24th March

Last week’s blog was late going on line due to my server being down.
Kate was off on Sunday so this made for a very early start and a busy day.
Brian and Wendy came down to put the fence up to stop the little dogs from escaping.
Tudor and Janet also came down; Tudor gave Brian a hand with the fencing and took some pictures of a few of the dogs for the web site, this was quite difficult with everything going on at the time.
I will hopefully be able to get Tudor to come back with his camera when Kate is here so I can spend more time out in the field with him.
I am not really keen on summer pictures as the dogs are out of coat and this really does not show them in their true glory.
Wendy did some odd jobs that needed tiding up, while Janet and I did other things, like swapping dogs around.
Nathan came over to visit as it was mother’s day; he obviously hasn’t noticed I am putting on weight as he brought a very large box of Thornton’s chocolates.
Sunday evening I took one of the lab girls away from her pups as she had had enough of them and wanted to get back into the pack.
First thing Monday the lab I had taken from her pups was not looking very well, so a quick chat with the vet and straight to the antibiotic injection as she had a high temperature
After everyone had been out we moved the hybrid pups into a new area, this has made it easier to bring them all into the house at different times of the day.
Steel has been moved into the whelping area with her new puppies, she has 9 pups they are ¾ Czech ¼ Inuit males are 750 females are 1,000.
The afternoon went well, it was nice and sunny all the dogs were happy.
When the last lot came in I let all the house dogs out, they have the run of all 3 fields to come and go as they please.
I was surprised to see them all back down in the yard after 20 minutes, well all except Kia and Razzle.
I felt something must be wrong as C was making strange noises.
I went out in the yard and C started jumping up, I went to come back in to let one of the yorkies in and C really grabbed my arm, this is not something she would normally do, I must be honest it did rather hurt, she was trying to pull me towards the steps to go up to the field.
I called Kia and Razzle , Raz came back at full speed and went mad he was jumping up nearly reaching my face and barking like something possessed.
I called Kia again and still no sign of her so I started to go up to find her, she came towards me very slowly with her head down, you could see she was really not looking good, I bent down to give her a cuddle and thought oh my god, this is not good, her stomach was really distended. By this time I could feel the stress levels rising fast, I was shaking, Kia and Coosa are the only two that can get me really worked up, I am used to things going wrong and deal with it very calmly.
I ran down to the house and shouted everyone bed now, they all went straight in their beds.
I phoned the vet and told him I would be in within 20 minutes normally a 35/40 minute drive, then I rang Kate and said I was going so Kate arrived 10 minutes after I had left to look after the other dogs while I was out as I had no idea if this was going to turn into a torsion.
I was praying it wouldn’t as on an 11 year old bitch I knew the outcome would not be very good.
Anyway as luck would have it my vet said it is a gastric distension, and gave Kia an antibiotic and anti-emetic injection and gave me another one for the next day.
The rest of the night she was in a great deal of discomfort and very unsettled all night.
Tuesday morning the Lab bitch was fine but Kia was still unwell, she had a temperature of 104 which was really concerning me; she spent the day on the sofa on very limited water as she was still being sick and no food, she also had really bad diarrhoea which is just not her.
I spent most of the morning in the house with her trying to sort out my software on the pc, this was a waste of time as the key card I had bought on EBay was not valid so the little man from Microsoft told me, I was not too pleased about being ripped off.
The horrid person I bought it from is no longer on EBay.
I took the easy route from here I went on Curry’s web site and ordered new discs.
Kia’s temperature had dropped by the evening to 101 so I was pleased with this I thought we had come through the worse now.
Later on in the evening she started being sick again.
Wednesday morning she was still not good her temperature had risen again so I took her back to the vet and got more injections for her.
Late afternoon she was still being sick so she was now not going to be fed until Friday, this is very hard for her to understand as she really likes her food, she has dropped by 3 kilo’s in just a few days.
We had a really busy day as both Kate and I had out test at training in the evening and had to be finished in time.
The phone never stopped all day with puppy enquiries and people arranging times to come and pick their labradoodle pups at the weekend.
We finally got out to training and both C and Peaches passed, I was a little unsure if Peaches would conform as she can be very stubborn at times and Kate really can struggle with her when she decides she is point blank not going to do what you ask of her.
Both dogs will be attending the next classes which start again in May.
When we got home Kia had been very sick again and was looking really fed up so she went to bed.
Thursday morning was busy as I had to finish cleaning early to go out and do some training with one of my owners who owns a csv male.
The main points we needed to work on was jumping up. Not 100% on his recall, and jumping on other dogs to play.
He did very well, we used Cito to stop him jumping on other dogs and to help with the recall.
Then we used C for a bit more work on the recall and being a young dog it also gave him someone to play with.
All the dogs were good together I felt he just needed a little bit of a reminder who is in charge.
I finished off the kennels in the evening then did some grooming.
Friday morning was a ridiculously early start as a couple of the dogs would not shut up.
I had finished most of the kennels before Kate arrived so I left her to carry on with the last bit of cleaning and muck buckets, while I sorted out the meat delivery and did some work on advertising and registered the microchips from the last litter of Doodles.
As we had got so far in front Kate went out and picked up all the bones, faeces and other bits and pieces the dogs have taken out in the field with them.
Duke our last labradoodle boy who has been staying while his owners were away has gone to his new home today.
The afternoon was nice and Sunny so I spent some time out with the dogs in the field.
Kia had her second feed and so far she has been ok and seems to be looking a little more like her old self.
Saturday morning was very busy, straight after cleaning we had 4 visitors come to view their pups.
At lunch time Luna a 13 month old csv bitch came in, as her owners want me to do some training with her.
Luna is a kiro- Reo daughter.
I spent some time with her I also had Kia ,cito and C out in the yard together before taking them all up the field.
Luna was good she got on with the other dogs and came back whenever I called her.
When we came back in the house she was penned with C, this she was not so keen on, by the time I came back she had settled down.
In the evening she was in the house with the rest of the pack and coped quite well with 12 other dogs of different breeds and sizes.
Wendy and Brian came down to put up a panel in one of the day kennels.
Brian also did some hedge trimming so the electric fence doesn’t short out when everything starts to grow as we head into summer.


Koko-I move like a dream!

Taska with Lycan underneath..she doesn't like the camera!


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