24th July

An early start to get everyone finished so Dave could get off home and I could take Oli the yorkie to visit the couple that may like to give him a home for life.
We finished everyone and I picked up in the drive and left with Oli to go to Torrington.
Dave loaded up his car and locked up.
I spent an hour with Oli’s new family they have two young yorkie girls and a chalkie boy.
They all got on well so I left Oli and said any problems ring me and I will come and get him.
I got home and both of today’s customers had cancelled so I put together the box for Chianti and then fed everyone.
My next job was to brush Shone’s group, all were really good until I got to Fern it took longer to catch her and calm her down than it did to brush her, you can hold her collar and she will stay still, long enough to brush her, but you can’t put a lead on her or she goes wild.
After brushing them all I disinfected the bottom block and then hosed everything.
I filled up the bath for Shone’s group to have a play in and Voodoo was the first one to jump in.
I came back up to the kennel and let the puppies out for a play in the yard and tried to take some pictures of them.
After I had finished playing with the pups I put them away and fed them, I then fed everyone else.
I went down to check on Shone’s group and poor Fern had a hole in the top of her head and all the side of her face was swollen it looks like there has been an altercation with probably Shone and a sting, not a good day for Fern so she is on antibiotics.
I had a chat with Vicci and then washed the kennel floors.
I went up and spent some time with Coosa’s group they were all laying down inside as it was 27 degrees outside.
Evening feeds done and everyone in by 9 pm early night needed.
All the dogs finished by 8 am and then I spent an hour with the builders we had to do a quick redesign on the main kitchen before it was set out to be fitted.
I sorted out a few phone calls and then popped into town for milk and doughnuts for the builders.
I got home and did the lunch time feeds and then it was too hot for anyone to go out so I cleaned ears and checked on the girls stitches.
I had a customer who was down on holiday so they popped in and bought a puppy and then off home for them.
I had a lot of things to sort out for the house and a few last minute bits for my birthday party next month.
I did the evening feeds and then Chris and his family arrived from Belgium to meet Tango.
After they had left I let everyone out for a quick run but it was still very hot so when they were all back in I pinned open the kennel doors to get a good air flow.
I had dinner and then brought Shone’s group up to the kennel for the night.
I started very early as the weather was going to be ridiculously hot again so everyone was finished by 8 am.
I went down to the house and spent an hour mist spraying the lime render as it was so hot I could see it was likely to crack.
The phone was nonstop so I was grateful it was exceptionally hot and the dogs didn’t want to be out.
I left Narla and Siren out with the field gate open so they could get down into the track in the shade.
I was not happy some nasty muppet had hacked the wolfzone web site so I rang my web providers and they got onto it instantly very impressed with vibrant pulse they had the site back up and running very quickly.
Kate arrived and we took the stitches out of three of the girls that were spayed and then vaccinated Tango.
We fed the puppies and then we went out and met my sister for lunch and then popped into Sainsbury’s on the way home and got milk and doughnuts for the builders and then a quick trip around to Kirsty’s house to check up on one of her little puppies.
We picked up bones and then home.
We got home and Kate had to leave.
I sorted out the chicken delivery that had just arrived and then a Royal canin delivery arrived thankfully the lorry driver was great he helped me unload the pallet.
I started the lunch time feeding very late as it was still hot, the temperatures actually reached 32 here, it was unbearable.
After everyone was fed I went and had a chat with the guy building my new kennel in the house, he was cracking on nicely so it is going to be all ready for when I move out of the kennel and back into the house next month with my house pack and a spare kennel for any bitches due or disasters.
I also have a very nice alcove in my utility room which is perfect for my high security crate for any other problems and a dog needing to come into the house.
The carpet delivery arrived ready for the fitter next week.
At 6 pm it really cooled down so I let everyone back out for a good run in the field while I caught up with everything.
An early start all finished by 8.15 and then I had to sort out things with the builders and do some more phone orders.
I had a chat with Nicola as we had things we have had to sort out.
My next job was to have a chat with Gavin.

As the weather was unsure of what it is going to do I cut up all the chicken early.
Next was to get all my emails done.
The carpet fitter arrived at lunchtime to get the underlay and gripper down.
The plasterers were getting the second coat on the lime out of the front of the house.
Chris was doing the lime pointing out at the back of the house.
I did the lunch time feeding and cleaned out the puppies again.
Then in the afternoon I had a family come over and purchase one of my cockapoo girls, she is off locally so another customer going to my own vets.
Next was to get the evening feeds ready as Tango’s new owners were coming over to take her out for a walk to get her smell in the cage in their car and to help her to get familiar with them without me around.
I took them up and showed them where the park was and then I came home and fed everyone.
All the dogs stayed out until nearly 10 pm and I hosed all the yards before bed.
A terrible night’s sleep one of those bloody international numbers called me at 3.45 am, I jumped out of bed thinking omg something is wrong, I was furious and couldn’t even vent my anger at the person on the end of the phone as there was no one there.
Voodoo then decided it was time to get up so I let them out for a while and then they came back in and Voodoo was on one Cito and Shone wanted to sleep as did I but no, Voodoo was playing on my bed a giving me teeth kisses, just what you need at 4.30 am.
By 5.30 I couldn’t stand anymore Voodooisum so I got up and got all the dogs done.
The builders, Hannah and the carpenter fitting the staircase all arrived at 8 am.
Tango’s new family arrived to take her home to Belgium it was very sad to see her leave and knowing it will be a difficult transition for her makes it even more upsetting, I am positive given time she will settle and have a very nice life as they are very good people and will give her the best care possible.
We went through the day’s work list and then I popped out to get some oil for the stairs.
I got home with a nice freshly made cake for the builders and then got all the dogs out for a good run before we had rain.
I cut up the chicken and fed everyone and then swapped over dogs outside, Hannah was clipping a group today so we worked feeding around them.
I was up and down to the house as things change constantly, we needed a kitchen base unit changed and then later in the day the fridge freezer was unwrapped and very dented so another phone call.
I picked up in the bottom block and had a few minutes with Shone’s group.
The puppies needed another clean out and then all the water buckets changed again.
I got the evening feeds done and then made up the morning feeds.
Puppies fed and then I cleaned the bottom block, I put all of the top group away and brought Shone’s group up to the kennel.
Chianti had been fidgety for a couple of nights but seemed more settled when I was in the office with her.
I had dinner and fed Shone’s group and then was about to think about going to bed when Chianti was really unsettled so I sat in the office with her.
She had her first puppy at around 11.50 a big red boy.
I didn’t want to leave her alone for a minute as last year we didn’t have the best whelping and lost a pup.
Finally finished and then a clean vet bed for Chianti and pups and an hours sleep for me before getting up to do the rest of the dogs.
My hours sleep went out of the window as Voodoo decided that it doesn’t matter if you have been up all night its 5.50 and you need to be up so there are your shoes on your head and chomping on my arm now you will get up.
I felt like a zombie but I gave in and got up I put the three wolf dogs out and made a very strong black coffee and started feeding.
I was defiantly slower but everyone was done and sorted.
Pups and mum all doing well, both girls are a little small but still feeding ok.
I did have to give the radio a quick blasting as the dogs were getting to noisy and my head was hurting.
I finished the bottom kennel dogs and then up to do the rest at the top kennel oh joy and fun they were bloody filthy so I power washed all the kennels and Coosa’s pen.
I had just finished when a customer arrived to see the cockapoo puppies.
After they left Alan and I went to pick up my last lot of carpet at my sisters barn.
I got back and fed everyone and then answered my emails and phone calls.
I was spending as much time with Chianti and the pups as possible as the two girls need to gain weight to be able to hold their own with the boys.
I was quite happy not to have too much to do outside as I was really tired.
The day was busy enough with swapping over dogs feeding and sorting out stuff for the house.
I hoovered the upstairs where it had been carpeted.
Vicci arrived and we had coffee and cake and then fed the dogs and brought Shone’s group in and fed them.
We had a late night.
As we have been flat out today Saturday’s blog will be on next weeks.

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