25th August

Sunday was a really good morning; mum was here sorting things out in the house and answering the phone.
Wendy and Brian came down early they arrived by 7.30, we had some very urgent jobs to get done which we hadn’t planned on.
I had finished the pups and all of the bottom groups when Wendy arrived; I was finishing off the top kennels.
Wendy and Brian both helped me to get Idaho’s pen done.
I had a few people viewing puppies and owners collecting.
I also had a company giving me a quote for the new kennel for blackout blinds.
All the dogs went out for long exercise sessions as we had so much to do it was easier than just giving them an hour at a time.
Brian put new mesh doors on the outside of the new kennel to stop anyone getting in.
We came in for breakfast and a quick coffee then back out to make a temporary pen for one of our doodle girls.
Brian took all of the new shavings up to the top as they are too heavy for me at the moment.
Wendy cleaned all of the bottom yards while I was with people and Brian made a door and frame to put at the end of the yard to stop the rain for the winter.
I got the lunch time feeds done for everyone and then did the frozen feeds so Brian could take them up to the top kennel for me.
I got everyone’s yards cleaned and put all of the dogs away as I had a meeting at 7.30 until after 11 pm.
I went out and checked all of the puppies and then brought the wolf dogs into the house to bed.
Monday morning was an early start as I was going to the vets with Kia and needed to leave at 10 am.
I went to the vets leaving Kate to look after the dogs.
At this moment I cannot reveal what occurred but we nearly lost kia .
I got home at 8.45pm; we did the rest of the dogs and sorted everything out.
Kate left at around 11pm, this was probably I thought going to be one of the most stressful days of the week, but no it only got worse.
I stayed up all night with Kia, I took her drip out at 3.30 am and tried to get her up but she was too weak to stand.
Tuesday morning I had most of the dogs done and fed by 7.45, Maddie came in to give me a hand.
Kate arrived and picked up Ranger he is now happy in his new home in Finland with his new family.
We had two meat deliveries and people viewing dogs.
Everything ran as normal with the dogs in and out feeding etc., the only dogs that have not had as much time as I would have liked this week are the Coosa pups.
Wednesday morning was busy I had a friend come in to help out so I could sort out other things going on.
I could not go to training as I cannot leave the dogs at all.
I have been targeted by a former member our team, she has stolen money from me, also my house key so the locks have been changed.
I have had several cheques stolen from my cheque book, money from the house and to top it all she has accused me of being cruel to the dogs and then made a threat on my life so my drive looked like the police headquarters car park late last night.
I am worn out with all the phone calls and things going on with the police with this nasty malicious girl.
Kirsty and Malcolm have been brilliant I think it took them three minutes to arrive here after I phoned them.
I need things to stay as normal as possible for the dogs sake as I will not disrupt their lives as well as my own.
Thursday morning I had finished the top kennels and the puppies by 7.45 and sorted out last of the things with the police and the fraud squad for this week.
I have got very behind on paper work and adverts, and as you can see this is a very short blog.
Friday was a very hard day I worked 19 hours.
I found out my computer had been hacked and it cost me 35 pounds to get it sorted out immediately.
Wendy and Brian came down and helped me they were amazing it meant I actually finished at a normal time of day.
Next week things should hopefully be back to normal.

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