25th November

Last Sunday was Kate Lorna and myself, we had a really cold start, the doodles went out in the field while the bitches and pups were fed.
All the whelping areas were cleaned first thing as they were all dirtier than normal.
We did the bottom block and left Lorna drying all the pens while Kate and I did the top group.
We were busy all morning even with the three of us, but we did get everything done we wanted to so that was good.
Kate left on time for a change as she had a family meal to attend.
After Lorna had left I checked through some messages and then spent the rest of the day outside.
I gave Matzi a brush and had a while to spend with Lycan sat on my lap, she is getting much more affectionate now.
It was a nice afternoon with no visitors which was a change.
I went out for dinner with my family for my sister’s birthday and got home at 10 pm so I could spend time with the house dogs before going to bed.
Monday morning was a horrible typical wet and windy start; this made things difficult getting the bitches out and keeping them dry while the pups were eating.
Everyone went out for a short while and came back in for breakfast, the wind dropped but the rain got worse so deeper bedding was required.
As it was dark by 4.30 so everyone was locked up and Kate and I went off to the vets to get a bitch scanned, so we are expecting our next hybrid litter probably around the end of this month maybe if we are lucky it could be early part of December.
I would have hoped they would have been later as we will still have pups here waiting for the rabies vaccines.
Tuesday morning was another horrible wet and dark start, Kirsty and I were so busy, no breakfast again.
Coosa was not happy with the rain he laid in a ball out in the middle of the field and popped his head up every so often to howl.
We had our first visitors at 9.30 am so I dealt with them while Kirsty carried on doing the top block, she could only let one group out at a time or they would have got soaked by the time she had finished them.
The second visitor’s arrived at 11.30, lucky for us they were very good and did not stay too long.
Due to the weather the third lot cancelled as they could not get here.
The meat delivery arrived so we got all the feeds out and put the rest in the freezer.
I spent the afternoon sweeping leaves and hosing outside pens.
Kate came in at 4 pm to help me as I was off out bowling and dinner for my sister’s birthday.
Everyone was finished by 5.30 and I went off leaving Kate looking after the dogs and doing paper work.
I got home late and went straight off to bed as Kate had let everyone out and locked them up.
Wednesday morning was the worse morning so far the rain was constant and very heavy, all the roads were flooded the river was out and all but one of our visitors cancelled.
The poor guys putting the steels up for the roof had a terrible morning.
The day got worse by the hour as the wind also picked up as the day went on.
Everyone went out for a short run in the afternoon and got fed early.
I went off to training with C and only just made it in time as the roads were flooded in a lot of places.
We had a very good night, only one minor incident where C sat up on a down stay.
I was not too pleased about this as her stays have always been perfect from very young.
It was still a good training session and looking much more positive for passing the Gold test.
Fingers crossed as you never know what could happen on the night.
Thursday was a bad start just as the day before howling wind and rain coming down from every angle.
Kirsty and I got each group done singularly which took more time and they all had a short run and back in for breakfast.
After we had finished the morning Kirsty left and I went up within half an hour to get dogs in and put the next group out.
I found Lycan lying in her kennel with blood patches everywhere.
She was aborting the puppies.
Kirsty and Kate both came in straight away.
I got Lycan in the van and Kirsty and Kate sorted out the rest of the dogs.
When Kate and I got to the vets there was still heart beats on at least four pups.
Lycan was given a caesarean to get the pups out.
Some pups had started to break up and were coming out in bits; the other live puppies were so under developed with at least two weeks still to go before they would be born.
A raid change and Lycan was fighting for her life, I stood and stroked her head and she passed away.
What started out to be such a good week and full of promised ended up being shattering and very sad.
We lost both mum and pups.
Gavin stitched her back up for me and we brought her home with her puppies.
When we got home I had to start working out what dogs could move as the labs were getting cold and Ruebin was coming out and sitting outside in the rain.
Matzi was now on his own as he used to live with Lycan.
Friday morning I got up with a blinding headache.
It was early the digger driver came and buried Lycan with her babies.
Kirsty and I then carried on and did the dogs while Kate did the bitches and pups.
It took forever to sweep and pick up leaves from the really bad wind all night, everywhere looked such a mess I was trying too hose and it took ages.
We moved the lab group up to the top kennel to keep Ruebin dry.
Matzi was moved in with Lobo and Bobby.
Kiro was moved into the labs yard.
Saffi and Breeze were also moved from their pups.

Kirsty left at 9.30 and then Kate and I carried on cleaning.
Everything went ok but we were so far behind for some reason, probably not helped by my head killing me and several pain killers and no relief.
We had visitors here spending time with their puppy.
We went straight on to lunch time feeding.
Kiro is not taking the move well, just as we expected very vocal and stressed, this was how her mum Cito was when we tried to take her away from her pups when she was younger.
Coosa spent the day down in pen one as he was causing the neighbours grief with his howling.
I did the afternoon feeds and let everyone out very briefly and then did some paperwork while the house dogs were out.
I had to put Kiro back with her pups as she going mad.
None of us felt that we had achieved anything; it was just a crap day.
I finished everyone and fell asleep with the house dogs; I woke up still with a really bad head and went to bed.
Saturday was not looking like being too good, Kate and I did one group of pups while Kirsty did the bottom yard and put dogs out.
Kate went and did the rest of the bitches and pups.
Kirsty and I did the other dogs, we did really well we got everyone out for a really good run and all the pens clean and dry for when they came in.
I was really pleased with how the early morning had gone.
Kirsty left and Kate carried on with odd jobs and letting dogs out.
I printed the pedigrees for the hybrid pups and did some work in the house.
After lunchtime feeding we microchipped all the puppies as so many of them are now losing their collars.
None of the dogs went out for three hours as the rain was just constant.
I fed every one and left Coosa down by the house until the evening when he went out in the dark for a quick run before bed.
I spent time with the hybrids and doodles.
I did not get in until after 6 but it felt like a much better day as we had paperwork and chipping done.
I put the house dogs out in relays as the bitches are still in season.
I spent some time with all of them before doing the blog and then off to bed.

At the Quest Open training and race weekend held in Elvedon Forest, Thetford
in the 3 dog class gaynor Donley-Williams running Vadar, Will (vadars son) and Murdoch (vadar grandson) placed 2nd
Racheal Bailey placed third running Jade (vadar daughter), Jerry-lee and darwin
Anne Sharman placed 5th running tokola and litter brother and sister austin and mya (both vadar kids)

in the 1 dog bikejor andy placed 4th with hector (pure csv)
in the 2 dog bikejor brandon placed 4th with kara and vika (pure csv)

the Akna racing team is split this coming weekend with racheal staying in the midlands showing her eskimo dogs and vadar, jade, darwin along with austin, mya, will and murdoch heading to scotland for the national championship qualifiers at ford estate.

Hector, CsV

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