Another busy week has gone by, Wednesday we had our web cam chaps in to install the web cams in the whelping area, as you will see we have a litter of wolf dog pups on web cam one for you to watch and see their development over the next couple of weeks before the pups are ready to leave.
As I have said in the previous blog we are expecting a hybrid litter soon, all being well we are hoping to move the female into the whelping area, as long as she accepts being moved and settles ok you can see the birth live and watch the puppies grow.

The builders have been here all week building a new store area before the winter, as space seems to get filled so quickly here.

Tarna our beautiful saarloo girl came in from exercise on Thursday and within five minutes her face looked like the elephant man.
Bless, she felt sorry for herself but with some piriton and TLC she was fine by the next morning.

Some of Shaun’s pack is staying for a few days while Shaun and Isla are away.
The boys want to spend their time sitting on my lap and the girls off hunting mice.

Nanuks puppies are doing well not seeming to notice mum not being there they are very lively and playing quite boisterously before tiring themselves out for a long nap.
Nook has got over the separation well and back to her old self investigating the field and playing with Reo.
Our little Yorkshire terrier female is whelping at the moment so I will have to go and attend to Doodle.

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