26th January

Last Sunday was a good start no rain I put the house dogs out and fed them.
I did the bitches and then the first group of puppies.
I went down to the kennels and put the little dogs out with their feeds, I fed the pups and then put the second group of little dogs out, I cleaned all their kennels and then brought them in.
The hybrid 7 went out and Kiro went out in field two.
After I had cleaned their pens I brought Kiro in and put out Reo.
I cleaned all the kennels and then moved the labs and doodle groups over and swapped them with the hybrids so I don’t have to have them barking every time someone comes down the drive, now they are on inside kennels it is better.
Hannah will be pleased as she doesn’t have to walk past kiro every time she wants to get a little dog out to bath.
I went up and fed the hybrids and changed their water.
I let the house dogs out and then burnt the rubbish and as I had finished a customer turned up to pick up their puppy.
I left the lab group out for about an hour then put them in and let the poodle group out in the field.
Next I fed the pups and then went out and took a couple of video’s and pictures of the hybrids and left them out in field one and Reo in field two.
I came in for some lunch it may have not been raining but it sure was cold.
I did the house dogs and little dogs feeds and then power washed the yard.
I spent time out with each group and then brought everyone in and fed them all.
I locked up and brought the housed dogs in for the night.
Monday morning I fed the house dogs and did the puppies and Amy arrived, we did the next group of pups and then down to the kennel.
We fed the little dogs, pups and bitches, out went the doodle and poodle groups while we cleaned them out.
Next out were the hybrids and Kiro, she came in after half an hour and Reo went out.
I left Amy drying pens while I went up and got the meat out for the next day as it was so cold it hasn’t defrosted very well.
I cleaned the bottom yard and then went to town as I had a couple of things to do and a van load of shavings to pick up.
When I got home I fed the hybrids and left them in the top kennels and let the lab group out in the field.
Amy had finished the house dogs and was sorting out straw bags.
I did the chicken and then fed the little dogs while Amy fed the puppies.
We cleaned the yard and the bottom block.
I had to go out and take another video as I have an interest in one of the hybrids.
I stopped for some food and then straight back out as I had someone coming to look at puppies.
Reo and Kiro alternated with the fields for the afternoon.
I brushed Shone, Narla and Cito and then fed the puppies and got the rest of the dogs in.
Tuesday morning we were expecting it to be wet but thankfully it was cold and dry.
I did the house dogs and then the puppies, Amy picked up from the bottom block and fed Shone and Narla.
We did the puppies by the house and then down to the kennels to feed everyone else and got the little dogs out.
While they were out we cleaned their pens and the puppies, as it was nice we did the bitches with pups while they were out.
They came in and the hybrids and Kiro went out, we did Kiro’s pen first and then she came back in for her food and Reo went out.
We cleaned his pen out and left him out with his food while we cleaned the two hybrid kennels out.
The yorkies get moved over to a big pen in the day so they have lots of room to play and then we cleaned them out and bedded them up for the evening.
I left Amy to dry kennels while I got the meat sorted out as we had just had two deliveries.
Next I did some bills and paper work while Amy cleaned the housed dog’s pens.
I hoovered downstairs and then went up and fed the hybrids in the pens at the top.
While they were in eating the lab group went out for an hour and then came in for food while the doodles went out.
Kiro went out next and the hybrids so I took some more pictures and videos of them.
We cleaned the bottom block and then I power washed the bottom yards.
We did the lunch time feeds and Amy bagged up all of the towels from the top kennel as we don’t need them up there now.
I wrote out the lesson details for training for Wednesday evening so I was ready just in case anything cropped up and I didn’t get to it.
`I spent a short time with each group and then everyone came in I got them in a little early as the rain started at 4.30.
I made all the feeds and fed everyone then got ready to go out and see Nathan for his birthday.
I took Shone and Narla with me as I did not want to leave them outside to get cold.
Laura, Nathans girlfriend, did a really nice meal and then I had some time to pay with their cockapoo Ralph before coming home.
I got in and put all the house dogs out and checked all the kennel dogs and then did the morning feeds.
I spent some time on the computer and had a chat to Rach I finally got to bed just after 1 am.
Wednesday morning the weather was unsettled I put the little dogs out in the bottom block so they didn’t get wet while I was doing their pens and feeds.
I brought them in and then put the wolf dogs out with their food.
I fed the first group of puppies and then down to the kennel.
I fed everyone and let the two groups of little dogs out; I cleaned them out and the puppies.
I changed vet beds for the bitches and puppies; I brought them straight up and put them in the wash and then brought the little dogs in and let the hybrids and Kiro out.
I fed the hybrids and then cleaned their pens.
Kiro came in and Reo went out, just as I came back down I had a pallet of food delivered, most of which went in my van to take to training for my sister.
I finished cleaning and brought Reo in and put Kiro out again.
I came back up to the house and cut the chicken up for the little dogs.
I fed the puppies and bitches with pups and then went back out and did some power washing.
I had everything ready for training so I made sure the cages were done in my van.
I got the evening feeds ready and brought everyone in and off I went to training.
My class went well except a few dogs have gone backwards on their stays.
Shone did very well in the gold class, the only thing she is a little hesitant on is stop the dog everything else is good.
As there is only a small number in the second gold class both classes have been amalgamated, this is good as our group get to see other dogs doing the same thing that they have never met before.
The best part about it is we get home an hour earlier which is a real bonus.
I got home and let the dogs out and checked the kennel dogs, I did some emails and then the morning feeds, I spent an hour with the housed dogs before bed.
Thursday morning I let the house dogs out and did the bitches and puppies and then Amy arrived so we fed and cleaned the first group of puppies and then down to the kennel to feed the other bitches and puppies.
The first two groups went out with their food while we cleaned them out as it was dry we cleaned the bitches and puppies out before bringing in the two groups of little dogs.
Next out was the hybrids and Kiro, we cleaned their kennels and swapped Kiro over and put Reo out.
After everyone was cleaned and done we bedded the hybrids kennels up for the evening.
We put all the washing on and Amy did the fire while I cleaned the bottom block.
Next I got the frozen feeds out for the morning.
I cut up the chicken for the little dogs and then we fed the lunchtime feeds.
Amy cleaned the walls in the top hybrids day kennels and I power washed them they were so dirty in just one day.
I put the hybrids in with their food and let the lab group out in the field, they stayed out for just over an hour and then the poodle group went out in the field.
Kiro and Reo alternated with the field and paddock for the rest of the day.
I did a bit more power washing and then did the evening feeds and brought everyone in just before it started to rain.
Friday morning I did the house dogs and bitches Amy arrived and we went and did the first group of puppies then down to the kennel and fed the little dogs and the bitches with puppies.
We managed to get the two groups of little dogs out while it was reasonable dry, while they were out we fed everyone else and cleaned the puppies out and changed all of the water.
The rain got heavy so we brought the little dogs in and put the hybrids and Kiro out.
I cleaned out Kiro and then she came in for food, Reo went out and we did his kennel and when he came in we moved him to another kennel as he keeps barking at Siren who was next door even though he can’t see him he knows he is there.
Hannah arrived and got on with bathing dogs.
We cleaned the hybrids kennels and then got them bedded up for the night.
The meat arrived so I got it cut up and froze the rest.
I left Amy a list of things to do and told her to get the dogs out when she could as the weather was not looking very good.
I went off to the Osteopath for a well over due session on my neck and back.
When I got home Amy had done nearly everything and she was drowned.
I fed the hybrids and the rest of the dogs that still needed feeding.
We moved the poodle bitch into the house as she was not too settled with her puppies and it is easier to keep a closer watch on them in the house at night.
Amy left and Hannah came up to the house to groom Rupert as I was around in case she needed any help with him.
I swapped over to all of the wolf dog groups out for the last couple of hours while I did the evening feeds and the next morning bowls ready.
I sorted out this week’s post and then got the dogs in for the night, I did the feeds for the puppies and locked everyone in and then did the house dogs.
Saturday morning I was surprised to see it was dry after I had finished the housed dogs and pups I did the first group of puppies and then down to the kennel.
I did the first feeds and let the 2 doodle groups out; while they were out I fed the other dogs and pups.
Next out was the hybrids and Kiro, then Reo.
I changed the vet beds first so as to get them washed quickly.
I cleaned and hosed the kennels and then went back and did the house dogs.
I brought the hybrids in to eat while the little dogs went out for an hour then came in for food.
I spent so time with a friend looking around the kennel.
Shone and Narla stayed in the house as it had started to pour down.
Little dogs all in and the hybrids back out.
All the wolf dogs got pretty wet.
The rain cleared and the wind picked up so the dogs did dry out a bit before they came in.
Everyone by 5 and then I did the bitches and pups.
Last job was temperature charts before locking up.

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