26th July

Sunday morning was an early start as I had people booked to see a puppy at 9 am which is too early on a Sunday morning really as it’s not fair on my neighbours.
I did the house dogs and the labs went out and Kiro and Reo came in.
I got the kennel dogs done and the office and kitchen area hoovered, the fire was done.
Labs went out into field three and Cito and shone into two Coosa’s group in their own field, the yorkies in the front pen and the house dogs in the garden.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates, I started to weed in the drive and then the phone rang to say they had changed their mind at 9 am I was not best pleased.
Kirsty came down and brought the puppy back that she had been looking after for me for the last week as he was leaving today, while he was here we microchipped the puppies going this week.
After we had finished she stayed for a coffee and a chat for a while.
I brought the labs and Shone and Cito in and then let everyone else out and fed the lunch time feeds.
I spent some time with Coosa’s group.
Lunch time feeds done and then I had a family come to visit puppies.
I went off a little late to meet up with Jess and Kirsty for lunch; we had a really nice afternoon.
I got home and let everyone out most of the little dogs went for a paddle and a swim in the paddling pool.
I fed the puppies and then got the feeds ready for the morning.
While the yorkies were out I pulled up some more weeds in the drive, a never ending job.
I then sorted out all of the different laboratories I need to use for the testing on my Labradors before they go up to Portsmouth for the elbows and hip scores in October.
I got the last feeds done and the fed the puppies and then fed the house dogs, I did another hour outside weeding and then cleaned the labs yard.
I brought the dogs all in and fed Coosa’s group and then locked up the kennel.
The labs came in and then the house dogs came in, Kiro and Reo went out for the night.
Monday morning
I had an early start the house dogs went out and then I fed the labs and did the kennel dogs.
I put the labs out in the field and Cito and Shone out in the field, I let the house poodles into the garden and went in for breakfast, when I went out to get the poodles in instead of seeing four beautiful red fluffy poodles I saw 3 very dirty black muddy mops, the little darlings had been digging to Australia they looked bedraggled and filthy.
I let them in the house and put more blankets down for them and went out and cleaned the bottom block and the yard.
After I had finished I swapped over dogs in the fields and the drive and then sorted out emails and phone calls and then out to pull up more ragwort.
I had done about an hour of pulling up the horrible stuff when two vans from bt arrived a couple of days early which was great they had another fault they were dealing with so they said they would look into my problem as well, fingers crossed maybe I will have the other phone working today.
I got the lunch time chicken cut up ready to feed and then the heavens opened up.
I waited until the rain stopped and then fed everyone.
Each time we had a really big down pour I went back from my weeding to the office and printed out pedigrees and info sheets for the new owner’s packs.
I brought the house poodles out in the drive for a run while I was on the computer so I could keep an eye on them.
The bt man got my phone working which was a huge relief as my calls have cost a fortune this last couple of weeks from my business line.
I had another search on the internet for a good quality Labrador stud dog, I have found a breeder, the bad thing is it will be a 530 mile round trip so it looks like I will have to chat nicely with Ms Bailey for another transport run for me.
It has been a very difficult task to find a pup from both health tested parents.
I have looked at importing but can’t find a decent dog so as luck would have it and fingers crossed the bitch will have a couple of nice dogs as I have pick on the males.
I did the evening feeds and then fed the puppies and cleaned them out.
I stopped for dinner and then did another out gardening and then got everyone in and locked up the kennel dogs and then let Kiro and Reo out and brought the house dogs in and fed them.
Tuesday morning
Was a hot start all of the house dogs went out and then the labs went out in their yard with food.
I did the kennel dogs and then put the labs out into the field and then Razzles group out in the drive.
The poodles went out in the garden and I cleaned out the house dogs.
I did the fire and then pulled some more weeds out in the drive.
I got all of the paper work sorted out for pups leaving this week.

I opened the gates ready for the meat delivery and checked my emails, after the meat arrived I sorted it all out and froze what I didn’t need and then I had to pop into town to get some food and go to the veg shop as Dave was due to arrive and I thought it might be a good idea to have some food in the fridge apart from dog food.
I got home and sorted out the shopping and then swapped over dogs.
I fed everyone a little later than normal.
Dave arrived and sorted his stuff out, he unloaded the shredded paper he had been collecting for the dogs bedding.
The first job was to get the white boarding around the puppy pen in the house as it is more peaceful when Shiraz isn’t barking at the puppies, after that Dave stacked all the bags of shredded paper in the kennel and all of the newspapers in the house for the pups and poodles.
I got the morning feeds for the wolfdogs all boxed up in the freezers ready for the next day.
I had a couple of phone calls to make while I was getting the feeds ready for the evening.
We got the food moved from the garage to the kennel and then the food loaded up in my van ready to take over to my sisters in the evening, while we were in the container we had a tidy up ready to move the sofa’s from my sister’s house over to here.
Dave picked up in the drive and I put the van outside the gates.
I fed the puppies and left the labs out in their yard for Dave to put away later and then Budds group were out on the drive.
I went off to meet up with my sisters for a girl’s night, we had a great evening and then I came home and brought Narla, Siren and loupi in and fed them.
I fed the pups again and cleaned them out, Coosa’s group came in and had food.
I locked up and then let Kiro and Reo out and came down to the house, Dave had gone to bed so I let the house dogs out and washed the labs yard and then let Kiro and Reo out, I did the morning feeds and put the house dogs to bed.
Last job was to write today’s blog before bed or I would have forgotten what had happened by the next day.
A hot dry start, house dogs done and fed, Kiro and Reo back in the labs out in their yard with food.
We did the fire and then Dave weeded along the back of the kennel.
I went to put the labs out in the field and they ran straight through a nest of wasps, I was trying to get them off of the dogs just inside the field gates; I was getting stung to death whilst dealing with the dogs.
I got them sorted out and then went in and had piriton, my knee, ankle and under my arm all on my left side was swelling up nicely, I went to mole valley and got some ant powder and filled the hole and covered the grass area.
I left the labs out for another hour so the wasps would settle and die before I brought them back through the nest.
Dave carried on with the weeding along the back of the kennel so he could get to the spare paddling pool for the labs as they have eaten the one they had.
I started to fill in the paper work for the lab tests for the Labradors.
Next was to clean the house dogs pen and paper for the evening, I changed the vet bed for the puppies and cleaned up in the yards.
We had late breakfast and then fed the dogs and off we went to look at a Labrador I am thinking of using at stud.
We got home and let everyone out again; I fed the puppies and then carried on with the lab forms.
Kate arrived to help me with the DNA tests and we fed the rest of the dogs, Coosa’s group came in early at just after 8.30, I had a couple of phone calls to do and then Kiro and Reo went out and the labs went to bed.
House dogs came in and we had late dinner and more pills for my stings.
Thursday morning
Nice and sunny the house dogs out and Kiro in, then the labs went out with food.
We cleaned the kennels and put everyone out.
Dave cleaned up in the drive and opened the gates for 8 am for Hannah coming in.
I took up bags of shavings from the kennel and did the fire whist putting Coosa’s group out.
Dave locked up the gates and I put a group of dogs on the drive and the wolf dogs from the kennel into the field.
I did the insurances for the puppies leaving and Dave filled out their forms.
Swapped over dogs so Cito and shone went out and Dave took the lab group up to field three.
We stopped for breakfast and then Dave picked up in the drive and the first two customers arrived to pick up their puppies.
After they had left Dave brought the labs in while I was getting Cito and Shone in.
Dave went to the post office and sent off the samples to the lab.
I brought Rupert up for Hannah to groom and then did a few bits on the internet and wrote yesterday’s blog as we had been so busy it didn’t get done in the evening.
I held Ru for a few minutes for Hannah.
Dave was spot spraying the drive for weeds.
It was getting close to lunchtime and we now had a couple of hours till the next customer arrived so dogs back out on the drive and time for coffee and then I fed Coosa’s group and we disinfected and power washed his pen.
Dave cleaned the drains after we had finished we went back down to the kennel and I fed the puppies and swapped over dogs and then did some hoovering.
I fed the chicken carcasses and then the meat delivery arrived so I unloaded the boxes and then froze that.
I picked up in the drive ready for the next customer to arrive.
After they had left I cleaned the labs yard again and gave them all bones and then swapped over dogs and gave all of the kennel dog’s bones as I was going to be around the kennel all day.
I sorted out this month’s invoices and did some more paper work on the computer.
My last puppy owner arrived and then Kirsty arrived to pick up some bits and stayed for coffee.
After Kirsty left I fed everyone and then brought Coosa’s group in early as it was wet and horrible so they started to howl.
I fed the pups and then cleaned them out again.
I got the morning feeds ready and then locked up the kennel and let Kiro and Reo out for the night, the labs went in and the house dogs came in for the night.
I got the frozen feeds out for Coosa’s group for the morning
A really wet start the house dogs went out and then came back in fairly quickly for food.
Kiro and Reo were waiting at the door to come in.
The labs went out with food.
We did the kennel dogs, everything for the fire got left in the top shed as there was no chance of burning anything in the pouring rain.
Coosa’s group stayed up inside the pen I didn’t see anyone come out for quite some time.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted that out and then the chap dropping off the meat asked if I wanted a freezer, so I took it for storage space for food or newspapers.
It was with great sadness I received the news from Rachel Bailey that Sakari had passed away with a suspected heartache she was a very special Inuit girl I bred a number of years ago now, Sakari was a great search and rescue dog.

We went over and picked up some furniture from my sister’s house and then came home and sorted out where to put the freezer and Dave cut some pallets to stand it on in the new lean-to.
Next was customers looking at puppies, after they left I did the lunch time feeds and then we sorted out on of the storage rooms in the kennels.
We had a lull in the rain for a very short time so I fed everyone while it was reasonably dry.
We got the accounts up to date on the invoices up to now.
Dave changed some settings on my printer so I can leave loads of stuff printing while I am out.
Most of the afternoon until late was spent in the kennel with dogs
The rain eased up again at about 5 ish so everyone was fed the labs went out in the drive and then I got everyone in at about 6.30 as Coosa’s group wanted to come in.
The labs went in and then Kiro and Reo out for the night.
We had dinner and then spent a couple of hours with the dogs before bed time.
Saturday morning
Was dry, the house dogs went out and then the labs, Kiro and Reo in.
We did the kennel dogs and then burnt all of the rubbish from the last couple of days.
Dave took the labs up to field three while I cleaned them out.
Shone and Cito went into field two and Coosa’s group into one.
Razzles group went out on the drive so Dave sprayed all of their kennel with disinfect and wiped it out.
I had a friend pop in and pick up some bits for their dog; they stopped for a quick chat and then we stopped for breakfast.
We disinfected and hosed the bottom block, this takes ages even with two of us.
Dave fitted the new basket to catch the hair up in the top drain, I fed Coosa’s group and then we swapped over dogs again.
Dave cleaned the windows while I re potted plants.
Everyone was fed the lunch time chicken and then the labs had beef bones, Dave went off out poisoning weeds and pulling up more ragwort, this has been a really bad year for the ragwort.
I went into the house and sorted out dinner so that could cook while the next groups of dogs went out.
I cleaned ears on the entire bitch group; this is the ones that have had pups already this year.
The dogs stayed out until late and Dave cleaned out gutters as we knew we were in for more heavy rain.
Everyone in and Kiro out.

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