26th June

A horrible wet morning all the dogs got wet when they went out for their first run.
I had to bring the girls into a spare kennel while I fed the puppies and cleaned them out.
Everyone went out and had a run and then came back in for food all very wet.
I finished cleaning the bottom kennel and then went up to the top block and let everyone out and fed, I cleaned the kennels and washed Coosa’s pen.
I defrosted the freezers as they were both getting low it was a good time to get them done.
Next I started working through my tiding up in the office and kennel area.
I cut up the chicken and then a customer arrived to view their puppy.
After they left I fed everyone in the rain and then put the bitches in a spare kennel as the bitches were really wet.
I got dogs out when I could but the rain didn’t stop all day.
As the rain was not going to let up I went down to the bottom block and spent time with Shone and her pack as I wanted to spend time with fern.
Just going from one group of dogs to another I kept getting soaked it was beginning to get on my nerves.
The rain never let up all day so I fed the bitches in the hall and then let them out quickly for the last toilet before bed.
Pups all fed and Shone’s group up with me.
I woke up three times in the night in the hopes of getting the dogs out if it wasn’t raining but that was a waste of time it rained all night.
Up at 6 am in the rain again, everyone out and fed and then I cleaned the bitch kennels while they were in as it wasn’t fair to put them out in the rain.
I did the top groups and then down to pick up in the drive and open the gates for the builders.
I had a brief chat with Steve and then popped into town to get some milk and doughnuts.
I got home and still raining I had just done another clean out on the puppy kennels and one of my poodle owners arrived.
After she had left I finished cleaning the pups again and then wormed all the puppies.
Chicken cut up ready to feed as soon as the rain slowed up a bit, puppy feeds all ready to go.
This week has been particularly busy with pups to worm and microchip Kate came over to help me with the chipping.
Hannah has been here grooming and we have just had a problem with a few bitches having yeast infections in the ears so we have had to spend more time cleaning out ears every day.
There has been a lot going on with the builders I have different things going on in every room in the house at the moment.
By the end of the week there will be no one in the house as the slate floors are being sealed so everyone can walk on them next week.
I have had a few visitors this week seeing their puppies so this has taken up a bit of time.
I have had a vet trip with Tango for her passport to be done ready for her to travel to Belgium next month.
On very wet days I have been out picking up building materials, I had an afterthought while the tiler was here I got him to tile my ensuite and bathroom as it was going to look better than lino.
The scaffolding date is sorted and the diggers are arranged for this weekend to take out the old path.
Coosa’s group have been very good this week hardly a sound out of them so I have been trying to spend more time with them.
Most nights have been late finishes as the 4 big outside pens have been hosed down each night.
3 bitches booked into the vets to be spayed before being homed next month and my yorkie Oli is going to be castrated.
Fern is settling a bit more but she has now started howling in the middle of the night.
I have spent hours on the phone and meeting people for my re home girls and still I have 1 labradoodle girl left, this is the third time someone has booked her and changed their minds, I wish when people lose their dogs they actually think very seriously before contacting me about a dog as the time I spend with people takes time away from my own dogs.
I am now looking for a good home for Peaches my miniature apricot poodle, she is due to be spayed soon.
I have picked my poodle puppy I am keeping or rather she has picked me the little monkey, every time I go to clean out the paper and put the board into stop the pups coming out she jumps the board, she also reminds me of her grandad Rupert.
Now we are at the end of June and I am still brushing out Coosa’s coat roll on the end of next month and the coat will be out and he will look naked for about 4 to 6 weeks and then coat up again.
Last night the tiler sealed the floors in the house and only has to come back for 1 more visit just to fit the tiles in the recess where the log burner is going as the floor hasn’t quite dried out yet.
The digger drivers finished the path outside the front of the house yesterday late afternoon ready for the scaffolding going up next week.
Next I need to get hold of the farmer to top the fields as I was out with Shone’s pack and could not see them in the long grass.
I went out for a wander around the fields with the bitches to check on the fencing and all is good no digging anywhere.
I was out last night playing with Coosa’s pack and River is being such a softie at the moment she wants full on cuddles, leaving a couple of dew claw holes in my side.
Voodoo has been a little monster this week he picked up a glass full of blackcurrant and dropped it on my bedroom floor, I heard the smash from the kitchen and Cito and Shone were both stood out in the yard saying it wasn’t me.
I shut them out and gave the floor a good sweep and hoover, when I let them back in I had put a plastic bottle on the side and thought it was a better idea than a glass, well yes less mess but still not a good idea he had punctured the bottle and soaked my bed so out again and clean sheets, he is so sneaky when I put him out I then found 50 grams of tobacco out in the yard he had opened the packet and rolled all over it, you need eyes in the back of your head for that little toad.
Reo and Kiro had managed to get the chain off the gate in their yard and had a field day in my lean-to, there was wood everywhere and they had opened the bait box so rat poison all over the yard and all my gardening gloves had been eaten, so now a padlock is needed to keep them out.
There never seems to be a dull moment here.

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