24th June

Sunday was a good day very busy and Budd our hybrid boy came back which was very sad for his owner.
Budd is doing really well he is a perfect dog with no issues, he is in the house pack with 15 dogs ranging from Yorkshire Terriers to wolf dogs and he is very gentle and friendly with all of them.
I have two people that will both be looking at budd next weekend but both depend on if their own dogs will be nice with him.
Monday morning was busy I started very early as I had a mating with Bracken my Labrador.
I have joined up with a local breeder with the Labradors, she now has Bisto our chocolate girl and Bracken has also moved over to her kennels, he will still be owned by myself and used on my girls but now he will stand a public stud at Ridgeway Labradors.
Kiro is very unhappy at losing her buddy as they were always kennelled together.
I am hoping soon to put her with another male but I need to re home a couple more wolf dog girls before I can do this.
After we had done the mating and finished off here I went over to Helens to settle the dogs in with her and chat about future breeding.
I came home and spent the afternoon unpacking the new meat and dry food delivery.
After all the dogs had been finished outside I spent some time on paper work and the computer while all the house dogs wandered around doing their own thing.
C has had her bva hip score back which was a 7.7 its ok but I was hoping for a lower score but at least it is even.
Bobby has a new home she will be leaving at the end of the month; this will be around the same time as Sira.
This will give us a little breathing space before A’Lupa has her litter.
Tuesday was good thankfully it stayed dry for a lot of the day, we got everyone out and cleaned some more panels and then poo picked the field.
I spent a couple of hours grooming outside dogs as they are still blowing their coats.
Budd, C and Cito went up the field for a play; it was really nice to see Budd racing around with the girls.
I spent the evening with the house dogs.
Wednesday was not too bad in the morning I got everyone out early just in case the weather went on the turn again.
I went over to see Bisto and Bracken while Kate did the dogs.
When I came home I steam cleaned the floors in the down stairs of the house while Kate towel dried everywhere , then the heavens opened up and we had to blanket all the floors and get all the house dogs in before they drowned.
We finished off the outside dogs then went off to training with C and Peaches, they were both really good.
We now have a break until the 11 th of July.
We came home and let all the house dogs out in the pouring rain.
Thursday morning Kate was off so I had everyone out and finished the last kennel by 9.30 so that gave me a chance to catch up on some general cleaning and phone calls while they all went out on 45 minutes per group as it was clear the rain was going to come and it would be very wet and windy.
At 3 pm no more dogs went out as it was really bad.
The house dogs were fed and put back in their beds.
Shaun and Isla came round we had a long chat about future plans and the Wolf dog event in Leicester in September, with which dogs were going with us.
After everything was sorted out Shaun met Budd then we went out for some human time without any dogs for a nice meal.
Friday morning was another very wet start the only group who got out and stayed dry was the Labradoodle and lab pack.
Sophie cleaned some of the panels in Coosa’s winter kennel.
Kate popped in to make lunch and give us a hand for a while before going off to visit family with Lobo.
When Kate returns on Saturday evening she will be bringing our new parti poodle named Dixie with her.
This will be the fourth addition to our house pack this week.
We now have 5 parti poodles for the new breeding program.
Hannah was here grooming the poor girl could not believe her eyes when she came in and said Oh my god how many more poodles for grooming.
She was ok after I have shown her the sporting clip which will make life easier for her and me with the grooming.
Saturday was really busy Sophie was not here as she has hurt her hand.
I did most of the cleaning in the morning then Wendy and Brian arrived Wendy did Idaho with me then she did Roxy and Atlaz.
Brian was putting up new guttering and a new panel to give us a small yard outside Coosa’s winter kennel.
We had got the whole day planned as we had someone coming to view Budd, so we changed round which dogs were in the bottom block and who would be in the field at the correct time.
I was more than a little annoyed as people seem to take for granted that your job is insignificant compared to theirs, so when they don’t bother to let you know that they are not coming you have completely messed up everyone’s routine and upset half of the dogs for no reason.
I really wish I did not have to deal with people as this is the most depressing and stressful part of my job.
Due to timewasters unfortunately Budd is still looking for a suitable home with someone who will put his needs at the top of their list of priorities as he deserves a nice home where he can develop and grow into a bigger softie as he is at the moment.
Budd is not causing any problems here but it is very important to get him settled into a new home while he is still a puppy.
Kate arrived back with Lobo and our new poodle.
The rain started at 3 o clock and continued through the night this was horrible for the last two groups out, Coosa came in looking like a drowned hairy rat.
With having the new additions this week and such horrible weather Kiro has moved in to the garage pen at night so the house dogs and pups can run in her pen so they won’t get so wet.
Another one of our hybrid owners with Koda a pup from Camouse will also be coming up to Leicester to the event, I am looking forward to seeing another one of my pups and for the hybrid owners and prospective new owners to meet up and share their experiences.
Sunday is going to be busy as we have a new lady coming to have a look and see how she feels about working with us.
Kate will do some of the dogs and clean the panels in the bottom pen ready for Biscuits pups to play in when it is wet.
A slightly usually request but if anyone knows the ware bouts of James Breakspear he is the person who has adopted El Cid and has a pure Czech wolf dog male called Maska.
He works under the name K9 listener in Lincolnshire.
James has spent several months avoiding paying a large amount of money that he has owed me for quite some time.
I am waiting to hear back from the courts as to how they wish me to pursue the matter.
I also have had contact with a debt collecting agency, this was not the way I had wanted to retrieve the money as it is a costly out lay and will increase the amount owed to me by a considerable amount and will also include interest.
If anyone has an address this will cut the cost down so that the agency do not have to either find the home address or contact his partner at the building society where she works.
It is unpleasant to have to go to these lengths with some people to make them pay what they owe.
Why should people go through life making false promises and lies and feel it is justified not to pay their way.
It only brings one thing to mind but I will hold that thought.

Razzle just checking Budd knows his place

Budd and Razzle

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