24th March

Saturday evening Kirsty came round and picked up my hybrid pup Ranger, he will spend part of his time with her and the rest of the time here; this will help with his socialising.
I just sat down hoping for some peace and time out with the house dogs, the phone rang and I seriously debated on answering it, I knew I shouldn’t have, it was my mum asking me to find a funeral director on the net as my aunt has just died.
I did get peace for the rest of the evening as I turned the phone off.
Sunday morning was Sam and I, we have had a slight change round on the dogs, Reo’s group are now down the bottom at night as he is too vocal next to the bitches in season.
Coosa wants to stay with Rainn and Tarla as he is still trying to mate both of them.
Sam and I did a slightly different routine for the morning and it worked really well, we finished fairly early.
Sam cut the chicken while I got the feeds ready for the next morning so it is not so frozen for the little dogs.
I had chance to go on the computer and do some pedigrees and worming sheets done for the next litters.
I spoke to mum as half of our older family members are in hospital.
Poor mother is having a nightmare with it all.
Sam cleaned the field from bones and muck while I spoke to mother.
We did the lunchtime feeds and a quick clean out on the pups.
We disinfected all of the yards and had a tidy up in the garage, all the dry food feed bins are filled up ready for next week.
I spent the afternoon out in the field and brushing dogs.
It was a nice sunny day so I made the most of it and finished outside just before dark.
Monday morning was Kirsty and I, when Kirsty arrived she settled Ranger the male hybrid she is looking after for me into is cage and then we started outside as I had finished the house dogs and picked up in the yards.
We put the little dogs out and did the bottom groups and pups.
Kiro and Siren and Reo’s group went out and then went into outside pens to eat while the rest of the top groups went out.
Then just moon from the bottom.
We disinfested and cleaned all the bottom yards and Moons pen.
Kirsty carried on cleaning and hosing while I was busy with a customer.
I had a couple of calls to make and order my 1500 seedling hedge plants in the hopes to cut down noise and stop dogs seeing each other when they are out in the fields, mainly in the summer months.
I had planned to take Shone and my new hybrid puppy Delta out to the park and for a visit to town.
Kirsty fed the pups while we had viewers here because if we wait until people have gone the pups would be starving and this upsets their routine.
I got feeds ready for later and for the next day.
I put the labs out and then fed some of the small dogs before Lisa arrived.
I left her with a list and went out with the Shone and Delta a little late but at least we got out.
We had a nice time in town with a constant flow of people coming to talk and admire the hybrids.
Delta was a little more settled than Shone, this is because the travelling upsets shone and it takes her a while to settle down and stop dribbling.
Our next stop was Sainsbury’s car park so the dogs could see cars, trollies and lots of things going on.
I got home and sorted the dogs out and fed shone.
I returned a couple of calls from when I was out, checked emails and then went out to help Lisa with water buckets feeds and washing pens.
We finished outside at just after 6 pm, I came in and answered emails and did a few calls before dinner.
I spent some time with pups before doing morning feeds and spending a couple of hours with the house dogs.
Tuesday morning was kirsty and I, we had a good morning it was warm and sunny.
We got everyone out and cleaned all of the dogs got to spend plenty of time in the field.
Tarla has cut her foot open badly, a large part of the pad is completely missing so she is on kennel rest and sort times out in the yard as she is on three legs, I did put a bandage on to stop the bleeding but she took it off.
She is on antibiotic injections every day, thankfully she does not mind them.
All the little dogs went out in the field and then spent the day down in the bottom yards then went again late afternoon.
So we made the most of it and I did as much power washing as possible as the weather forecast for the rest of the week did not look good.
We sorted out the meat delivery and did the feeds for the next day.
We cleaned out all of the whelping area and rebidded the hybrid pups.
The pups were all fed and photographed at lunchtime.
Lisa arrived to do the dogs for the afternoon; I was between the computer and visitors.
Andy came down for a visit with Koko one of our csv bitches we re homed a little while ago, Andy has done wonders with her he was a pleasure to go out with.
We let Koko out in the yard with the house dogs and then in the field with Atlz they all got on really well.
We went out for lunch and then for a walk in town with Koko and Atlz.
They were both really good; Atlz has not done much out in town before.
When we got back we took Koko out in the field with Roka so they could play for a while.
Lisa was cleaning and sorting out the rest of the dogs.
After we had finished Andy stayed for a few hours and then I sorted out all the rest of the feeds for the morning and the puppies needed cleaning out and putting to bed.
Wednesday morning was terrible the rain did not stop so I helped Kirsty for a while and then spent a couple of hours on the computer registering microchips and doing emails.
All of the dogs went out twice but not for long as they came in soaked and no one really wanted to be out.
I did the paper work ready for the pup going to the vets for his vaccines ready for him to fly to Ireland the following week.
Lisa came in and did the dogs for the afternoon so I popped out quickly and did a few jobs in town.
I did some food and bedding ordering and paid some bills.
I gave Atlz another brush in the hopes that I may get the rest of his coat out by the end of this month if I am lucky.
I had people picking up their puppy and then more people come to view pups.
We did the evening puppy feeds and finished cleaning just after 6 pm.
Thursday morning was Kirsty and I yet another very wet day, the dogs were fed up by now, we did fairly much the same as we had with everyone on Wednesday, every time there was a let up with the heavy rain we got as many dogs out as possible, even Coosa hardly went out, he was happy to stay in his kennel.
I sorted out the arrangements for Kirsty for next Tuesday she is doing a photo shoot for me with the Taska hybrid pups, A’Lupa and Lupus, I am pleased she is going as I would prefer to be here doing my dogs, I am happy that Kirsty will do just as good without me so it makes sense to let her go on her own.
As I have had so much work to do in the house with paper work and arranging flights for dogs this week I have had my tiny little Yorkie pup running around the house with the hybrid pups and a couple of the csv pups, it has been so funny Narla is huge compared to them but she has been so gentle with them, her favourite is the yorkie, she follows him everywhere.
Kirsty has been out a lot this week with dogs, she has taken Ranger the hybrid to the shopping centre and had him in a baby carrier, he has been in most shops and very few people have noticed him I think they just assume she has a baby.
A’Lupa has been out with Lupus just to make sure they are still happy together and not excitable as the photo shoot is with a number of children.
I have been working with Moon this week and he is coming on very nicely, he is such a big powerful dog.
This has been a strange week no two days have been remotely the same.
Friday morning was Sam and I as it was wet again we did everyone as quickly as possible so if it really hammered down with rain the pens would be ready for them to come in as soon as they all grouped at the gate.
Kate came over and took the pup to the vets for his vaccine and health certificate.
She also took Bobby to be spayed as I was getting concerned with her coming into season too often, my assumption was given past bitches I was expecting her to have cystic ovaries and end up with a pyometra.
When Kate came back she said the vet had commented on how bad her ovaries were.
Kate did some paper work for me and registered some puppy pack info.
I moved Bobby and Moon to an inside kennel as she was not feeling herself for quite some time after getting home.
James came up to see his hybrid pup. Some of the pups have come into the house so it is easier to spend time with them and it is a little chaotic.
C is finding it all very exciting she loves to run around the house, but she is a little more hyper than Shone and Narla.
Saturday was Sam and I we had a fairly dry day which was nice and only one visitor.
Kirsty popped in to pick up A’Lupa and drop Ranger off for a couple of hours.
I spent most of the day outside as I worked with Sam in the morning and then did the dogs on my own in the afternoon.
I had several phone calls in the evening people wanting to talk about pups and hybrid litters coming up.
I finished my last call at 10.30 and turned the phone off and went to bed.

sleeping hybrid puppy


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