24th July

Wolfzone Czechoslovakian wolf dog puppies for sale.

Pups from 8 weeks to 6 months old for sale.

After a hectic morning on Sunday we got off to an early start for the Fraddon motor cross meeting it was a good day no disasters and even Buck seemed to be quite accepting of all bikes and people, I was pleased for a pure bred Saarloos.

Monday was absolutely hammering down with rain most of the day, it was difficult to get each group out and try to keep some of them relatively dry.
No one spent time in their day pens they were all in on straw beds after each group had come in from playing.
It was like a winters day.

After saying last week it would be nice for Zamu to find a home before winter up pops Tracey who has many years experience with dogs as her family run a boarding kennels.
Tracey has a part bred Saarloos female from me and her mum has a csv saarloos cross.
Zamu was incredibly well behaved even good on the lead, which was a surprise as he is not normally very keen.
He was fine with Tala the female he was even good with the rough collie male when he got his head around a moving fur ball, this was the first time he had ever met a collie.
I am very happy Zamu has got a really nice home.
Coosa on the other hand is not so pleased; he is now penned only with Idaho, which is good for me as I am hoping they will bond better together.
At the moment they just ignore each other, but Coosa has been more stubborn about going back in his pen without Zamu, they used to play together but he won’t try and play with Idaho as she gives him a face full of teeth.
Coosa has howled on and off since Zamu has gone, he misses having someone to play with in the day.
At the moment he cries when he sees Siren or Matzi, I think he would rather be bullied by one of them than be were he is at the moment.

Meli is a six year old ½ csv ½ Inuit 6 years old Meli is looking for a long term home, she is good with other dogs and people, not so good with cats.

Wednesday evenings training classes have started again this time I am taking my csv girl Sea, she is very well behaved and a little quieter than most pups I have kept, I think the reason for this is I took second pick from the litter and didn’t get the Beta female, which is unusual for me.
I am pleased with my choice, as she is a very pleasant little girl and well balanced friendly but not to full on.

Thursday was a really busy day we had to strip out the whelping area and power wash all the floor paint off ready for the tiling to be done on Saturday when Brian and Wendy came down.
Brian has done a really nice job of the tiling and it should only be a few days before we can get the benefit of this.
Meli and her pups had to move to an outside pen while this was being done, but she is back now on the web cam.
Breeze the Labrador has moved temporarily into Coosa’s old pen with her Labrador puppies until the floor is ready for her to return to the whelping area in a few days.

Funds depending it will be nice to get the wolf dog {web cam area} floor leveled up and tiled before the winter.

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