26th february

26 th Feb Blog
Last Sunday was a fairly reasonable day the weather was nice thankfully as I had a very early start, I needed to get the house dogs finished and all the puppies wormed before Kate arrived.
Grant, a good friend of mine came over to put in my new computer.
I helped Kate with most of the cleaning and then went off to look at a Cocker Spaniel, well that turned out to be a waste of time as she had a problem with her left eye and a really nasty smell from her teeth that were so covered in plaque I could hardly see them, she also growled at me, I did not feel she would be suitable to breed as a family pet hence I did not buy her.
Della, one of our Miniature poodles was returned to her breeder today as she was only here on breeding terms, it was sad to see her go.
Kate had Coosa in and everything under control when I returned and Kate stayed to give me a hand getting to grips with the new pc.
Monday morning after cleaning I went off to pick up my new mini poodle pup, well I got totally lost and ended up on completely the wrong side of the city and had to phone a friend who thankfully directed me to my destination a little late but I would never have found it without help so thank you very much to Grant.
Puzzle is the new pup and she is very sweet, another one for the house group, all of the house dogs like her. C is fascinated by her and Kia is happy for her to curl up under her tail.
Coosa has spent an hour in the pen with Idaho today, they are ok but not really a match made in heaven yet, I am hoping that another week into her season she made be receptive to him.
Tuesday all was well after cleaning, Kate then carried on with the dogs while I spent time organising paper work and house work.
I have spent a long time today trying to organise rehome dogs coming in ,very unfortunate one is from a home that has just had a bereavement and other due to a serious illness with the owner.
Both dogs will soon be advertised on the older dog’s page.
I have also spent a lot of time advising a lady who has recently took on two adult Czech’s and another male that were dumped by the owner who now has no further use for them, they are a pair that have already produced at least two litters in the uk.
Unfortunately I feel we are going to see more and more of this in the future, thankfully these have been lucky as a rescue centre is certainly no place for these dogs.
Wednesday morning was good and after all the cleaning was finished it started to rain heavily so the dogs stayed in for a couple of hours while we sorted out things inside and paperwork.
We went off to training, Peaches was very good I could not fault her with anything , her recall was at great speed with bundles of enthusiasm.
Kirsty was working with Simons hybrid Narla, everyone commented how fantastic she was and how responsive Narla was to Kirsty, this is one little hybrid to be very proud of, she is going to turn out just like Lupus, he is Kirsty’s other hybrid, personally I think he is better trained than most domestic pets that I know.
C was very good and worked very well she behaved impeccably 9 times out of 10 at training.
The dogs were exceptionally happy to see us when we got back as we stayed to help out for a while and they got left for an extra hour.
Thursday was fairly wet and not too pleasant; I managed to get a few extra jobs done outside.
Cito and C had to be brushed as they are both moulting which is not great as they are both house dogs.
Friday was fine, I helped with most of the cleaning then did some paper work.
I was working on the pc in the office when a car horn sounded about 6 times I thought this was a little odd but as always you think maybe one of the dogs has got out so, so I looked outside and could not see anything untoward so I went back to what I was doing and them a very loud knock on the front door, I jumped up thinking Oh no.
The poor chap at the door said have you lost two dogs? I asked what are they.
He replied Yorkshire Terriers I said Oh S… yes where are they, he said running at full speed in the middle of the road heading this way from the village.
I went out and called them and they both came running in looking really pleased with themselves.
They are the hardest dogs to keep in here as they go through drain pipes and under anything they possibly can.
Now they are only allowed out in part of the yard as it is lethal with the traffic on this road and they were very lucky little rats.
Kate left then I carried on with outside jobs and spent some time with each group of dogs.
Coosa has been back in with Idaho there has been a small amount of improvement in their friendship, they are tolerating being in each other’s space without too much snapping and snarling.
Camouse and her pups are doing well they are eating Royal Canin puppy mousse and getting into a nice mess.
Saturday was good Kate is very pleased with herself, she has managed to set up the Wi-Fi so she does not feel completely lost when she dog sits at night, she can now play on her phone as when all the house dogs are running around you can’t leave them and go into the offices as one of the dogs may step on the poodle puppy or Ollie the 3 1b yorkie is likely to bite C as he is a bully backed up by Peaches who is a real little madam and feels she can take on any wolf dog.
Saturday was a wet and miserable start but turned out quite nice and warm.
We did the dogs in the morning and I did some housework while Kate finished off outside before going off to a funeral.
I did the afternoon and had a bitch come in for a mating with Rupert I think the outside dogs knew something was going on as right in the middle of the mating everyone decided to howl.
I had finished outside in reasonable time so I came in for an hour to do some paper work.
After getting Coosa and Matzi’s group in I came back to do some work on the computer, time got away and I realised it was gone 8 pm and I had not eaten, well not being a domestic goddess I fancied something healthy so Chicken and vegetables it was, well that was what I had thought.
I sat down and started eating when Cito came up to see what I had as I sternly told her NO I think she took a dislike to my food and proceeded to be sick on my plate.
My healthy dinner turned into a microwaved chocolate pudding.
Sunday morning was really glorious weather everyone was out very early and all the cleaning finished in good time.
I spent the rest of the morning on the computer while Kate finished off outside.
The afternoon will be spent brushing some of the wolf dogs.

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