25th December

Wolfzone Kennels wishes you a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Christmas day and not much different here to any normal day.
The week started very wet and quite hectic, I spent over three hours at the vets due to Defra not getting the paper work sent out in time for the puppy travelling to Norway, not a good start to a busy week.
Rupert the poodle had his operation on his ear to resect his ear canal, so I brought the pups home and fed them and then went back to get Ru at 6 pm after the rest of the dogs had been finished.
The rain was so bad they only went out once in the field, the rest of the time they were either in their kennels or in the yards to stay cleaner as its hard to keep them dry when they are caked in mud.
The roads were flooded and the drive took an extra 15 minutes, so another late finish to a very long day, thankfully Kate was here to help get everything done.
At 3 am on Monday morning I was getting concerned as the delivery driver that was picking up the pups had used his sat nav and not my directions and ended up in a ditch, by the time he was pulled out it was 4 am and the first puppy needs to be at Heathrow airport for check in a 07.20,with wet and windy conditions this was going to be very tight.
The second pup travelling was not flying for quite some time so she was not such a worry.
Both pups have settled in very well and enjoying their new homes especially Ares,the saarloos x Inuit he is enjoying the snow in his new home in Norway.
The pictures I have had from both new owners are great.
I do miss the little guys, its not the same without having them on the web cam screen.
Whenever I woke up at night I would always watch them playing.
Still one male hybrid left to home, he is very outgoing, bold and friendly with people and other dogs.
As the other puppies have now all gone I have got a black labradoodle, my apricot poodle and the two hybrids together their time is split between being in the house and out in the whelping area mainly in the daytime.
Tuesday morning was another wet start and the dogs were fed up with the rain everyone was wet and muddy, except poor D’Quilla who is still on a concrete yard due to her stitches from being spayed.
Thankfully the weather stayed reasonable for most of the afternoon and I was able to vaccinate 15 dogs as they came back in from their last exercise.
Wednesday went well until I had an hour mediation hearing on the phone trying to get the money from someone who used to be a friend until they tried to avoid paying me a stud fee.
Finally after two years I am now going to start getting payments.
We managed to get all the rest of the dogs wormed and vaccinated.
Thursday we managed to completely strip out Coosa’s kennel area and scrub all of the panels and re bed, this time we are trying the Coosa group on just shavings without straw as the girls seem to keep wetting the straw and it smells horrible, so hopefully this will improve the cleaning in their kennel.
Friday James came down with Becky, she is the lady that does El Cids massage.
We went out for breakfast and then James has taken Tala one of my pure breed csv bitches home to start running Cani x with along side his wolfdog cross from Reo.
Mum has arrived for a few days for Christmas so this means there is someone to help with the cooking and washing up dogs bowls.
The day was wet and nasty then to finish off we had a vets visit with Rupert to check on his ear after his operation.
Saturday Shaun and Isla came over to see their labradoodle puppy from Saffi.
It’s always nice to have a spare couple of pairs of hands when you are rushing.
Kate popped out for a few hours for lunch so I did the rest of the worming and finished off the dogs.
Shaun has two dogs coming up for rehoming soon, the pictures and details of each dog will be on my web site next week.
One is a male castrated ½ csv ½ Saarloos he is 14 months old.
The other is a female spayed 18 months old she is ½ csv ½ Inuit both are my breeding.
We still have three 10-month-old females looking for new homes.
Kate and I went out for a drink with Sequi and Kia to see Kirsty, Simon and Lupus.
Sequi spent the entire time on Simons lap.
We came home and got all the dogs done, feed sorted for breakfast then did our veggies for Christmas dinner.
I had just gone to bed and was having a chat with Rach about the wolf dog event and Kirsty phoned up, well to cut a long story short Simon has bought Sequi and I am having a litter from her in the future then she will be spayed.
Simon came over Christmas morning and picked up Sequi.
Kate worked for a few hours and was then off to her family for dinner she was taking Lobo but Bobby has gone into season so Lobo has stayed to keep her company and Kate has taken Yazhi known as AZ our last hybrid boy who is still available.
Details of the event we are organizing in September 2012 this will be organized by Rachael Bailey of Akna canine.
Please email me or book through Rach.
Tickets will be available now as there are limited spaces.

Sat 10am venue opens
Sat: 11am Canicross/bikejor/scootering demo by Akna K9 all breeds of dogs including wolfdogs & wolfdog crosses
Sat: 12pm Pedigree & Companion Dog Show (Classes Gundog, Toy, Utility, Working, Pastoral, Hound, Terrier & BIS Cutest Puppy, Handsome Dog, Prettiest Bitch, Dog Judge would like to take home & BIS)
Sat: 3pm Wolfdog Show (Classes Puppy, Junior, Open Dog, Open Bitch, Brace, Most Wolfy looking & BIS)
Sat 6pm : An audience with Shaun Ellis Book Sale & Signing / DVD and informal question time tickets 60.00

Throughout Sat & Sun agility both have a go & competition (timed over a set course). Have a go canicross/dog scootering/bikejoring with your own or an experienced dog, try out equipment & learn more about the sports. Obedience ring with competition obedience throughout the day.

Sun 8am: Canine Duathlon (1 mile canicross & 3 mile scooter or bikejor over a marked course & timed)
Sun 10am: Shaun Ellis Session 1 Circles of Development …Tickets 35.00
Sun 11.30am: Obedience demo with Akna K9 wolfdogs & wolfdog crosses
Sun12pm: Shaun Ellis Session 2 Social Positions Tickets 35.00
Sun 1.30pm: Agility demo with Akna K9 all breeds including wolfdog & wolfdog crosses
2pm: Shaun Ellis Session 3 Behaviour & Development Tickets 35.00
If you wish to do all three sessions tickets will be 90.00
4pm: Shaun Ellis will present prizes to agility, obedience, canine duathlon competitors
Other attractions all weekend:
Owls to Behold various owls & birds of prey & wolfdog crosses.
Lizzies stall with hand made leads, collars, harnesses & jewellery all custom made.
Dax Scooter seller of dog scooters & hands on advice/have a go.
Arctic Wolf supplier of custom made dog equipment & canicross/bikejor/scooter have a go.
Innerwolf supplier of dog gear.
Happy Dog working dog food & possible sponsor.

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