25th January

Sunday was a nice quiet day as I have not got many pups at the moment I did not have any visitors coming.
The morning was very cold and icy, I did the house dogs and then went to go down to the kennel, and the padlocks were frozen so I came back in and went through the garage until the padlocks unfroze.
I put the first groups out and started to feed everyone, as it stayed fairly dry the morning went well and everyone stayed out for quite a while.
After all the kennels were clean I did my emails and then feed orders.
I salted down the steps so Cito and Shone could safely get out into the field and then did the fire.
Frozen feeds out ready for the next day and I cleaned out Narla and the puppies, even though it was very cold it was dry so I opened the hatch and let Narla and the pups out into the yard, they loved being out and running around.
Everyone fed their chicken for lunch and then I left Coosa’s group in at the top and put Razzles group out into the field and the labs and puppies out on the drive.
Narla and the puppies went back in.
I power washed down one set of steps and then outside the back door and around to Narla’s yard, I stopped half way through and swapped Razzles group for Budds group out in the field and the dogs on the drive came in so the Yorkies could go out.
I finished the power washing at about 4 pm.
Next was to get the evening and morning feeds prepared.
I picked up in the drive and let the bitches with pups out while I fed the puppies.
Everyone in and fed and then Coosa’s group down for food and bed.
Kiro and Reo out and then the house dogs fed and out.
Monday morning was very cold, the house dog went out and Shone started to howl so they came back in and I went out and did Narla and the puppies.
Next was Kiro in and then down to the kennel to get everyone fed and out and then cleaned.
After everyone was done I put Coosa’s group into field one and Shone and Cito into field two and did the water buckets and fire.
Narla and the pups came out and the house dogs were out in the bottom block.
I did the puppy room and then washed the floors in the house as everyone was out.
I washed all the house dogs bedding and hoovered as Shone and Cito are both moulting a lot, when I went up to get Cito and Shone from the field I gave them both a brush.
I came in quite cold so I warmed my hands up and had a play with the yorkie puppies.
I hosed the bottom block and then went back down to the kennels and swapped over dogs and shredded loads of paper for bedding.
It was now getting near time for everyone to come in so I did the feeds and brought Coosa’s group in.
Everyone done and locked up for the night, Kiro out and Narla and the puppies finished.

I had a chat with my vet about a letter I need for one of my bitches.
Tuesday morning was an early start as I needed to have everything finished in time for both of my sisters coming over for a meeting with listed buildings early afternoon.
I put the house dogs out and amazingly it was dry.
Next was to let Narla out and feed the puppies and then put Kiro and Reo away.
I went down to the kennel and let the bitches with pups out and the yorkie group so if it did rain I had got as many dogs out as possible.
I cleaned the kennels of the dogs that were out and fed the puppies.
Feeds ready in their kennels for them coming back in.
The next groups went out they were fed and cleaned out.
Coosa’s group went out into the field.
I cleaned their kennel and then the first meat delivery arrived, I unpacked it and froze most of the beef and kept enough out for Coosa’s group and Kiro and Reo.
I went to town to grab a cake and a birthday card for my son as we were all meeting up for a family meal in the evening.
I got home and let a group of dogs out and Narla and the puppies into the yard, I cleaned them out and cut up 60 kilos of chicken carcasses.
I moved Kiro and Reo up into Coosa’s kennel and then the house dogs into a spare kennel.
Shone and Cito went in the kennel that has three young pups in and they went in with the Labrador puppies.
I completely cleaned Kiro’s kennel and then fed everyone.
Next was to hoover and wash all the floors in the house.
My sister arrived and I was still running around like crazy making sure everything was ready and dog free zones so we could go through all of the changes we would like to make with the lady from listed buildings.
The meeting went exceptionally well she had quite a different view on things so it was interesting to see how she would like the house to be as a finished project.
All of the rooms are going to be in a different place to what they are now but it will work well and the lay out will be better than the original plans drawn up by the previous owner.
All in all we were really pleased with how things went, now it just the task of putting it all into drawings and lots of photographs of the old things and an explanation on why we want to make the changes.
After she had left I let everyone out again and most managed to go out without getting wet, I had to feed everyone and get Coosa’s group in before letting Siren out as the rain was coming down fast and then turned to hail stones.
After Siren had been out and fed I checked everyone had eaten and were all ok to be locked up for the night.
I fed Narla and the puppies and then fed the house dogs and brought Cito and Shone in and fed them.
I got the morning feeds done for the house dogs and then fed Kiro and Reo and locked them up as they would not be going out until I got home from going out to dinner.
All the house dogs were playing for a while as I needed to get bathed and changed.

Wednesday morning I got up feeling very uncomfortable with pains in my side thank fully it was cold and dry, house puppies and Cito and Shone out.
I did the puppies room and then fed them.
Narla and the puppies went out as it was dry and looked like it would stay nice for a while.
I put kiro and Reo away and then went down to the kennel and let the yorkies and bitches with puppies out, Siren and Jez went out into the field.
I got the feeds ready and then cleaned out the empty kennels and put their feeds in ready for them coming back in.
They came in and then Budds group went out in the field and the Labradors and the three older puppies went out on the drive.
After they were clean and feeds in ready for them coming in I put Coosa’s group out and finished off the kennels, next was to move Coosa’s group to field one and get the fire done and then spread all of the compost around the fire area.
I had a trip to the doctors, great fun that was I was actually feeling ok until she poked me in the side and I went through the roof, I have got Gall stones, now she thinks I am going to avoid alcohol, spicy foods, and fatty foods, that’s my diet up the shoot.
I popped into the butchers and then came home and let the dogs all out again and fed everyone their chicken carcasses.
Next Narla and the puppies. and then cleaned Rupert’s ears.
I put the pups away and then hosed the yard and cleaned the bottom block.
I picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
I got the night time feeds ready and started to get everyone in and fed.
Everyone was locked up. I got the house dogs in and then got changed and off out the door with Shiraz to training.
We had a really good night my puppy class was good they all did very well.
Shiraz was in the bronze class she did well, her waits were good.
I took the gold class and most of them did very well.
We finished off and cleaned up and then came home.
I let the dogs out and did the feeds ready for the morning, I had an hour with the dogs and then went bed.
Thursday morning was a dry cold start, house dogs went out in the yard, I let Narla out and fed the puppies and the put Kiro away and brought Cito and Shone in.
I went down to the kennel and got everyone fed and out for a run, all cleaned out and the fire done.
I filled all the field buckets up, it was not too cold so Narla and puppies out in the yard.
I let all of the kennel dogs out everyone fed and cleaned out.
Coosa group out in field one Shone and Cito out in field two, the house puppies in the bottom block.
I quickly went into town to post a letter and pick up some more puppy food.
When I got back I brought the house dogs in and let Cito and Shone down to the bottom block.
I had to take lots of pictures for the application for listed buildings of all the existing things we want to change.
I cleaned the puppy room and changed the vet beds and re papered for the evening.
Cito, Shone and Rupert needed brushing and Rupert’s ears needed cleaning.
I cut up the chicken ready to feed after my puppy viewers that were due to arrive soon.
I got the dogs in from the front pen as the viewers arrived and put the yorkies out as this is what they had come to see.
After they had gone I fed everyone and then went into the yard with Narlas puppies for a while.
I spent the next hour spreading compost on the bank ready for planting more trees and plants in the spring.
Time to get the feeds done ready for the morning and the evening, I started to feed everyone and then got Coosa’s group in, well most of them, the rain had just started and it was heavy, four of them came in without a problem but Coosa was at the top of the field just watching so I left him out on his own, about half an hour later he realised I was not going up to get him in so he came down and started banging on the door to come in, I let him in and gave him a bowl of chicken.
I washed everyone’s bowls and locked up the kennel and let Kiro out and then did Narla and the puppies.
Cito and Shone came in and had their food with the house puppies.
Friday morning was an early start all the house dogs done and then went up to the kennel, trying to open frozen padlocks before Hannah arrived at 8 am to start grooming was proving very difficult my wd 40 was not doing the trick, eventually I managed to open all of the gates.
I got all the dogs fed, out and cleaned, Hannah started with the bitches with pups and then on to budd who was only clipped last week so he needed bathing.
I did the fire and then let shone and Cito out into the field.
I popped up to mole valley and the post office and then back to sort out the meat delivery.
I wanted to get the lunch time feeds done before people arrived to see the puppies, so I got everyone fed and then they arrived, they were here for quite a while, after they left I swapped over dogs and then cleaned the puppy room.
I had several dogs needing vaccinations so I got Hannah to hold the yorkies for me and the rest of them I did on my own as they are easy.
I had one last one to do when Coosa’s group comes in Taska needed doing.

I had seem from the weather forecast it was going to rain late afternoon so I had decided to wait until it was going to rain and put narla’s pups away and clean their yard and feed them.
Next was to get bags of shredded paper for the container into the kennel for the next day and also shavings.
I brought Cito and Shone into the house so I could clean the bottom block and then back down to the kennel to just let the last two dogs out before bringing the hybrids down for the night.
I fed Coosa and washed everyone bowls and then locked up ready to let Kiro out for the night.
Last job was to feed the house dogs and get the morning feeds ready.
Saturday morning was an early start as Johnny was coming to put the road plaining’s down on the drive.
I had the house dogs done and the first groups of dogs from the kennel out and cleaned by 8 am.
Johnny arrived and spread the first three loads, I went out and asked him if the plainings were going to be rolled, his boss didn’t know anything about this so he said they would come back next Saturday and put them down and roll them in.
This will help to reduce the black tar coming in to the kennel and the house.
I got the rest of the dogs out and finished and then put Narla and the pups out and Cito and Shone out.
I cleaned the puppies’ room in the house and had breakfast then back up to the kennel to let the next dogs out.
I got the frozen feeds out ready for the morning and then did the fire.
Coosa’s group were in eating and Razzles group out in the field, Budds group were on the drive.
I brought the rest of the shredded paper from the container unfortunately this is the last bags until Dave arrives in the next couple of weeks with some more.
I had an hour before feeding so I wrote the blog up to date.
I did the lunch time feeds and then put the Labrador group out.
After everyone was fed the lab group stayed out for a while and then came in they all had Kongs stuffed with treats to keep them quite for an hour or so.
I put some new toys in for the yorkies and then Jezz went out so I took all the toys she has been collecting out and just left her with a large stuffed Kong.
The afternoon was getting as much time with each group of dogs as possible and then the last hour hosing the yard.
Everyone fed and clean ready to be locked up for the night.
Coosa’s group in and fed, Kiro out, Narla and the puppies fed and Cito and Shone in for the night.

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