24th November

Sunday morning was a late start I didn’t get motivated until 7 am after another late night I was really tired and my shoulder was giving me a lot of pain.
I put the wolf dogs in the house out first and then fed the first group of puppies.
I went round and fed all the pups and then let the little dogs in the house out.
I put Reo in an outside pen with his food and Kiro and the hybrids out in the field with their food.
I came down and cleaned all the puppies out and let the poodle and doodle groups out.
When everyone was fed and cleaned out I went back to the top and cleaned out Kiro’s kennel and then she came in and Reo went out while I cleaned his kennel and the hybrids kennel.
Reo came in and Coosa went out I cleaned his kennel and dried the hybrids outside pen.
I burnt all the rubbish and came down and changed vet beds and did everyone’s water.
I checked my emails and cleaned the house dog’s pen and washed the floors in the house.
I did the frozen feeds and then fed the puppies and did a quick clean out.
I walked around and checked all of the fencing to make sure no digging was going on and thankfully all is secure.
I had a chat with the ground worker and Brian about retaining walls, concreting, and fencing as they are the next jobs to be done before the dogs move into the kennel block.
Monday morning I put the hybrids out in the field and Reo I cleaned their pens and came down to get the house dogs out and feeds made for when Amy arrived.
We fed and cleaned out the puppies and doodle and poodle groups
We went back up to the top and put Reo in and fed him, Kiro went out while we cleaned her pen.
Coosa out and fed, we cleaned the pens and I left Amy to dry them while I burnt the rubbish.
Amy did a spot clean on the puppies while I was whelping a poodle litter.
I spent a while on the phone talking to the company that make the canopies and booked an appointment for this week to get it all priced up.
Amy swept up leaves and did drains and odd jobs so I could be in the house with the bitch; I cleaned the office pens and did emails and phone calls.
Amy fed the puppies and I went for a quick chat with the builders and the kennel fitters.
Amy cleaned the bottom block and I hosed it.
I quickly popped up to drop off a bed for Kirsty for her kennel.
I fed all the house dogs and the little dogs and then washed the yards.
Dogs were in and out all afternoon as it was raining, I did the beds ready for the wolf dogs coming in for the evening.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the next morning.
Everyone was in by 5.30 as it was wet and dark.
I fed the puppies and locked them all up.
Rupert the poodle needed his face and feet clipping so I did the face and ears and just the front feet as he does not like being on the table too long as he gets stressed.
Tuesday morning was a strange start we had hail stones sun and rain.
I put Reo in an outside pen with his food, Kiro went out in the field and the hybrids went out in the field.
I cleaned Kiro’s pen and then came down and let the house dogs out and did their pen and the food for everyone.
Amy and I did the puppies and the little dogs and then back up to clean the rest of the pens at the top, we dried the back pen straight away as it looked like the hybrids would need to come in fairly soon.
We came down and cleaned the yards and then unpacked the meat order and did the frozen feeds for the morning.
Amy fed the puppies and did everyone’s water while I was sorting out what we were doing next with the carpenter.
I had a chat with John the digger driver he has only got a few more hours tiding up the mounds in the field where the little dogs will go next year the rest of the ground work has been done all the stone is down on the drive we are just waiting for some road plainings to come in and that could be a while yet before they come available.
I had a meeting with the guy about a canopy for the front of the new kennel to stop the little dogs getting wet.
We have decided that we are only going to put down a small amount of concrete given the weather changing and not wanting it to get frost on it, so until next year we will manage with a small yard and then we should hear if we can get planning permission to put up a large canopy area.

I put dog’s in and out in-between heavy showers and hail storms and then clipped Rupert’s feet as he won’t let the groomer clip him.
I cleaned ears on some of the smaller dogs and then went out and hosed the yards.
I had a feed order arrive so I unloaded all of that and made up all of the small feed bins for the week.
Yards all cleaned and puppies fed all of the dogs were in and finished at 5 pm as it was so cold and wet.
Wednesday morning was awful the rain was heavy and the wind howling.
I let the house dogs out and made the feeds and then brought them back in as they were cold.
I put the hybrids out for a while and Reo while so we could feed and clean all of the little dogs and puppies.
They came in and Kiro went out briefly, she was creating she obviously did not want to be out, Coosa went out and we cleaned the hybrid pen and brought them back in so they could eat their bones in the undercover pen.
Coosas group sat in their outside pen and had their food they had no intention of staying out in the field.
Amy picked up leaves in-between heavy showers and hail storms.
I sorted out emails and paid accounts then did a little bit of the blog.
I sorted out my plan for my training class for their mock test in the evening.
I papered my cages ready and put everything in that I needed for the night.
Most of the dogs only went out for a short time and the little dogs shared the bottom block to have time out but even then they were not keen to be out too long as it was so cold.
We did the puppy feeds and Amy did everyone’s water while I was checking up on some things in the new kennel.
I did the frozen feeds ready for the morning and then ordered a pallet of food for next week when things have calmed down a little and the new kennel will be closer to being finished.
I put dogs out for short runs in the afternoon as the rain was not really letting up.
I cleaned the yards and then locked everyone up and fed the puppies.
River was not coming training tonight as Daisy had a parents evening, this means as she was not there for the mock test she will be behind and has asked me to take the bronze test with River next week.
I need to try and find time to do some training with her.
Next term Daisy will do the bronze again with River even if she was to pass as River is not mentally ready to move up into the silver class at 6 months old.
I put Shone in the van and off we went.
My class did quite well on the mock test but some do have home work on the stays everything else was good.
Shone was brilliant I could not fault her on any exercise she is a fantastic dog I am so pleased with her.
We got home and let everyone out and then made the morning feeds before bed.
Thursday morning Amy was not able to come in as she had no car but she is planning on car shopping this weekend!!
I got up a little later than normal as I was feeling like it should be the end of the week.
I let the hybrids and Reo out and then the house dogs, I did all the bitches and puppies and then up to the top and swapped groups and cleaned everyone out.
Hannah arrived to groom the little dogs and brush Cito.
I went back up later and dried a couple of the pens.
I burnt the rubbish and then let the house dogs back out while I had a meeting with the kennel guys.
Next was clean the house dogs pens and change bedding.
I did the lunch time feeds and got the frozen feeds out.
I helped Hannah with Rupert so it made it quicker for her and better for Rupert.
House dogs and little dogs all fed.
I had a puppy viewing which didn’t take too long, he needed pictures to take home and show his wife.
I cleaned the bottom block and then cleaned the yards.
I had everyone in by 5 as it was turning really cold.
Friday morning I was back to normal out in the dark hybrids and Kiro out Reo in an outside pen.
I put the house dogs out and did the feeds.
Amy arrived and stated to feed puppies and then we both went round and cleaned them all out and the little dogs.
Up to the top and stripped every kennel right out, I scrubbed the kennels and hosed them all Amy dried them.
I popped into south molton to meet one of the vet nurses who brought me some veterinary drugs for one of my labs.
I got back and did the puppy feeds and then we cleaned the bottom block.
The meat delivery had arrived so I split all that I needed to today and froze the rest.
I fed everyone their chicken and bones as they had biscuit in the morning feed.
Amy picked up leaves while I was down at the new kennel and then I had a short time with Nathan as he was doing the electrics on the treatment plant.
Micky popped in and put the taps on in the kennel as the panel was fitted.
I got locked in one of the little dog’s kennels so the guys have adjusted the handle for me.
I burnt all of the boxes and rubbish from the meat delivery, the old straw from the kennels and then all the rubbish from the new kennel.
I fed all the house dogs late lunch and then swapped dogs in the field.
I finally got the last groups of dogs in and it was dark.
By the time I finished the puppies it was gone 6 pm.
Saturday morning the dogs had me up at 5.30 I was not happy it was freezing cold and a heavy frost the gates were all frozen together so I had a job to open them.
I let the hybrids and Reo out and came down and got dressed as I was so cold.
I brought Reo in and let Kiro out and put Coosa in an outside pen, he was being a pain as he was howling.
I let the house dogs out and did the puppy feeds.
I fed and cleaned out all of the pups and little dogs then went up and bought Kiro in and put Coosa out.
Wendy and Brian arrived to start doing the fence up from the back of the kennel to the field for the wolf dogs to run out through the back.
We untangled the fence and sorted it out ready to get some of the posts in.
I got the morning feeds out and then cleaned the bottom block as the hose had finally defrosted.
I fed the puppies and all of the house dogs and little dogs.
I cleaned the hybrids outside pen and then hosed all of the yards as I did not want to leave it too late and find that they froze.
I had a customer come and view their puppy and then I started to get the dogs locked up for the night.
After we had finished we went down to the new kennel and washed the kennels top to bottom, I was so upset I washed little dogs kennel 1 and found water had got into kennel 2 after we had finished I emailed the company to tell them so I will see what happens next week, it is not something you need when you have spent a fortune and waited a long time I should be thinking about moving dogs in not sorting out these type of problems.
Let’s hope it gets sorted as I am only in the upset stage at the moment I will move very quickly into the angry stage next.

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