26th August

Last Sunday was dry until 9 am thankfully we got the labs and doodles out before the rain.
The bottom block had been out, then two top groups and the heavens opened up it was like this on and off until mid-afternoon then it got hot and muggy for the rest of the day.
We had three lots of visitors to see puppies, Andrew and his family came to see A’Lupa’s pup, Andrew is good as we were busy he spoon fed the pup for me while I was sorting out other people viewing their dogs.
Coosa is back on true form he is feeling like his old self again and his coat has stopped coming out in handfuls.
When Kate left I went out and did some weeding as always I got stung to death and several prickles in my hands, I hate gardening if I won the lottery I would have a gardener, so I could spend more time with my dogs.
Coosa stayed by the gate and watched me for an hour until I had enough and went in to feed the house dogs.
I spent an hour out in the field with the little people before coming in to sleep for a couple of hours as I felt really sick with a terrible headache.
Monday morning the sky kept going light and dark, we went from hot to wet on and off for a couple of hours.
At 8.30 I had a phone call from a very good friend of mine. I knew for the time and the sound in her voice something was terribly wrong, the day soon turned into black Monday, Michelle and Nigel had a very special female wolf dog from me called Shoshone Tyr known as Mistiq. Mizi to her friends.
Nigel went to let her out first thing in the morning and no Mizi came out to greet him.
Poor Mizi had died in her sleep, such a sad day as she had shown no signs of anything being wrong and she had gone to bed the night before happily, she had curled up in her normal spot in her bed and never woken.
My heart goes out to them both and the difficult job of explaining to their little girl who has grown up with Mizi.
Trying to grieve and deal with all the emotions of the family has been a trying time for them all.
I hope they can remember all the love and the good times they had with Mizi and not the fact that they never had chance to say goodbye.
Tuesday morning was a dry start which was nice as everyone got out and stayed dry while their kennels were cleaned and new straw put in and then into some seriously heavy showers, as always it would be while the labs and Doodles were out.
The timing was terrible as we were power washing their kennel and yard.
Andrew and his daughter came over to see A’Lupa’s pup again, so I left them to it while we quickly tried to finish cleaning the yard.
Kate and I were as drowned as the dogs.
Kate was quite happy, as when she went up to swap dogs Coosa was at the gate and he licked her hand he probably thought she had food as he is a bit of a pig lol.
We had another heavy down pour in which I managed another good soaking, by 4 o’clock I was really fed up with getting wet, so I left everyone in for a while during the next down pour and came in and fed the house dogs.
When I finished inside I went out to spend some time with Coosa in his pen as he was just as fed up with the rain, I got jumped and slobbered all over and needed to come in for a bath.
Wednesday morning was off sick, so I was running late.
I had a list of things to get for my sister from town so I popped in quickly and got everything for her and I had to get screws for Brian for the weekend so he could finish off the lean-to.

The phone was none stop all day long.
One of my doodle owners popped in to pick up food, and then someone came to look at pups.
I had to change all the vet beds, constant washing and drying all day.
Kirsty came over as I had to vaccinate and worm all of the puppies that are going this weekend, worming is not a problem but I am loathed to vaccinate a puppy without it being held, as it is not something you want to make a bad experience for them.
After we had finished we went up to change over dogs from the field, Coosa came down to the kennel, this is the first time he had seen Kirsty since he was ill, it was funny she said I bet he won’t talk to me now, she was wrong he sat at the gate giving her kisses and being very lovable.
She gave him a sausage which made him very happy.
Daffy the Cocker bitch in for a mating with one of my poodles, went home today.
After I had finished everyone then it was off to training with C, so I had not had time for food all day I had hoped to left a little earlier and go through the Mac D drive through.
Umm well that never happened I was later leaving than I had planned.
I could not be late as I was asked to do all the puppy examinations so they get used to being handled by other people.
I also went over Margaret and my sisters pups as they were also doing ring craft with their wire haired Vizlas in the other room.
C was good off lead, heel work was good, send away was very slow as she is not keen on this exercise, her out of sight stay was ok but she is not up to the full five minutes yet.
All-round a good night training with no issues.
I got home in reasonable time as I did not stay and help out with the next class.
I got the house dogs out for an hour while I did my emails.
Thursday morning Kate came in for a couple of hours before she went off to have her 20 week scan.
We got everyone out and most of the cleaning done before she went.
I did the pups and changed everyone’s bedding.
Kirsty came in as I had a cocker spaniel bitch with a pyometra, she had to go into the vets to be spayed, I have not been lucky with the cockers that I bought in this year.
The last one failed her pra test and had to be sold.
Now this only leaves me with two cocker females.
On reflection I am not having any more cockers from anywhere, I will breed my poodles to my cockapoo and then I don’t need to worry about anymore expense of health testing as all of my own breeding stock are clear.
Lulu our poodle was rehomed today, the family are also having a poodle pup from me later next month so they will have each other for company.
Lulu will come back next year for her last litter then she will be spayed before she goes back to her home.
I finished off the afternoon feeding early as it was wet and horrible and went off to the vets to pick up Honey.
I phoned a friend of mine and they will be having honey after her stitches are out in twelve days’ time.
She will have a great life with them as they have a really nice place and lots of land so she won’t have to do more than she wants to.
After settling Honey in her bed I checked everyone and put the house dogs out in the field.
Nathan came over to repair my sky cable that the dogs had eaten and set up my new cd phone system in the van.
I finished everyone by 9 pm and then did some emails and got all the paper work and folders out ready for the pups that were leaving in the morning.
Friday morning was Sophie and I, we have changed around the order that the dogs go out so the labs and doodles are not so noisy in the morning as this has been upsetting my neighbours at 7 am.
It has made things more difficult and time consuming but if it keeps the peace then it is worth it.
I got soaked so many times I lost count.
Coosa came in at about 9.30 and spent two hours sat in his pen eating a bone as he was not impressed with the rain.
Everyone went out but didn’t want to be out very long.
The puppy owners came and I got them all sorted out and on their way while Sophie let the rest of the dogs out and did the vet bed changing.
I put a top up of straw in all of the pens.
As it was a long day inside I spent time in everyone’s kennel giving them a brush and checking ears.
I moved A’Lupa’s pup in with the two remaining doodles, she is fine they all get on well.
It is nice to see her interact with other puppies; I felt she was not getting enough attention or stimulation from being on her own with her mum.
I moved Reo and Steel down in the pen next to A’lupa so she could hear dogs next to her.
Kirsty has started to come down twice a day to feed and clean out Roxy to see if she can create a bond with her and gain some trust, this will make life easier for all of us if we do decide to breed with her.
I am really pleased to not have the extra work as it is hard to fit in looking after her properly when she is not happy when I am in her pen.
I am grateful that Kirsty is prepared to give up so much time to spend with her.
After everyone was in and fed and bedded down for the night, I came in to get some washing and cleaning done in the house.
Saturday morning was Sophie and I battling with the heaviest showers of the week.
Poor Siren and Bobby got caught in the worst of the morning rain, they were soaked to the skin when they went out, and we moved them for the day up into the top kennel so they could dry off.
A’Lupa has been moved in with Lobo and Eba, hopefully they will get along as I need the pen for whelping a cocker bitch in a couple of weeks’ time.
I am still looking for homes for some of our girls that we are not looking to breed from.
If I can cut down on dogs that are taking up kennel space and time it will make the winter so much easier on me and the remaining dogs.
Sophie did all of the pups and vet beds while I did Coosa’s pen and then I had to clean the oven as it was overdue, not a job I like.
After Sophie left I got all of the washing finished then mum came in to give me a hand with some of the accounts and she cleaned upstairs and changed all of the beds for me.
I had a mad rush to finish and get a bath as we were going out for mum’s birthday.
We did get there but late, as I had expected Kate to come in for the evening but she was ill.
We had a really nice meal and came back early as I had to do the house dogs and register the insurances for the pups that had left on Friday.
I steamed cleaned the floor then went to bed.

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