24th October

It’s been a bit of a mixed week this week.
Our CSV girl Cito did not have pups as planned unfortunately she had a phantom pregnancy with was a real shame as we were looking forward to keeping another female pup this year.
We are now looking into running the weight off her as quickly as possible; she has gone from 26 kilo up to 34 and looks fat now.
As soon as she has dropped the weight then we will bring her back into season and try and mate her again.

All the other puppies are doing very well.

Our two new pens are now finished after a very busy few days.
We had unexpected visitors today Cathy and Bruce came down with their daughter and three dogs, it was great to see them and as always they were very helpful with the finishing touches on the new pen and Bruce got roped into moving gravel to make a new path way.

Thankfully Vicci and Buck visited again for the weekend, so we have achieved loads more than usual but I really need a nice long soak and sleep now to recover.

Dora is on the static web cam getting ready for her litter of hybrids so that will make up for the disappointment with Cito.

We have a few puppies still waiting for new and loving homes if you are interested then have a look on the web site.

We have a stunning yellow-eyed boy called fenn returned today, as he did not settle in his new home, he is back with his sister so he is a happy boy now.

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