26th April

Sunday morning was another cold and windy start.
House dogs went out and then came in for food; I changed the vet bed for the yorkie pups and got the first load of washing in.
Kiro came in and the lab group went out with their food.
The kennel dogs all went out and had food.
Cito and Shone went out in the field, the house dogs went out in the garden.
I picked up in the drive and did the fire, while I was up the field Aimi jumped the gate again so I have put another wire on there to stop her for now, when Dave comes down next week we will wire higher in field one along the front fence where she is still jumping over.
I put the washing out and then changed the vet beds in the kennel.
I cut up the chicken for the lunch time feeds and then brought Cito and Shone in and put Coosa’s group in the top kennel area.
I started feeding the poodles, this is becoming more difficult feeding outside as they are now having to fight the black birds for their chicken carcasses, the dogs are going mad chasing the birds from the pen area, I may start to feed them around the side of the kennel where there is not so much room for the birds to land.
I had just finished feeding everyone and some people arrived to see their puppy, they were here for a while, when they left I swapped over dogs before the next people to see if they prefer to be looking for a labradoodle or a cockapoo.
I checked on the house dogs and let Coosa’s group back out in the field.
Everyone was now fed and the next people arrived, Siren and Narla stayed out in the field while they were here as Siren is not keen on people looking into his kennel.
After the family left they had decided on a cockapoo.
I locked up the gates and then brought the washing in as it was getting very cold.
I got the frozen meat out for the lunch time feeds for the next day.
I spent a short while on the computer and then went in and had some food.
After dinner I fed the lab group and put them out on the drive while I cleaned their yard, next was to feed the kennel dogs and then get Coosa’s group in and feed them.
I got the morning feeds ready and locked up the kennel and let Kiro and Reo out.
House dogs all came in as I was really cold and did not want the back door open.
Monday morning was another very cold start, all of the house dogs went out and then came in for food.
Kiro and Reo came in and then the lab group out with food.
I let the kennel dogs out and fed them and cleaned everyone out.
Coosa’s group were out in the field and Cito and Shone went out in the field and top kennel area.
The house dogs had the yard and garden.
Razzles group needed ears cleaning so I did them outside while they were in the drive.
Re clean puppies and check their collars were ok.
I cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeding.
I had a friend coming to see the dogs so I brought Shone and Cito into the garden and gave them beef bones, the house dogs back into the yard and Coosa’s group up into the top kennel area with their food.
The big group of mixed youngsters went out into the field before feeding, and the yorkies out in the front pen while I cleaned the drive and opened the gates.
After Pip had left I closed up the gates and let another group out and fed them.
Siren and Narla went out in the field and then I fed the puppies and bitches.
I went back and checked on the house dogs as they needed feeding and the washing needed to go out on the line.
Everyone fed and just laying around in the fields or the yards.
I printed off some more stuff for puppy packs for the next litters.
I did some paper work and then let the lab group out in the drive, they were fed and then I power washed their yard.
The labs went into their kennel and then the dogs all had their last run while I got feeds ready and fed the puppies.
Coosa’s group came in just after 8 pm and Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in for the night.
Tuesday morning house dogs out and then fed, Kiro and Reo in and fed, the lab group out and fed.
Everyone in the kennel out and fed and cleaned.
Shone and Cito went out in the field and Coosa’s group were out, I did the fire and then the meat arrived.
I froze the bones and cut up the chicken and then it was time to feed.
Everyone was fed and then I got frozen chicken out for the next day.
I quickly went into town to post a card to New Zealand and wash my van as it was beyond dirty.
I got home and let everyone back out again and checked on the house dogs as I am expecting a litter due any day now.
The group of young dogs were chasing bugs around the front pen, which was keeping them amused.
Narla and Siren had been out nearly all day so they came in for food and then back out for a couple of hours.
The lab group went out in the drive and had food, I cleaned their yard and picked up in the bottom yard and the garden.
Puppies had their last feed and then Coosa’s group came in for food.
Everyone done and locked up.
I had people come and view the dogs as they are looking for a puppy later this year.
After they left I put my van outside the gates and then let Kiro and Reo out and the house dogs in.
I went over to my sisters to have dinner and drop off dog food.
We had a nice meal and then I came home fairly late not ideal as Wednesday was going to be busy.
Wednesday morning was a nice 6 am start house dogs out and then Kiro in and lab group out and fed.
Everyone in the kennels out fed and cleaned.
Coosa’s group had half an hour in the field and then half an hour in the top kennel area to eat and then the gates left open so they could go out in the field.
Aimi is still being naughty she had jumped the fence again so I put her back with the others and then left a bucket of water out in the track as I didn’t want her stood out there for hours with no water.
Shone and Cito were out in the garden with the bottom block and the house dogs had the house and the bottom yard.
Hannah was here to groom the little dogs and let the kennel dogs out and feed puppies.
I had to go to Exeter for some tests and would be out for a few hours.
I left early and met my niece she came with me to the clinic and then we went for lunch after I was finished.
When I got home the wire for field three had been delivered so that is great for us to get some more of that done at the weekend.
I fed everyone and then had a few phone calls to make and speak to some close friends about today’s results.
I got everything ready for training and did the feeds ready for the evening.
Everyone was fed and Coosa’s group stayed out as it’s too early to bring them in when I go to training.
I left the labs out and fed them as I was going to have to clean their yard when I got home anyway.
Hannah stayed and finished off a couple more dogs so she was going to lock up.
I put the house dogs in and then Shiraz into the van and I left.
We had a good night at training Shiraz was very good she didn’t get up on any of her stays.
We tidied up and came home it was just after 10 when I got in, I checked on the bitches due to have puppies and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I let the house dogs out and fed them and left the door open as Peaches; looked like she was going to start having puppies.
It was very long night with Peaches she had her puppies and all went well, mum and pups are all fine.
Thursday morning all the house dogs were done and then the kennel dogs, spent the morning with my labradoodle as she had her puppies.
I popped up and swapped over dogs in between puppies being born.
Lunch time feeds done and then the meat delivery arrived, I cut as much as I could in the course of the day.
Dave arrived in the afternoon, he helped me get all the rubbish and kennel shavings burnt from today and yesterday.
I stripped out two kennels and cleaned them and moved bitches.
We did a big fire in the field from half of the hedge cuttings it burnt for hours.
Dave went up the top of field three and carried on with cutting the hedge back ready to put the next fence up, he was up there a few hours so I carried on doing the dogs and sorting out stuff in the kennels.
I let the lab group out on the drive and power washed their yard.
I fed evening feeds late and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
Dave went and got a Chinese for dinner while I finished off.
After dinner we went back out and I cleaned the bottom block, it was now dark so I finished off the yard and we sat down for an hour.
Friday morning was a cold damp start, house dogs done and then the kennel dogs.
The bitches and puppies took a while longer than normal.
We burnt the rubbish and put Cito and Shone out in the field.
The meat delivery arrived so I sorted it all out and then we had a problem with my outlook so Dave spent a couple of hours sorting it and getting it to work again.
Kate came over and helped with the lunch time feeding.
After Kate left Dave popped down for coffee and then we tried to do another fire but the cuttings were too wet.
I spent time sorting out my emails and speaking to customers looking for puppies.
I did some printing and got some paper work done and then the worming sheets for the puppies.
I had to spend a lot of time with Peaches to keep moving her puppies back next to her each time they rolled too far over the vet bed.
While I was up at the kennel I swapped dogs around and kept an eye on both litters of new puppies.
I got the evening feeds ready and then we went in for dinner.
I put the lab group out in the drive and fed them and then power washed their yard.
After dinner I finished off in the kennels and then brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I got the morning feeds ready and gave the bitches their last feed and then locked up the kennel and let Kiro and Reo out for the night.
Saturday morning was an early start as Wendy and Brian were coming down to get the top kennel area done so I have a big pen for my lab group.
I let the house dogs out and then the lab group went out and had food.
Kiro and Reo went in.
I went up to the kennel and Dave picked up bones and cleaned up in the bottom block and the garden.
He then repaired a part of the fence so the little dogs can’t get out.
I did the kennel dogs and then Dave picked up in the drive as Wendy and Brian arrived at 8 am.
We went straight up to the top kennel and started taking out panels to get a bigger pen area and to change door panels so the labs have a clear run straight out to the field.
We moved and drilled at least five panels.
Brian put a gate on the outside of the hatch so when Coosa’s group are in the back pen he can’t get to the labs, while he was drilling the bottom part of the metal on the side of the panel the drill went around on its own and caught his hand and pulled it right around, the air was blue for a moment and Brian was really hurting, I bandaged his hand and fingers, we later found out after a full day’s work Brian had broken two fingers.
We made the fence another few feet higher in field one with an overhang to stop Aimi from jumping out, and then we put an overhang on the gate way to field two.
I did my normal day and spent time helping in between swapping dogs and feeding.
Dave sorted out a few gates and bits when he wasn’t helping us.
After we had finished up the top the rain got very heavy, that was bad timing as Wendy had brought their old sofa down for me so the dogs had more room to sit down in the lounge.
We put one of the leather chairs on the fire and the other one in the poodles room in the house and then brought the new sofa into the lounge.
Wendy and Brian left, Dave put the gate back on the poodles room while I did the fire as there was about 10 bags and loads of boxes which we were going to use to light the fire in field three but we didn’t get time to get anything done up there today.
I got the dinner ready for us and put it in the oven.
I finished off the kennel dogs and then hosed the bottom block as Dave had just disinfected it all.
Next was to clean Coosa’s back pen and then disinfect the inside kennel area we had just done for the lab group.
I finished outside at 9 pm and came in for dinner and then wrote the blog, it was now 10 pm and I was glad to be finished for the night.

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