24th May

Sunday morning was an early start as it was a nice dry morning.
All the dogs were out and finished most of the morning cleaning by 9 am.
After the kennel dogs were done I brought the labs from the field and put them in the top pen area.
Shone and Cito went out in fields one and I moved Coosa’s group into field two as I wanted to get the brush cutter out and get the paddock cut before people arrived to pick up puppies.
I finished the paddock and then came down and put the dogs away that were on the drive and then picked up in the drive and opened the gates.
After my puppy owners had left I let dogs out in the drive again and then took the brusher cutter into Coosa’s field to get all of the stinging nettles cut down and the on to the bank by the fire pit.
After I had finished that I did the fire and then brought Cito and Shone in and let Narla and Siren out.
I got the frozen feeds out for the morning and then fed everyone the lunch time feeds.
I stripped out two kennels and cleaned them right through ready to move someone else in to one of them.
I cleaned a few of the little dog’s ears and then stopped for food.
Next was to dry the kennels and get the vet beds washed.
I moved my puppy that I am keeping into a big kennel with another little pup and the Schnauzers.
I fed the house dogs and then cleaned the bottom yard.
I spent an hour on the computer as I had adverts needed to be changed.
I got Coosas’s group in and fed them.
Everyone was in so now time to get Kiro’s face cleaned up again and do her injection and let her out and get the house dogs in.
Monday morning as very wet and windy, everyone went out for a quick run while I cleaned the kennels and then I left Coosa’s group out in the field and off to town to buy a new hoover and get some shopping, the dogs were getting low on cotton wool and cotton buds for ear cleaning.
On the way home I stopped off for coffee with Kirsty and Jess and saw the bulldog puppies they are like great big slugs really cute though.
I got home and the rain had eased up a lot from earlier so I let everyone out and fed them their chicken.
I left as many groups out as I could and then went up by the top gate and spent an hour with the brush cutter trying to keep the weeds and grass down, if I can do an hour a day I may stay on top of the weeds.
I finished cutting and then swapped over dogs and let the lab group out in the field and cleaned one of the top pen outside runs ready for the morning.
The labs were out for an hour and a half and then it started to rain again so they came in.
I put my dinner on and soaked the puppy food.
All the dogs went out for the last run before bed.
Coosa’s group came in early at 8 pm as I was shattered and wanted an early finish for a change.
I did Kiro’s injection and let her and Reo out for the night, her face is looking messy but it’s starting to heal.
Tuesday morning was another wet start, I let the labs out in the field and then went up to the kennel and everyone went out quickly while I cleaned the kennels and then I let Coosa’s group out and Cito and Shone.
I went up to the top of the bank by the gate with the brush cutter and spent an hour and a half strimming up there.
The meat delivery arrived, so I stopped and unpacked that.
My new owners arrived to pick up Teeko, after he left I cut up the chicken and then fed everyone.
I went back out and did another two hours with the brush cutter and cut all of the top of the bank and around all of the trees.
After I had finished with the brush cutter I was aching so I thought it was time to do some easier jobs and sort out some paper work.
I got the evening feeds done ready as I wasn’t sure if the rain was going to keep on.
I picked up in the paddock and then cut up the chicken ready for the next day’s feeding.
I had a long chat with Ferns owner my hybrid pup; she is doing really well her weight is back up and she has become more outgoing and spends more time playing with the children.
I fed the lab group and let them out in the field for a couple of hours.
I spent a couple of hours working on the accounts and letting dogs out to break up the monotony of paper work.
Everyone was fed and Coosa’s group came in and then I did Kiro’s injection and let her and Reo out for the night.
When I went out to let Coosa’s group in I noticed the drain hair and dirt trap was missing from the drain so I had to walk right up to the top of the field and retrieve it, I have now placed it inside the kennel up the drain channel so they can’t take it out again.
I cleaned the poodle’s room and re papered for the night.
I changed the vet bed on my house puppies and then had dinner.
Last job was to clean the bottom block.
Wednesday morning was a nice early start and the sun was shining.
I did the house dogs and then put Kiro and Reo away and fed the labs and let them out.
I opened the gates for Hannah who was here to groom the little dogs and look after everyone else as I was going to be away on another road trip with Kirsty to pick up my new red poodle Merlot.
I left the lab group out in the field for a couple of hours and then swapped them over with Cito and Shone.
I got all of the lunch time feeds ready for Hannah and then got the van ready and went through the list of things to do with Hannah.
I picked up Kirsty and off we went, we had a good drive boring but no hold ups or issues.
We picked up the puppy and hit the road home.
We got back and Hannah was all up together with everything.
Nathan arrived as I had a problem with my cooker, he sorted that out and then we had a coffee and a chat and then he left and I carried on feeding everyone and settling the new puppy { Merlot } in, the poodle bitches were a bit full on with him so I put him with Rupert and Chili who were far more gentle with him.
I fed everyone and fed Merlot he then shared the chicken carcasses with the boys.
I moved Coosa’s group over to field two and feed the labs and moved them out to field one for a couple of hours.
I brought everyone in and fed them and locked up the kennel and then let Kiro.
I brought the house dogs in and had dinner.
Thursday morning was nice and sunny the house dogs went out and Cito and Shone were fed outside as Merlot was in Shone’s cage.
The rest of the poodles went out for a while and then came back in for food.
Kiro and Reo came in for food and Kiro’s antibiotics.
The labs went out in the back pen for food and then out into Coosa’s field.
I did the kennel dogs and then gave Kirsty a ring to check on Max her little bulldog puppy to see how he was getting along.
I did the fire and then cleaned the labs kennel ready for the evening.
Next job was to do the paper on the house dogs and puppies and then hoover the house and have breakfast.
I pulled out weeds and brambles along 40 meters of fence line by the top gate.
I finished as much as I could of that and then fed the puppies and swapped over dogs in the front pen.
I made a couple of calls and then emailed my vaccine list to the vets ready for Kirsty to pick up tomorrow.
Kate came over as she had a problem with Lobo’s tail it has an infection; there was nothing I could do for him so she got an appointment with Gavin.
Kate held Coco for me as she had a lot of hair inside her ears, she really didn’t really like it very much.
I got the evening feeds ready and then let the dogs all out for their last run before bed.
I bought Coosa’s group in and fed them and then let Narla and Siren out for a quick run.
I gave Kiro her antibiotics and let her and Reo out for the night.
I brought the house dogs in and fed them all.
Friday morning was a horrible start wet and miserable, I did the house dogs and left Cito and Shone in the bottom block.
The labs went out in the field for a couple of hours and then cleaned their kennel and put them out in the field.
I went down to the kennel and let the bitches out in the drive and fed the puppies and cleaned their kennel.
Everyone fed cleaned and been out for a run.
I did the fire and then brought the labs in and put them in the back pen under cover and gave them bones.
The meat delivery arrived so I put Cito and Shone out in the field and then unpacked the meat.
Teeko’s owners phoned up and gave me an update he is doing really well they have made really good progress in a few days
I had a couple come to view cockapoo puppies and then they left and I let everyone out before lunch time feeding.
The afternoon was adverts and paper work.
I prepared my food and put it on to cook and then swapped over dogs and cleaned the bottom yards.
The labs were fed and then went out in the field.
Kirsty popped in for a while.
Next was to feed everyone and then bring Coosa’s group in and the labs in.
I did the house dogs and finished at just after 9 pm
Saturday morning was bright and sunny house dogs went out and I cleaned their pens and then went up to let the labs out and fed them, I walked in and there was blood spots all over the kennel, I checked everyone’s feet, Jezz has taken a nail off of the back foot, so I put her straight onto antibiotics and then let them out.
I put the house dogs back in with food and left Cito and Shone out.
I put Kiro away and then to the kennel to let everyone else out.
I put the bitches that have pups and the yorkies out in the drive and the Schnauzers and the two pups in with them out in the front pen, one of the Schnauzers came out lame she has ripped her dew claw nearly off, another one on antibiotics.
I let Razzles group out into the field and them fed the puppies and changed the vet beds.
Wendy and Brian arrived to spend a few hours here doing a few odd jobs, Brian still has his hand strapped up from when he broke it attaching one of my gates.
We finished off cleaning the kennels and then burnt the rubbish.
Wendy restocked the rat boxes and then tied up the gate at the top of the drive where I had to take it all down to get the deer out of the field, we also carried the new 12 ft gate up and tied it up along the top bank until I have got the fixings.
Feed bags taken up to the top kennel area and then the bones out to the bins.
We had some bags of straw in the kennel for the winter but it didn’t get used and was gathering dust, so Wendy and Brian took them down and put them in the shed to use for Kiro.
Wendy cleared out the hair from the top drains and then we stopped for a bacon sandwich.
The dogs had their lunch time feeds and then Wendy and Brian left so I spent a bit of time with the puppies and then Kirsty popped in to pick up a carry crate for her puppy.
I had a chat to my sister about dog training and then out with the brush cutter for a couple of hours.
I swapped over dogs and then cleaned the back pen ready for the labs in the morning.
I fed everyone and brought Coosa’s group in at 9 pm and let Kiro out and fed the house dogs again.
I had dinner and got the morning feed ready and went to bed totally shattered.

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