought as mum may not get over this week I would drop off all of this month’s paper work with my son so mum can get it in order and pay my tax by the end of the month.
I had a fairly slow drive home and got in late.
I sorted out the house dogs then did my emails and went to bed.

Reo talking to Moon

Tuesday morning was Kristy and I.
Kirsty was feeling really ill with a chest infection and we were freezing.
We got the bitches and pups fed.
A few of the dogs went out around the bottom yard while we cleared the ice from the steps and the bottom block yard before anyone could go out in the field.
We were about half an hour behind by the time we got the first group out into the field.
We them did the top kennels and got the straw and shavings in ready for the next day’s cleaning, all the disinfectant buckets were done ready.
We did Idaho and Kirsty finished off up the top doing Roxy while I did the housedogs and the washing along with a couple of phone calls.
I sorted out the meat delivery and did the feeds ready to take around the kennel area for the afternoon.
The chicken had not arrived so this meant it would come in later and I would have to feed bones first then feed again after the chicken arrived.
We disinfected and scrubbed out the whelping area ready to move Yabbie into.
We moved Kiro out into the back whelping area, it means in the day time she can get to play more with shone and the hybrid boys hopefully she may be quieter in there as she wakes me and half of the dogs up most mornings from 4 am.
The chicken arrived so I unpacked it and fed the rest of the dogs.
I got everyone in by 5.15 and hosed the last yard, by this time I was frozen; my hands were too cold to type so I could not go straight on the computer and do my emails.
I got all of washing folded up and had dinner, by this time my hands had thawed out.
I registered some microchips from pups that had left and sorted out some paperwork, while the house dogs chilled with some bones in the lounge.
I got the morning feeds ready and then thought I had best write the blog so far as I would forget what we had done so far this week.
At 12.15 I had enough writing the blog and went in search of another pair of boots on the net.
Wednesday morning was kirsty and I had a cold dry start, we got the poodle group out and the bitches and pups done then the sleet started, which was not very nice, it continued all day so the dogs only got out for short runs as they were not happy to be out.
We cleaned Roxy and Idaho’s pen then we disinfected the whelping area and moved Taska down as she was getting a little restless and started digging in her kennel.
She is reasonably settled next to the cocker bitch and has not howled.
Coosa is ok about her not being in there but Matzi is not happy he does not much like being away from her.
Pen 4 from the bottom block spent the day in the top kennel in Coosa’s night pen so it was easier to get them out to the field in the daytime.
Also it means they have more room and company of the other dogs.
Kiro is spending a lot of time with two of her hybrid pups which is good it is starting to teach them some more manners.
Hannah was here grooming so I spent an hour or so cleaning ears with her today.
Razzle has moved back in the house with C for a while as one of the bitches in his group is in season and I am using one of my other boys with her.
I had everyone fed and in by 4.30 as it was such a horrible day.
I finished outside at about 5.30.
Dog training was cancelled due to the weather, I was happy as I really did not want to go out in the cold and wet again.
I had some time to do a bit of training with Shone before dinner.
The evening was spent talking to prospective hybrid owners.
Thursday morning was a cold icy start after getting all of the bottom group out and fed we did the same routine as the previous day.
We finished the outside pens – Idaho’ and Roxy’s.
The house dogs went out in the field while Rupert was moved outside for an hour for a mating.
C, razzle and Cito came in hanging in mud again; they spent the next two hours asleep in the office pen.
All the bottom groups stayed out in the yards as it was cold but dry.
Kiro wet out with the hybrid pups then came in to eat bones in the yard.
I popped to the post office while kirsty did the whelping area and pen 4.
We did straw bags to take up to the top kennel.
I did the lunchtime feeds and then cut all of the chicken for the little dogs.
I spent a bit of time with Taska and Yabbie.
I was trying to get the dry food bins filled up and the frozen meat out to defrost and Coosa and Matzi kept howling, mainly instigated by Coosa still calling to Taska.
Kiro has been reasonable as she is occupied by the pups more now.
I spent time on the computer and the phone checking details of exporting another couple of hybrids overseas.
I also spent time getting details of a possible import for a new line.
After feeding the afternoon got very cold, I was later than normal hosing down the bottom yards so it started to freeze while I was hosing.
I salted everywhere and then did the bitches before coming in with burning hands.
I had all the morning feeds and everything sorted in the house by 6.
I did very little in the evening just relaxed with the house dogs.
Friday morning Lisa and I had a good start everything was going well and then it rained but not too bad it could have been worse.
We had to put the dogs from outside runs into inside kennels for a while.
I had been up most of the night whelping a bitch with her first litter; she ended up having her pups in my bedroom as the air temperature was very cold and the mother was not getting to grips with feeding very quickly.
Matzi and Coosa were on form as they are really missing Taska.
We had a few extra trips up the top to shut them up.
Lisa did the outside pens while I did the house dogs.
Raz, C and Cito went out in the field; they are coming back in so dirty that they are now in one of the bottom pens full of straw for an hour so they can clean up a bit before coming into the house.
After the lunch time feeds were done everyone went back out and I gave Coosa a brush while the lab group was out.
Siren is the next on my list to brush as he is blowing his coat as if it were summer, he looks terrible.
The rain started again so Sirens group had a short time out and coosa did not go in the field again he went straight into his kennel with his beef bones or the night.
I finished hosing the yards and getting the frozen feeds out and came in at 5.15 my hands were blue.
I did Taska and the other bitches put all the heat lamps on and did some work in the house.
Saturday morning was Lisa and I.
I was still sorting out feeds for the house dogs and the bitches when Lisa arrived.
I was not feeling good as I had a really horrible headache and a nerve was trapped in my neck.
We then got the doodle group out so we could feed all of the bottom groups.
Lisa did Taska and I did Jezz and doodle group.
The lab group went out next and we did their pen and idaho’s.
Then three groups went out and we did their pens.
I put the house dogs out and moved the bitch from my bedroom out to the whelping area.
Kiro went out with Shone and the two pups that are staying here.

Wendy and Brian came down as I needed to put temporary board in the two vents we have in the top kennel as it is too cold up there at the moment.
Brian was also going to be doing a list of other jobs but they did not get done as we had to go out looking for two dogs belonging to one of my owners that had gone missing.
I left a list for Lisa and went out with Wendy looking for the dogs, eventually we found them we got the male easy but it was not as easy to get the female.
Both dogs are now back here with me safe and well thankfully.
This left me so far behind as I was well over two hours late with feeding.
I finally got everyone done and in the house for dinner at 7 pm.
The day was not over as I had to spend time with all of the house dogs getting them used to the bitch being in here as well.
C was being spiteful so she has now moved into Shone’s cage; Shone has gone into C’s pen with the new bitch and Raz may well have to stay in the lounge as he is not really keen on Shone.
What a bloody nightmare I need the new build finished then I can have more space for a while.
The bricky finished off all what he needed to do.
The renderers were also here today, they have got the scratch coat on and all being well should be able to put the top coat on next weekend.

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