25th October

A cold morning the house dogs out and Kiro and Reo in.
I fed the labs and let them out and cleaned their kennel.
The house dogs came in for food and then I went down to the kennels and did all of the kennel dogs and then did the fire.
The wolf dogs from the house went out in the field and the poodles went out in the bottom block.
I steam cleaned the poodles room and washed all of the bowls.
Next was to swap dogs over and then sort out phone calls and emails.
I cleaned the bottom block as people were coming and I needed to be at the kennel side of the place in a couple of hours’ time.
Chicken out for the morning and the lunch time chicken all cut up ready.
I fed a couple of groups before visitors arrived and then fed the rest after they had gone.
Poodle’s room papered and then I spent a couple of hours out playing with the dogs.
A couple came to view yorkiepoo puppies and picked their puppy, she will leave next week.
I took the house dogs out on the drive and then up to field three to check fencing.
House dogs out on the drive playing ball before going in for their dinner.
The last groups out while I feed the puppies and then Coosa’s group in.
I let Kiro and Reo out and then washed the poodles’ yard.
All the house dogs went out with their food and I let the labs out in the field.
I cleaned their kennel and then put the house poodles in the house.
All the kennel dogs were done and then I did the fire.
I had the boiler man come out as the boiler was playing up and I have had no heat for days.
After he left I had a customer arrive to pick up their puppy.
I cleaned the bottom block and the yard.
I then popped into town to pay some bills and then get some shopping.
When I got home I swapped over dogs and then cut up the chicken and fed everyone.
The afternoon was putting dogs out and then packing up more things from the house to move to the kennel and the container.
I did the feeds and then brought everyone in.
I went out and played on the drive with the house dogs, Moon and Shone went out in the field.
I brought them all in and then hosed the poodle’s yard.
I spent a couple of hours with the house dogs and just before bed I hoovered the house and then steam cleaned the floors.

Tuesday morning
A good start house dogs out and labs out and fed, kennel dogs done.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates for the meat delivery.
Labs in and Moon and Shone out in the field with Cito.
The bones arrived so I froze them and burnt the boxes, bones have been in short supply for the last few weeks and now chicken carcasses are getting short as they are starting to do turkey and my dogs won’t eat turkey at all.
I steam cleaned the poodles room and put the washing on.
I power washed the labs kennel and then cleaned up in the bottom block.
Everyone had a run in the field and the drive before the gates were opened again as I had a couple looking at my last yorkipoo puppy and a couple looking at labradoodles thinking of maybe having a pup from the next litter.
I hoovered the office and kitchen area while waiting for people.
I managed to jam the shredder trying to hurry, fingers crossed it will start up later when it cools down.
I sat out in the paddock with Coosa’s group for a while so I could see if anyone came through the gates.
One couple came and looked at the bitches and then I fed most of the dogs before the next couple arrived to pick up the yorkiepoo pup, they got well and truly lost.
After they left I swapped over dogs and left a group on the drive and then power washed the front pen, cola thought it was great fun to play with the water that as coming underneath but it didn’t matter as it was warm out anyway.
I spent an hour in the office and then got the evening feeds done and everyone had a run before dark.
Coosa’s group in and the house dogs in the field and poodles on the drive.

A really horrible wet grey morning, the house poodles went out in the bottom block and the wolf dogs in the yard, after the poodles had been out for a while I put them in the house and then moved the wolf dogs to the bottom block.
Kiro and Reo were already in when I went out to feed them.
I let the labs out into the back pen so they could go out into the field or stay in the pen.
I cleaned their kennel and towel dried the floor as I knew they were going to have to go back inside when Coosa’s group went out.
I went to the kennel and checked everyone before letting anyone out, cracker went out first as she looked like she was starting to whelp.
By the time I got to the last group out Cracker had the first puppy.
Each group only went out for a short time as the weather was not improving.
I brought the house wolf dogs in and put the house poodles out in the bottom block for a while.
I quickly popped into town to post a letter and then came home and spent time with all of the dogs.
I cut up the chicken and then started feeding.
I put some food into the slow cooker so I would have some dinner when I got home from training.
I emailed and spoke to people on the waiting list for crackers puppies.
Shiraz needed a good brush ready for training as Hannah wasn’t here last week.
I changed Crackers vet bed when she got up to have another puppy as it was getting quite mucky.
The labs were fed and then they had a short time out in the field before coming back into the kennel.
Kirsty popped in to pick up food just as a pallet delivery arrived so I unloaded the food and then let the dogs out for another short run.
I checked Cracker had finished and then gave her a very quick wash off as she was green and it stains the coat, she had another clean vet bed.
I let the house dogs out and then brought Coosa’s group in and locked up the kennel.
Shiraz and Winter in the van and I got changed and off we went.
Winter was brilliant I was really pleased with him.

Shiraz was good but we did have a couple of silly moments we changed to the opposite end of the room for send to bed and she stopped part way and came back, she did do it the second time but you only get one shot on test night to get it right, I then did it at the other end of the room and she was fine.
We had one blip on the heel work she gave Smudge a really wide birth which was not good she should have been right beside me, but other than that all good.
We got home and I let the two of them out to have a run-around in the drive while I was checking on the kennel dogs.
After I had finished them and checked my emails I let the house dogs out and fed them and then let Kiro and Reo out.
Shone and Moon came in.
I had dinner and then wrote the day’s blog.
I cleaned the bottom block and then went to bed.
Thankfully a dry start the house dogs went out and then the labs out in the field with food.
I did the kennel dogs all went out and I opened the gates for Hannah coming in to groom the dogs.
I popped into town to pay some more bills, I got back to the van and my mirror was hanging off so I went to the garage and got the man to put it back together for me, I will still have to get a new casing as it has been cracked on the back.
I got home and cut up the chicken and swapped over dogs and then fed everyone.
I steam cleaned the poodles room and fed the house dogs.
The chicken delivery arrived so I sorted it out this week I got the extra 30 kilo’s I was short on Tuesday so I cut up 20 kilo and froze the rest.
I helped Hannah on and off in the day and then picked up a couple of muck buckets of leaves from the top block paths and pens.
The house dogs went out on the drive with the poodles as I needed them to spend time with the schnauzers so I can bring them back into the house before puppies are born.
I got the evening feeds ready and then spent time out in the drive with the even larger house group and Cito was out with them all.
House dogs in and Moon had to move up to the kennel at night as it’s too much to have him in the house as well.
Everyone fed and bedded down for the night.
Kiro and Reo out and I washed the bottom yard.
I spent the evening with the house dogs.
A dry start the house dogs all went out and then the labs went out with their food, I cleaned the kennel and then brought the house dogs in and fed them.
I put Kiro and Reo away for the day and then did the kennel dogs.
Next was to get the fire done and then my meat delivery arrived so I sorted out the bones and froze them.
I let a group of dogs out on the drive and then steam cleaned the poodle’s room.
I burnt all of the boxes from the meat.
Moon went back to kennels today it’s really sad to see him go as he is doing so well and put on 7 kilo’s since he left kennels, but Shone has come into season and she is a real handful when she is in season I have to watch her really closely.
After Moon left I cut up chicken and fed everyone and then brought Narla in and fed the labs.
I picked up the leaves in the track and down the steps.
I stopped for lunch but couldn’t really eat anything as I have the tooth ache from hell and I am short on antibiotics so I am hoping the few I have will sort this out.
I went out with the house dogs and picked up all of the leaves at the top of the drive and outside the gate as it was looking like leafy lane and all starting to blow down the drive.
When I had finished I put the house dogs out in the drive and then Vicci arrived .
Vicci had stayed the night ready for the wolf dog rescue pack walk at Cove point.
We got up early and got the dogs done the rain was really awful so no one went out for too long and then came back in for food.
Kate arrived and then we loaded the dogs ready to leave I took Coosa, Kate with Lobo and then Vicci had Buck so we all had boys together.
We got to within a couple of miles of the meeting place but couldn’t find where we were meant to be Kate was using her phone for directions and it sent us to some strange place so we drove off again and then found a really nice guy who was going on the walk and knew where we should be meeting so we followed him.
There was a good turnout considering the weather, we had an interesting walk and then went back to Anna’s home where Gordon and Julie and Nicola and Nobby where staying, Nicola’s mum had put on a fabulous cream tea and the location was idyllic with panoramic views.
After tea we came back and Kate left to go home and get warm as she wasn’t feeling too well.
Vicci and I did the dogs and then cleaned the yards, Vicci left just as Kate was arriving back with Lobo we finished off the dogs and fed Lobo and Shone and then off out to dinner, we got home and spent a short time with the house dogs and then had an early night.
I got up in the night to check on my bitch that is due to whelp.

Another early start Kate called me and I thought oh no here we go again another full day.
Kate and I did all of the dogs and then brought the labs in from the field and loaded five of the labs into the van and then my sister arrived and put her dog Ben into the van.
Off we spent to the canine imaging at south Hampton.
We had a good drive up and all of the dogs were really good I was really pleased with all of the x-rays for both the hips and the elbows.
I was surprised at how quick they were all done; we came home and had a really good drive home.
We arrived back and Kate had everything under control, we unloaded the dogs and fed them and Kate took the labs up to the field.
We finished everyone and then I brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
I locked up the kennel and then Kate left and I let Kiro and Reo out for the night and then hosed the poodle’s yard.
I came in and wrote the last two days blog and spent a couple of hours with the house dogs.

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