25th June

So much for the British summer, god only knows what we will be in for this coming winter.
So far we have had one dry day in the last week.
The dogs all seem a little fed up with it now, I think they know that at this time they should be laying out in the sun chilling out not getting drowned every time they come out of the kennel.
I have noticed that the girls are later coming into season than they normally would be; even the Labradors are running about 5 weeks late.
All the last lot of puppies that have left are doing well in their new homes.
Vika the beta csv girl that Rachel has is keeping Rach on her toes, she is into everything with the help of Cheyenne who couldn’t stand the noise when Vika climbed out of her puppy pen so Cheyenne opened the lounge door and let her in to run riot while Rach was at work.
James is doing very well with Maska and his mum Cito.
Nash is causing a little bit of a problem for Cathy and Bruce, so much so that they nearly needed a respite from him, but in the end they have made the decision to persevere with him.

Great news on my new Hybrid she will be coming in next week, she is a 2 year old F3 called Idaho she is absolutely beautiful, pictures will be on the web site later, maybe even able to put one on the blog if Jacqui can work out how to upload pictures.

Coosa and Zamu are now kenneled together without any other dogs in preparation for Idaho coming, lets just hope they all get on well, should a problem arise then Zamu can be moved into another pack.

Zulu is doing well with his new pack; he has three girls in his group.

Reo has his own pack of three girls; even so he still checks every pen on his way out to the field in the hopes he may find another female ready to mate.

Siren is in with two girls he is happy but they are still not sure who is boss out of the two of them.

Matzi is in with two.

Now all the packs are in the correct order so it is not too much of a problem when one is mated, as they are all lines that are unrelated.
The only two that may need to change would be Zulu and Reo.

The new dog food is nearly all sorted out just arranging which courier service will be doing the deliveries and the food will be ready to go out within the next two weeks.

Meli’s new owner Sarah has popped down from Lincs to visit her this week and taken a Boots pup home, so when Meli arrives with Sarah she will be with the pup and a young boxer male.
The reason Sarah did not have a pup from Meli was because it could have caused a problem with them bonding with the third dog.

James has also visited and given me a full update on his pack, I am really pleased with how well he has progressed with his dogs.

This weekend was busy with visitors viewing for possible hybrid litters in the winter.
If you would like to visit and discuss making a reservation for your next hybrid litter please email me.

Sunday is little on the hectic side, as Kate has gone to Glastonbury for the day.

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