25th September

Wolfdog puppy now available due to a change of circumstances with his new owner.
12 week old male puppy from Meli was due to go to his new home this week but unfortunately his new owners are not now able to take him.
He is micro chipped, wormed, fully vaccinated and looking for a new home.
Thankfully we survived Sunday and Monday after the very sudden departure of Vicci due to her family circumstances.
It was a very difficult start to the week Bisto did not cope with me not being able to spend enough time with her when her new puppies arrived, so she rejected them, this left a very hard situation with a bitch with mastitis and very stressed and the poor little puppies without a mum.
Unfortunately we only have three little puppies left.
We have had a very good result with the puppies by making the time with yet another night without sleep, we have managed to get Lulu the mini poodle to adopt the three remaining pups.
Kate was an absolute star she came in Sunday evening to bring Lobo her Czech boy back after their day out, and stayed to help me finish up on the evening exercise and feeding.
Until a suitable replacement can be found for Vicci, Kate has been doing extra hours to help out.
I am trying to get time to groom the poodles and Labradoodles, this meaning that our days are extremely long and very tiring.
Hopefully by the winter we may have a third member to join us, if not some of the older dogs will be sold to decrease the work.
On a lighter note a picture of Rea a Czech cross bred here and owned by Lorraine Collinson.
Rea is Ghost in The game of Thrones, she is away filming for the next series.


Another achievement this week has been to get Kate back into the pen with Idaho, this helps with the morning cleaning, I can hose while Kate sweeps or dries the bed.
This has been a good hurdle for Kate to overcome after her scary experience of being chased out of the pen a couple of weeks ago.
This is as far as I am happy to go with the situation, Kate will only be in the pen when I am with her, but I must say I am really pleased with her to have had the courage to go back in.
Wolf has been down for a visit and brought the dogs hundreds of treats and bags and boxes of food, this will keep them happy for a while.
Kia is always the first dog to great Wolf, as she knows she will have something nice to eat or play with.
Coosa will be in his element again as he has a huge supply of his favorite sausages.
The week may have started on a real down note but it certainly has finished on a high and happy weekend.
Saturday the 24 th was an amazing day, it started at 5 am when Kate’s Jack Russell had a beautiful black and white female puppy sired by Razzel my cockerpoo, thankfully she was all settled down and feeding the pup happily before we started morning cleaning and feeding.
All was going well until we heard a strange screaming noise defiantly the sound of a Czech pup, very distinctive; I looked out into the garden and saw the labradoodles standing around Lobo, Kate’s Czech boy.
I shouted to Kate to pick him up and support the weight of his body to stop the strain on his neck.
Kate could not free his head from the wire, what he had done was to put his head through and when the wire tightened around his neck he had turned and twisted his whole body so the wire was so tight around his neck it would not move, while Kate kept him calm I ran and got the bolt croppers, I had to cut the wire all the way round from the fence still leaving what was around his neck, I could not get the cutters between the wire and his neck so I cut the wire from the outside to the inside thankfully before he stopped breathing.
My heart was pounding I tried not to look at Kate’s face I could feel her shaking while I was trying to cut the wire.
It was a Huge relief to get him out.. he is one lucky little pup.
Thankfully he didn’t seem fazed by the incident and after a big cuddle he ran off to play.
This was an eventful morning and I had plans to be off for the day.
After several diversions Wolf finally arrived from a terrible trip down from London.
We all had a coffee to settle our nerves from the morning’s events.
Wolf and I went to a very special wedding.

Isla Fishburn and Shaun Ellis were married in the heart of Exmoor at a truly idyllic location by the river in the grounds of The Hunters Inn.
There were two ceremonies the first being by an official registrar in the hotel, this was really nice and quite different to any other wedding.
The second ceremony was unique it was a native American Indian ceremony held in the gardens, it was a beautiful day with a light wind in the trees the running river and the sun was shining.
Both Shaun and Isla were dressed in the traditional Native American Indian dress.
This has to be one of the most moving gatherings I have ever attended.
I wish them both all the happiness they deserve, they are two of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure to call my true friends even at 4 am they will be here like a shot if I need anything.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of the wedding.

Shaun and Isla's wedding

The lighting of the pipe

Shaun and Isla

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