25th May

Wolfzone blog is back.
As some of you will already know the reason for no blog for the last 12 weeks being my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a year to live.
To cut a long story short Mum died at the end of April which only gave us a few weeks.
I would like to thank Kirsty who moved in here and took over looking after my house dogs and hybrid pack, she even had Coosa on a lead and put him in the kennel at night, Kirsty really was my rock through this absolutely awful time in my life, she gave me the time with my mum I would never have had left to some of my friends.
Wendy and Brian were great they still carried on with fencing and repairs.
Mikayla stepped in for a couple of months and did the kennel dogs for me.
Rach and Jaq were both at the end of the phone any time of day or night.
I really did find out who my friends were when the chips were really down.
Rach came down for the funeral and stayed over at mums with me.
I have spent days sorting out my mum house and gardens and getting the property on the market, Nathan my son has been a great help with the heavy stuff that needed doing.
I have been doing so many hours with getting my own dogs done and sorted out before going off early to mums and then stopping at Nathan on the way home, Naths girlfriend Laura has been great cooking dinner, so when I got home all I had to do was get the hybrids in and do morning feeds before going to bed and then off with the same routine again.
Things are back to normal now; we are still putting up more fencing and now have a very large yard at the front of the new kennels for the little dogs to go out so they are not in the long grass getting wet in the mornings.
Soon all the drive fencing will be finished and a group of dogs can also run the drive in the day time.
Ellijay and Coosa River have settled well in their new homes, I have had pictures and messages to say they are very happy.
A few of my little dogs were also re homed and they are doing well.
I am getting more time to spend with the hybrids now and they are all doing well.
My friend Lizzy who lives in south Devon came up for a visit last week to give me the sad news that Kia’s daughter died on the same day as mum.
Coosa remembered Lizzy even though he has not seen her for 3 years he came down the field and gave her a big kiss; it was so nice to see he had not forgotten her.
Aimi had missed me so much she has become so loving and affectionate; river gets jealous and has to jump up for a cuddle at the same time which makes it hard to keep your balance.
The hybrid house pack are just great they were so good for Kirsty, some nights they were left in the house for anything from 4 to 6 hours and did not cause any problems.
They slept on her bed just as if I was home.
Rupert had to stay at home for some of the time I was away and even he was quite good.
I have had a few people come down and visit the hybrids in the last couple of weeks; it looks like we will be breeding Narla or Taska later this year as I think we will have enough genuine homes for the puppies.
If you are serious and have the time to commit to a hybrid pup than please email me.

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