27th December

A really nice start to the day, not too cold and dry what a bonus.
Everyone out, fed and clean.
I sorted out some filing and then hoovered the kennel area.
I had a family come and view their puppy and then I contacted all of my Labrador owners to arrange the pickup times for the puppies leaving in January, all going in the morning except for one leaving at 6 pm as they couldn’t change their work hours.
I went out on the drive with Jez for a play with the ball and then let some of the little dogs out with her to give her a longer break from the pups.
After they came in I was about to go and get the labs in and the heavens opened up it was terrible so I left the labs up in the field until the rain had eased off a bit, I looked up to see if they were at the gate but no they were quite happy playing in the middle of the field when they came in they looked drowned.
I cut up the chicken whist waiting for the rain to stop.
The rain had let up for a bit so I put Rupert group out and all of a sudden the hail stones came from nowhere poor Winter my lab puppy went mad he was running around in circles and jumping in the air, I opened the door and let them in he came in so fast he skidded straight past his kennel bless him.
The labs also experienced the hail but they were not so upset by it they just huddled up by the door.
I went up to see Coosa’s group and they had all taken themselves inside out of the rain, I had a good look at his face and he is defiantly looking a bit better than he was a couple of days ago, the redness has gone out of the lump now and he is happier for me to look at it.
Cracker is happy in with her new group she likes playing with loopy the apricot poodle, so she hasn’t been stressed about the puppies going.
Merlot has really settled well in his pack he has a number of young dogs to play with so he’s in his element clowning around with them.
I locked up the gates and had a nice quiet afternoon with the dogs just out in the field with them or playing out on the drive.
Sunday afternoon with no visitors is the best day of the week for bonding and enjoying the dogs.
Cito had another brush as her coat is really coming out now.
I finished all of the towel washing and then got the evening feeds done ready for everyone coming in as the weather was looking like getting considerable worse.
Everyone was in and Coosa’s group were waiting at the door, they came in and had food and then I let Jez out and did the puppies.
All the dogs cleaned and fed, they all had a good run, Cito and Shone went out in the field and I fed Coosa’s group.
I was just putting the washing in and the heavens opened up so I rushed up and brought Cito and Shone in by the time I got to them they were soaked so I put them in Coosa’s kennel to dry off.
I made a couple of calls to try and get chicken carcasses for next week just to be on the safe side.
I cut up the chicken ready as the weather was so bad I wanted to be in front if it did dry up so everyone could be fed really quickly.
It didn’t stop raining so I fed everyone and then the rain eventually stopped so they started to go out.
Graham the farmer came down and moved all the rest of the mountain of rubble and soil that was dug out from the floors in the house and where the digging out has been done for the foundations for the new toilet extension, so far they have dug approximately 50 tons of soil and rubble out by hand, that is no mean feat.
The last trailer went out and I locked up the gates and let the next group out.
I took some pictures of the Labrador puppies for new owners.

I finished the washing and then hoovered in the kennels and got the evening feeds ready, everyone fed and then Coosa’s group came in and all the rest of the dogs went out again, by this time it was dark but they don’t mind.
I went out with shone and Cito for a play on the drive with the ball.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.
A really busy morning everyone out and done and then I got the chicken cut up.
A quick trip out to pick up 50 kilos of meat.
Coosa’s group fed, Aimi was already eating a rabbit she had caught, how she can manage to catch anything as she is a lard ass.
I wrapped the last of the presents and then started to feed.
Kate, arrived and put Lobo straight out with the girls while we had lunch and then we vaccinated 12 dogs and the wormed everyone.
All the vaccine cards done and re dated for the next vaccine on some of the dogs in 4 weeks’ time.
Next was a customer to visit their puppy.
After they left We wormed and microchipped the Labrador puppies.
We took loads of boxes up to the shed ready for burning when we get dry weather.
The dogs spent the rest of the day outside until dark and then everyone came in for dinner.
Kate brought Shone and the other two up while I got Coosa’s group in.
We both left at the same time Kate went home and I went over to my sisters to drop off presents and have dinner.
I had a great night and then came home and played ball with Shone and Cito on the drive.

I did a couple of groups of dogs and then Hannah arrived to just groom the red poodles as they really can’t be left for too long, they need to be bathed every week.
I had only just shut the gates when the chicken delivery arrived, so I let him in and sorted out the meat.
I got everyone done and then fed Coosa’s group.
I left Shone and Cito out and the labs group in the field and then put the yorkies on the drive, Hannah kept an eye on them while I quickly went out to town.
I had just got back and Kate arrived to pick up some chicken for Lobo.
Kate stayed for a bit and then when she left I got the chicken cut up.
`I heard a commotion so I went up and checked Coosa’s group and it was Aimi eating a pheasant she had caught; now I can see why she is getting fatter every day.
I started to feed and while groups were out I hosed two of the yards by the house.
My next job was to burn all the cardboard that was mounting up from meat deliveries.
I finished feeding and everyone had along run before coming in for food.
I moved Coosa’s group over on to field two and left Cito and Shone out on the drive while I power washed Coosa’s day pen as it was really muddy from the last few days of rain.
Today has been great no rain at all, the dogs have been loving it all the groups have been up into field three today and had a good bark at the sheep.
I finished off by feeding Jess and the pups and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Thursday Christmas eve
A terrible start to the day it was raining so hard everyone got fed in the kennels.
I put Coosa’s group straight out into the top kennel area with their food.
I did the washing and then did the paper work for a while until the rain stopped.
Everyone went back out for a run as it was dry.
I cut up the chicken early and stated to feed early as I had a feeling the afternoon was not going to get any brighter.
Everyone was in and out all day with the heavy showers.
I managed to sort out a lot of paper work and tidy up.
All the feeds for the evening done and the biscuit feeds all done ready for Kate for Christmas day afternoon as the morning is going to be busy and the dogs are going to be confused about getting their chicken feeds before the biscuit feeds tomorrow morning.
I got Coosa’s groups feeds done for the morning and Kiro and Reo’s food is out defrosting for them.
Cito and Shone came up to the kennel mid-afternoon as it was colder today.
I fed everyone and then brought coosa’s group in and fed them.
Cito and Shone went out for a run and then Reo and Kio out for the night.
Friday Christmas day
I had a very early start and the weather was awful in the early morning.
Everyone out, fed and cleaned.
All the afternoon feeds prepared for Kate coming in to feed and let everyone out.
I left to have Christmas dinner with Laura and Nathan with Laura’s family, it was a fabulous dinner and I got the spend time with Sophie which was really nice.
Kate sorted out the dogs and brought Cito and Shone into the kennel.
I came home and let everyone out and brought Coosa’s group in and then went over to my sisters for a couple of hours.
I got home and fed the puppies and let Jez out again.
Saturday Boxing day
A great start to the day it was nice and dry.
Everyone out and fed and cleaned out, I got the washing on and then kept everyone going out while the weather was dry.
I fed Coosa’s group and then cut up all of the chicken ready to do an early lunch time feed before I went off to my sisters to see the rest of the family.
I changed Cito and Shone’s bedding and then hoovered.
I had my clothes ready for a quick shower and change after feeding so I could get off on time.
Everyone fed thankfully before the rain as it looked very dark I wasn’t sure I was going to get them all done in time.
I put the next wash on and then out the door.
I had a great afternoon with family and then home to feed and get everyone out for a run before bedtime.
Coosa’s group came in and then Shone and Cito came up from the bottom block.
Kiro and Reo out for the night.

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