24th January

Was a damp start not too wet everyone was fed cleaned out and had a run.
I fed Coosa’s group and then put the washing on.
Today was going to be power washing so I got everything out and ready while the puppy was out with me, when I was ready to start I took Cito and Shone down to the bottom block.
I put the puppy away and then let the first group out onto the drive
I continued to power wash and swap dogs around all morning.
It was now lunch time so I stopped and cut up the chicken and started to feed and then I had visitors arrive to see the dogs, after they left I carried on feeding and washing the front pen.
Next was to wash the paths and my van as it was filthy.
It was starting to get dark so I finished off as quickly as possible and then got the evening feeds ready and the frozen feeds for the morning.
After everyone was fed and in I went and brought Shone and Cito up and left them on the drive whilst getting Coosa’s group in and fed, after they were fed I cleaned Coosa’s ears as they were really dirty I had seen him run his ear along the fence line so I knew they would be dirty.
He was very good so he had some more food and then bed.
Kiro and Reo out for the night and I had feeds for the morning to do and the evening bowls to wash.
A wet start but everyone had to go out for a good run as I needed to feed the hybrids and then go to the vets with Rupert to have his suspect lump removed from his back end and the puppy.
I got everyone out, fed and cleaned and then fed the hybrids and put the washing on.
Next was to get the chicken cut up so when I got home I was nearly ready to feed everyone.
It was a long morning at the vets and Rupert took a while to come round after the op.
I got home and fed everyone and then made a couple of phone calls.
Everyone had a run and then I let Coosa’s group over into the paddock to make it quicker to get them in later.
I went to the butchers and picked up bones for the hybrids and then got home and brought Coosa’s group in and fed them.
Shone and Cito had their last run on the drive before coming in for food.
A freezing cold start but dry everyone out fed and cleaned out, vet beds changed
I got the lunch time feeds of chicken carcasses cut up and put in the fridge all labelled ready for Kate.
I did the worming and vaccinations that were due today.
I made a couple of calls for the builders and puppy enquiries and then got changed and off to see Sophie for the afternoon.
Kate arrived as I was leaving, so she did the afternoon until I returned.
I got home just before 5 pm and helped Kate to finish off.
Another really cold start but again dry which is great.
Everyone out and all the kennels cleaned, after everyone was done I fed Coosa’s group and then put dogs out into the field as I had the farmer coming in to collect the trailer of wood and the gates needed to stay open as we had a meeting with listed buildings at 10 am.
I soaked up a few bins of bedding so I had spare containers if it was busy and not enough time some days to prepare any.
The van was ready for training to night it will be Winters first night back and my new puppy is only going for a bit of training and socialisation with the silver class.
The dogs were out in the fields and stayed out while we had the meeting with listed buildings; it went very well we have now submitted an application today to remove the old stair case and only to have one stair case in the house now.
This will increase the size of bedroom 4 and the kitchen, also allowing us to reinstate the side of the fire place in its original form.
My sister was sorting out the forms while I was running back and forth from feeding dogs to the computer.
Lunch time feeds went on longer than normal but all got finished and the forms are now all done.
Everyone out for the last run and food before I leave with the boys for training.
Coosa’s group in and then Kiro and Reo out.
A wet start but not too bad everyone done and then I hosed the front pen.
When I had finished I popped to town for the builders.
When I got back I did some paper work and then cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeds.
I got everyone fed and then did some hoovering in the kennel.
Lunch time feeds done and everyone out for the afternoon.
It got wet around 4.30 so everyone came in and then I did the feeds and brought Cito and Shone up to the kennel and brought Coosa’s group in.
A very wet start, I managed to get a few dogs out but the rain was so heavy most were fed in their kennels.
Hannah arrived and started to groom the dogs that had been out.
The builders arrived so I locked up the gates and then it started to dry up a little so I got Buds group out as I had a chap from Cornwall coming to look at him to purchase for a stud dog.
Just before Budd left I had a mating with one of my girls to him and then off he went to Cornwall to join a Labrador female and a few cockers.
I got the rest of the dogs out and then started to cut up the chicken ready for feeds.
I was back and forth to the washing machine and then I fed everyone.
Hannah needed a few minutes for me to help her with Rupert’s ears and Coco’s ears and then I took the stitches out of Coco from her spaying.
I rang the vets to find out if the results were back from the lab for Rupert, great news the tumour was benign, but there is a chance of it coming back, the risk will be reduced if he is castrated, now that is a dilemma, I had never really wanted to do this as Rupert may be getting older but he is a guaranteed back up stud dog.
Everyone now fed and all out for the rest of the afternoon.
I had to move a number of bitches around as some are due in season and cannot be mated, and some needed to move in with their respective males.
I was dreading moving so many but they actually have all moved and settled very well.
Everyone in and then Coosa’s group down for food and in.
Kiro out for the night.
A cold dry start, everyone fed and cleaned out and then I picked up in the drive and took my puppy out for a play with Shiraz and the yorkies.
We had an early morning mating with the labradoodle and then they came in and Shone and Cito out in the field and the labs out next to them, shone was running from each side of the fence talking to river and then back to see the labs, Cito sat in the middle of the field and watched.
Puzzle is in season so I am really hoping to get a mating with her it has been two years since she had pups and can be very difficult to mate, as Bud has now left I won’t be having a litter of parti poodles she will go to Razzle as he is the only one likely to be able to mate her.
I put the labs out into the field for a few hours and then disinfected the bottom block.
I came back and swapped the dogs in the drive and then hosed the bottom block.
I brought Cioto and Shone in from the field and left them in the yard.
Lunch time feeds done and then dogs back out for another few hours.
The labs came in for a sleep before feeding them.
I dried and folded all of the washing and then wrote the blog.
My dinner all prepared and the evening feeds done ready.
It started to get very cold when I was out with the yorkies so after they came in I brought Cito and Shone up for a run on the drive before they come in for feeding.
The labs went out for their food and last run for the night.
Morning feeds ready and hybrids bones out.
The last groups went out on the drive and then I picked up while it was still dry as it had certainly looked like rain for the past couple of hours.
The labs came in and I let Coosa’s group down to the paddock while I was changing water buckets over.
I fed the last dogs and then let Kiro and Reo out for the night and finished the blog.

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