27th february

This week goes by and I feel like I have aged five years.
Still as busy as ever and builders still here lots more mud and couple more dogs, well that’s nothing new at Shoshone.

Time wasters have been the main pain of the week, this is the third time I have been let down on someone coming to see Smokey. I wouldn’t mind if they could at least have the common decency to ring and let me know.
When I spend my time talking to people or emailing then get let down it makes me angry because that’s time I could have spent with my dogs.

Kiro has now been moved back with her mum and dad as she is getting a little excitable around the puppies and I was worried they may get squashed when she jumps at the door.
I still have four pups left for sale from the pure csv litter.
I had a great weekend with Shaun and Wolf another new csv owner.

The male hybrid pup and 1 female are now reserved; they are the puppies on the web cam.
They have absolutely fabulous coats and they are very big puppies, if the nature of these pups is anything like mums then they will be a pleasure to own.
The male puppy is going to an owner who has 2 amazing ¾ bred saarloos from me, they are probably the best two ¾ pups I have had the pleasure to meet, I am very pleased with the progress the owners have made with them, they are not in the least bit timid, a real credit to them for raising two such great boys and I am very pleased they will be having a third Shoshone boy.

Mia is doing really well with her puppies I can not believe how she is coping with her puppies and gaining weight, she certainly does not look like the dog I brought back here a couple of weeks ago.

We have also got Mia’s daughter here now she is a beautiful girl and very good in the house she has joined the poodle pack until she can be re homed.
We have called her Zeajai.
We are also picking up the other 8-month-old female next week to do a little more training with her before she will also be rehomed.

Our last but not least girl for rehome is a 2-year-old ¾ Saarloos she is a lovely girl and will make a fantastic pet.

We still have two minilabradoodle puppies left one male and one female.

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