26th October

Just before letting Kiro out I saw some toads, one huge great thing bigger than the palm of my hand one about 10 p size , 1 2 p size and the last one about 5 p size I got Dave with a pair of gloves to remove them all before Kiro came out and squashed them all, disgusting little things.
Saturday evening Tango had her puppies.

Sunday morning was an easy start all the house dogs and puppies out, puppies paper done and ready for the evening.
I fed the house hybrids and the bottom Narla group, Kiro back in.
We went up to the kennel and I started getting the bitches out and changing vet beds, Dave took the beds down and started the washing.
Coosa’s group out in the paddock while the bitches pens were being cleaned, Dave took out paper and cleaned from the bottom end and I started from the top end and fed the older pups that I am keeping.
Coosa out in the top kennel area, with his food.
We got the rest of the dogs out and cleaned their pens.
The house hybrids and Narla’s group went out in the field, while they were out Dave picked up in the drive and the paddock, I pulled the stinging nettles and brambles out from the step pen where Coosa’s group were.
Next I pulled all the stinging nettles from the gate ways.
We went in for a quick coffee and put the house puppies out.
I brushed Cito who is still managing to shed her coat and there is plenty more to come yet.
Dave dug out loads of Candy tuft and replanted it into the spare field to act as a screen next summer, while he was doing that I pulled out tons of nettles in the field he was about to plant in.
I fed the dogs the lunchtime feeds and then we had a quick lunch before Dave left and people arrived to view Tango’s pups.
I spent an hour on the computer doing emails and pictures of the new puppies.
We had a nice dry day so all the dogs stayed out for most of the day.
Someone rang to view the new puppies they had just been for a long drive and been let down by the breeder she knew they were on route and she sold the puppy 1 hour before they arrived to see the pup, they rang me and asked if they could view my new litter, I felt sorry for them as they had just been let down, they arrived an hour later, they went off to get food and said they wanted to come back after they had eaten, I explained I let the dogs run on the drive so please ring me if you are not going to come back so I could let the dogs have there last run on the drive.
An hour and half later still no phone call, I shut the gates and let the dogs out, I was really annoyed with them and was glad the previous breeder had let them down as I think she may have had hind sight that the woman was an ignorant bitch.
I watered all the plants that Dave had put in and left a group of dogs on the drive and the three fields with the hybrids in.
I got the frozen feeds out for the morning and let Rupert and Moles out in the bottom block and a group out in the drive.
I brought Cito and Shone in from the paddock via the bottom gate and then went up the top to get Narla’s group in as I walking up the track a bloody great rat was laying on the path, omg I had to get the hose pipe and squirt it from a distance to make sure it was dead, thankfully it was so I picked it up on a shovel and put it on the fire, horrible things I hate them, at least the poison Dave put down the holes Is working and much quicker than I had expected I had in my mind to watch out from Monday as there may be dopy ones crawling around.
I put all the little dogs away and then went up for Coosa’s group as I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to go up in the dark.
I fed the bitches and the rest of the dogs, morning feeds all done ready.
I took the frozen feeds up ready for the morning and then brought Coosa’s group down with me.
Everyone locked up and Kiro out in the drive with her food for the night.
Monday morning
I managed to get everyone out cleaned fed and back in just before the rain came.
I washed the vet beds all waiting for the tumble drier as there will be very little chance of drying anything outside today.
I got the three hybrid groups out in the next dry spell and then two groups of the small dogs.
I had a couple come and view puppies and then they called me back and placed a reservation on a little girl.

I spent time on paper work and sorting out puppy names for the Labrador litter.
Lunch time feeding all managed to get done before yet more rain.
The afternoon was spent on the computer and spending time with the mums and the new puppies.
Shone and Cito spent most of the day in the house with the house puppies eating cows ears.
Each group got out as soon as the showers stopped; I gave Cito another brush while she was in the bottom yard.
I hosed the bottom block and the bottom yard and then fed everyone there evening feeds and brought Coosa’s group in.
Tuesday morning was blowing a gale and very cold, all the dogs went out for a while and then the hybrid groups went out in the field while I sorted out the meat deliveries.
After the meat was done I did my Labradors kennel club registrations and then sorted out some bills.
I cleaned the bottom block and bottom yard which was full of leaves; I had a big fire which was done and burnt out quickly.
I did the puppies room in the house and then fed everyone their lunch time feeds.
I sorted out my emails and then cleaned up in the drive and paddock.
My brother in law popped in with some papers to sign for the solicitors and had a chat for a while.
I let everyone back out for a while but the yorkies were not keen to stay out for too long as they were getting cold.
I brought Cinders into the house as she is due puppies soon and this being her first litter I wanted to keep a close eye on her.
I did a quick stock check and ordered some more food and microchips as I was getting low on chips and the labradoodle litter will be going out and then the Labrador litter early December.
As I had brought Cinders into the house I was hoping she would settle back in to the house pack but no she ended up sleeping on my bed with shone
Wednesday morning was dry and no wind which was great all the dogs out and fire done by 9 am, I cleaned up in the drive and the paddock.
I left the hybrid groups out in the field.
I went off to the solicitors to sort out paper work for mums house, I got home and let the next group of dogs out and then my customers arrived to view a puppy, after they left I did the lunch time feeds and then steam cleaned the floors in the house as Cito had decided even with the door open she would wet in the lounge first thing in the morning.
I spoke to my sister and sorted out some stuff for training.
I had lunch while the next group of dogs were out and then did the evening feeds so I could try and get out of the door on time for a change.
I got the frozen feeds out for the next day and then cleaned one of Coosa’s pens just so I could be up around his area for a while, he stays quieter if I am around more.
Water, blankets and food in the van ready.
I did a little bit of training with Shiraz so she had time for a sleep before I left.
Morning feeds all done
Everyone in and fed, locked up and I was out of the door by 5 pm, we had a really good night, Shiraz was very good and also gave everyone a laugh she is very active and quite comical, she starts off hyper and then chills out and then falls asleep.
The silver and gold class ran very late over time so I got home at about 10 pm, dogs out and puppies fed, and then I had a long chat to Kirsty before bed.
Thursday morning was damp but not really raining so everyone went out and then I cleaned up in the drive and left the gates open for Hannah an Tracy as they were booked to groom today.
I went and let the hybrids out and then the house puppies into the yard.
Razzle’s group were on the drive.
I cleaned the bottom block and the two yards, after I had scraped them dry I brought the hybrids back down and then swapped Razzle’s group for Budd’s group.
I fed the yorkie group their lunch early as none of them were on this week’s grooming and then the rest were fed.
We had a wet spell in the afternoon were everyone stayed in for a while and then all back out and most of the day then stayed dry.
I spent quite a bit of time getting pictures from the internet for the Christmas quiz for dog training.
I got the feeds done and then brought Coosa’ group in as it was getting dark and Hannah still had Chianti on the grooming table.
When they had finished grooming I locked up and let kiro out for the night.
Friday morning was wet and cold, but everyone got out for a short time until the rain eased up they stayed in the kennels with chews.
I let the hybrid groups out as they are not worried about the rain.
I didn’t have a meat delivery which was good as I had more time to do other things.
Cinders was looking like she should start to whelp in the very near future so I got her bed ready and moved Milly to the kennel which she was not too happy about.
I cleaned the bottom block and the yard and then power washed two of Coosa’s pens and picked up six big muck buckets full of leaves.
I banked up all the fire area and then weeded all around the fire and got rid of all the stinging nettles for now.
Lunch time feeds done, I left dogs out for the afternoon and spent a couple of hours in the kennel cleaning ears and playing with puppies.
It started to rain fairly hard so I brought everyone in and finished printing the pictures for our dog training Christmas quiz.
Everyone went out for a short time before bed and then I fed everyone and brought Coosa’s group in.
I got the frozen feeds out and went into the house Cinders was curled up on the chair looking like she wanted to be on her own so I put all the puppies out for a quick toilet run and then they came in and had their evening feeds and went to bed with cows ears.
Cito and Shone came in and stayed in the lounge with Rupert while Cinders had her puppies.
Saturday morning was an early start all the dogs were cleaned, fed and run and back in by 8 am, hybrids were just going out in the field when Wendy and Brian arrived.
Brian was sorting out the wall Coosa had managed to pull the breeze blocks out of and then he rendered it.
Wendy and I were weeding up by the top kennel area, and then we dug out fifteen trees so I went off and did the breakfast , then it started to rain so Wendy took over doing food while I locked all the dogs up.
After we had eaten I did the lunch time feeds and then got everyone back out for the afternoon.
I planted the trees along the top fence line and in the small field that we keep empty.
I got the frozen feeds out for the next day and then tidied up in the fire area as we had put tons of weeds and leaves out there today.
I did the evening feeds and then had a bath ready to go out, I had to go to mums and pick up the last of my stuff that needed to be moved.
I called into Nathan’s on the way home and we had dinner.

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