26th May


12days old

Last Sunday was Sam and I we did the normal I had done the house dogs then we went on to Razzles group bitches and pups, vet beds in the wash.
Next we went up to the top as we have no dogs in the bottom block due to opening up the whole lot as a yard.
We put two groups out and then did Idaho, Coosa and Matzi went out next, we did their pens and then back to the bottom to get the house dogs out.
Sam did vet beds and got their pens cleaned I had a puppy viewing which went on for a while.
We did a few odd jobs then on to lunchtime feeds.
After Sam left I put the lab group out and brushed Coosa, this year seems to be a never ending job; I gave Kia a quick brush as she can’t stand for too long now given her age.
I got the feed bins ready for the next week and sorted out the freezers ready for the tripe I was going to get on Monday.
I did some lead work with Ranger for a short while.
I fed all the bottom groups their chicken and cleaned the bottom block so it was dry and sorted ready for the evening training session.
I took some pictures of Rainns pups and had a cuddle with all of them they are Huge they look like giant water rats.
I got all the disinfectant done ready for the yards in the hopes to finish them before training started, that didn’t happen as the people booked in to come and view pups were here for much longer than I had expected even though I had explained to them I needed to be finished my own dogs before the next lot of people arrived.
I sorted out their paper work and sent them on their way.
I still had dogs out in the field and in the yards when the training group turned up so I had to leave everyone out, it was good that the dogs training had distractions but it meant I was on for a really late finish, that was not good after a 17 hour day on Saturday and an early start on Sunday.
After training had finished I fed the hybrid pup and Shone, Narla and C.
I got the dogs in from the field and did water buckets ready for the morning.
I disinfected the yards and hosed them all, Kirsty and Malcolm came down to move the kennel a little bit further up the drive so we had room for the timber delivery for the bottom block to raise the roof next week.
I finally came in at ten past nine and had a quick sandwich before doing the feeds for the next morning and checking the pups before spending an hour with the house dogs and then bed.
Monday morning was a rush as I had to leave by 8.45 to meet up with Kate and get my van mot done then off to pick up tripe and puppy food.
Kirsty and I did the bottom group and the bitches and pups, I had finished the house dogs and changed Rainns vet bed that was in the wash.
We did the top kennels so everyone was out and fed by the time I left.
Kirsty carried on with the cleaning up the top then did the rest of the dogs and got the house dogs out in the field.
She did the lunchtime feeds and then I got back and Kate and I unloaded the food and caught up on a few jobs before a puppy viewing at 2 pm, they were here for quite a while.
After they left I swapped dogs over in the field and got paper put in the whelping area sorted out the bags and burnt the rubbish.
Helen came over and brought Daisy my cocker bitch back that she had been looking after for me as she is going on holiday.
I fed the lab group and the house dogs got the next lot of washing out and then started to re clean pups and make a couple of phone calls.
I disinfected the yards and put everyone away for the night and finally came in around 8.30 for dinner and sit with the house dogs I didn’t feel like doing anything for a couple of hours, then I washed up bowls and did the morning feeds.
I had a chat with Rach then off to bed.
Tuesday morning I had nearly finished the house dogs when Kirsty arrived which surprised me as it should have been Sam but she phoned Kirsty to say she was ill.
We put Razzles group out and I did them and the bottom bitches and pups while Kirsty did the front whelping area, then onto Kiro and the hybrid pups.
We were rushing as Kirsty had to leave just after 9 am for an appointment and then she would be back for an hour or so as I had someone booked in for a consultation with their terrier.
We did the top groups burnt the rubbish and fed everyone.
We came down and did the house dogs, I carried on and sorted out the meat delivery and got he feeds ready for lunchtime, I was rushing around and the phone didn’t stop so it was multi-tasking for the next hour or so.
I fed all the top kennel their bones and sorted out washing did a feed order.
I got the bitches and pups fed and put Matzi out in the field.
I was working with the dog that had come in for an hour or so and Kirsty arrived back to do a few bits and make sure the dogs were ok.
I had a couple of phone calls to sort out so Kirsty let Reo out before going home and I swapped dogs round and then spent the rest of the day brushing Tory, kia, Matzi and Coosa more time was spent playing with Coosa but I did get tons of coat out of him.
I put the last two groups out from the top kennel and came down and got the puppy feeds ready and washed all of the yards.
I let the hybrid pups and the house dogs out in the field and took Rainn out in the yard and fed her.
After everyone was in and finished I did the frozen feeds for the morning and then the biscuit feeds for the house dogs.
I had a chat with mum and arranged a meeting with the plumber for the new kennel for tomorrow.
I had dinner and spent some time with the house dogs then onto the computer.
Wednesday morning was Kirsty and I , we did the house dogs then Razzles group out fed bitches and pups moved the hybrid pups got the washing in.
Next up to the top kennel two groups out did Idaho and then the inside kennels, burnt rubbish.
Back down to do more vet beds and lean house pens while the dogs were in the yards.
Kirsty carried on with odd jobs as mum was here and we had a meeting with the plumber to sort out drainage and sink toilet and things in the new build.
I gave Hannah a hand with a couple of dogs that needed holding for drying.
We did the lunch time feeds and sorted out the food delivery.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the next day as I didn’t want to do it when I got home at night.
I scrapped all the old paint off of the walls in the outside toilet ready for the plumber to fit a new toilet by the house as the old one keeps leaking.
I spent the afternoon getting the bottom block ready for Brian and Wendy for the next day.
I brushed Coosa and then put dogs in and out until Sam arrived to do the dogs and clean the yards while I was at training.
I got all the puppy feeds ready for her and the frozen feeds ready to take up for the morning.
I loaded up Shone and C and off to training, we had a really good night Shone was very good her recall was good not as fast as I would like but she is still young , stays and heel work good, had the exercise we did been on the night of the bronze test then she would have passed.
We now have a month off and then two weeks back before the test.
I got home and finished off outside before doing morning feeds, then spent time playing with the Coosa pups before bed.
Thursday morning was a ridiculously early start as I wanted to get nearly all of the dogs done by 7 am.
I put two groups out up the top cleaned their pens and then did the house dogs; all the feeds were ready for the pups and bitches.
Wendy and Brian arrived and started getting the wood brought in to raise the roof in the bottom block.
Kirsty arrived and got the two groups of dogs in and we put Razzles group out while we did them and the bitches and pups, then into Kiro’s pen.
We got all the vet beds washed and out to dry.
Hannah was here grooming again, so I was getting her dogs that she needed from the top kennel on and off all day.
I gave her a hand to do Rupert as he is not keen on anyone but me grooming him.
Kirsty carried on doing Idaho and odd jobs while I was on the computer trying to find a large stainless steel sink with a double drainer so I could let the plumber know were the pipes and the under sink water heater will go.
I had to go out and get bits for Brian and for the plumber who was fitting the new loo.
I picked up loads of shavings while I was out; when I got back Kirsty unloaded the van while I did the lunchtime feeds.
Kirsty picked up bones and muck in the field while I had people visiting looking at hybrids.
After Kirsty left I spent a short while with Wendy moving panels and bringing a gate down for Brian to put in the new pen for the little dogs.
We had a bacon roll and Brian went back to putting the new timbers in to get the roof slightly higher.
I swapped over dogs and helped Wendy for a bit before doing feeds.
I had people view dogs and this took up a good hour and then I changed dogs around to get the house dogs out and stated to clean outside pens.
I got a take away Chinese so we stopped for half an hour then Brian did the drain channel and I power washed Razzles yard, I finished that just after 9 and then did a bowl collection.
I did the frozen feeds and checked everyone before locking up.
Brian finished just after 10 pm; we had a coffee before they headed home.
I had an hour with the housed dogs before going on the computer.
Friday morning was Sam and I, it was a slow start as I had not got very far with the house dogs when she arrived.
I finished the house dogs while Sam did the whelping area.
Next we put Razzles group out and cleaned, then the hybrid pups followed by Kiro.
Next we went to the top kennel and did all of them and Idaho, I came down to see people viewing pups and the plumber while Sam did Moon and Bobby.
Next the house dogs went out and we did their water and vet beds.
Kirsty arrived to pick up a puppy for delivery.
I ordered the sink finally and a fly zapper for the summer.
We did the lunchtime feeds and sorted the washing.
The meat delivery arrived so we sorted all of that out and then fed everyone.
I filled up the feed storage boxes and then on the computer and ordered gates for the bottom block as ours are all too big.
I did the lunchtime feeds and Sam fed everyone and a quick clean out again.
Kirsty arrived back and dropped the puppy carrier off and picked up her bones.
I had a few phone calls to make then I was back outside again.
I swapped over dogs and came in and hoovered in the house as mother was coming over to do some paper work.
After everyone was in I put Rainn out for a while and spent some time with the pups.
I cleaned the yards and did the evening feeds before locking everyone in
Mother arrived and we had dinner and sorted out a few bits before an hour watching TV and then blog and bed.
Saturday morning was Sam and I, the house dogs were finished when Sam arrived and two groups were out up the top.
We did the bitches and pups and cleaned the yards then Reo and Matzi’s group in and Razzles out, we did their pens and the pups in their section.
Feed bins up to the top and rubbish out for burning.
After we had done the top groups and Idaho back down to get the next lot of vet beds changed and washed house dogs out in the field.
Sam did Moon while I was busy with a puppy leaving.
We disinfected the bottom yard area and hosed it, I could not believe how long it took I need to measure the pen it’s huge.
I had just finished that so Sam scraped it when my next puppy viewers arrived.
Mum did a quick lunch and then I swapped over dogs before the next puppy people came for a second look with all of the family, they are really nice people and will also be bringing their pup to training with us.
I fed all the little dogs and the hybrids with their chicken and then had to order some stuff on line.
I took some pictures of the new building.



from the front door

front of the new build

small dogs area to the left,wolfdogs to the right

wet room

wolfdog kennel

I had numerous phone calls for puppy viewings throughout the day.
Each group went out for an hour at a time this gave me chance to do some paper work with mum and catch up on the litter registration book.
I cleaned Coosa’s day pen then Matzi’s pen while he was out.
I fed all of the pups and the bitches; I stopped for dinner and watched The voice and then back out to get Shone and Narla in and put the bitches back with their pups, heat lamps on, wash Razzle and Kiro’s yards, and get the morning feeds ready.
I changed the vet bed in Rainns pups again; they were running around like mad things while I was trying to put the new bed in.
I can’t believe how strong they are already, they are so active, eyes are already open, and soon they are eating Natures menu solid food.
They are being handled at least 4 times a day and they are still so riggly.
Rainn is having 500 grams of biscuit and 5/6 chicken carcasses a day and she still looks good she is carrying a nice heavy weight, if she was not feeding pups you would estimate 8 kilo’s over weight.
Due to a cancellation on a Coosa pup I am having to spend more time socialising with them and have asked Kate to come in and help.

14 days old

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