24th February

Last Sunday was Lisa, Sam and I.
I had finished the house dogs when they arrived.
We put the poodle group out and fed the rest of the pups and the bottom groups done.
Sam did the house dogs and the washing and vet beds while Lisa and I did the top groups.
The wolf dogs in the house go out in two groups so that Shone doesn’t get squashed when the others are playing.
Kirsty popped in and gave Roxy her antibiotics as she had a very long and difficult whelping with a couple of the pups, then Kirsty spent the weekend out looking for a dog that was lost locally, she organised a search group of nine people that were out for pretty much two days solid.
I went out helping out in the evenings and early mornings, this meant my dogs routine was a bit up in the air for a couple of days.
People had sighted the dog so I fed all mine early and went back out in a rush searching for hours, when I got home Narla and Shone had eaten 300 pounds from the table in the lounge, I was not impressed, trying to do a good deed cost me dearly, I was not too happy with those two so when I went out to do anything in the evening I put the two of them in the cage.
I stayed up very late as I need to spend time with the house dogs.
Monday morning was another early start which was Kirsty and I.
We did the bitches and pups and then the top groups while Razzles group was out.
I started the top groups feeding and letting out while Kistsy did Roxy and Atlz.
Kirsty came up and said Roxy did not really seem herself she was a little frantic when Kirsty fed her but we put it down to the fact that she was excited to see kirsty and hungry.
She had lost a puppy and three more seemed weak so we took them off of her and put them on another bitch.
Atlz was quite noisy most of the day, but Roxy seemed quite settled with the pups.
After the top groups were done I had a couple come to view a puppy.
Then we had a food delivery and building delivery to unload and sort where it was all going.
I got the lunchtime feeds ready and left Lisa with a list as she had come in to help while Kirsty and I went out looking for the missing dog.
We didn’t have any luck or sightings so we went home and would go back out again after I had finished my dogs and seen my last customer at 5 pm.
We got a call, finally the dog was found on Monday evening just as we were heading out again.
This was a great relief to everyone as it meant we could get back to normal and get some sleep.
Tuesday morning we did fairly much the same routine as normal.
I went out with a couple of groups so they had more human time, while was out with the house dogs I brushed Kia and Narla as they are both moulting, life was made more difficult as I have lost my furminater so I had to use a rake which took twice as long.
I got the night feeds ready and unpacked the meat order.
We then had a customer come and pick up their dog; they were here for a while.
I did the lunchtime feeds then quickly went into the bank I had managed to salvage 50 pounds from the carnage of the two little beasts.
I got a couple of bits in town then came back to do the afternoon feeds.
I did the afternoon feeding and letting out, I did the yards and then power washed Coosa’s day pen while he was out in the field and would then come straight into his night kennel.
I finished off outside quite late and then Kirsty came down checking up on Roxy, she seemed ok but a little down.
Wednesday morning was kirsty and I again we did the bottom groups bitches and pups , we had to move a litter into a larger pen, they were not too pleased about it so they screamed for about 15 minutes.
We had done two groups up the top when another pallet of dog food arrived, bad timing as it takes a while to unloaded and pack away.
I did the food while Kirsty finished off at the top.
Kirsty was not happy with Roxy she felt she was not really her usual self; she gave her antibiotics in her food which she ate no problem.
But she was not settled and anxious her temperature was high.
It soon became apparent that it must be a serious infection, I realised I had seen this a few years ago so I spoke to the vet and he came out and unfortunately it was Metritis, this was something that we came across with an bitch I had whelped 4 years ago, it had taken Rach, Jaq and I several calls to each other to work that out then.
Roxy’s joints were starting to stiffen up and she was really off, the poison from the infection had already got into the blood stream.
We took the rest of the pups from her as she was not now looking after them.
Atlz was shadowing Roxy most of the time.
Kirsty was putting the rest of the pups onto the labradoodle, while I did the other dogs then we swapped and Kirsty sat with Roxy while I did the pups.
Later in the afternoon we lost Roxy and had a very distraught Atlz.
We left them together for quite some time, poor Atlz, he had lost his best mate.
Atlz was very good with the pups he would have been happy to look after them if they had been a bit older.
He lost his puppies and his mate in one go.
He howled a very low sad tone most of the evening; I have put him I with Idaho so hopefully he won’t feel completely alone.
The labradoodle Is not too keen to feed the hybrid pups so I am having to put them on her constantly.
I finished off the afternoon feeding and things.
I was feeding up the top and the phone rang so I answered the one in the kennel block, the noise from the phone was terrible crackling and chomping, I ran down to the bottom where C was eating the phone, she went swiftly to her bed.
I finished the bitches and locked everything up before Kirsty arrived.
Then off to training with Shone, poor little mite was really sick as I left very late.
Shone was very good at training considering how quickly we had to go to get to our class in time.
I had to do a fast visit to Tesco’s on the way home as I needed to try some more puppy food for the Yorkie pups.
I got in at about 8 and did the house dogs, the labradoodle was not happy with the hybrid pups from Roxy so I had to spend a lot of time trying to persuade my poodle to feed the pups.
It has been a very sad week with Roxy and the puppies we have gone from 11 pups born down to four puppies, I think we may lose another one today, we are only left with male pups which is a terrible shame as I really wanted a female.
Thursday morning was kirsty and I we did the normal routine and then got pictures of Taska’s puppies and the remaining cockapoo pups.
We caught up on some odd jobs that needed doing.
I was meant to be going to the bank but I had to power wash a pen so the bank got put on hold as most things do when we are really busy.
I brushed Kia and Narla again as they are both moulting badly and my house looks like a hurricane has passed through and left tumble weeds everywhere.
I got all the dogs done and went off to Barnstaple looking at tiles for the new kennel; this was a waste of time as I couldn’t find anywhere that had 160 meters of the same tile.
I got home and did the house dogs and some paper work before going to bed.
Friday morning was Lisa Sam and I.
We all did the bitches and pups and the bottom groups.
Sam did the house dogs, the washing and disinfected the bottom yard while Lisa and I did the top block.
I sorted out the meat delivery and Lisa helped me get the chicken cut and sorted for the afternoon feeding.
I hosed the yards while Kiro was out, we have put a smaller door in the whelping box for Taska’s pups so they can get out without their bedding going all over the kennel.
Atlz is settling down a bit more now, he goes out with Cito and C or just with one of us while we are checking the fences or picking up bones.
Idaho is happy as she can come in and out of the kennel and see what is going on.
Reo is in heaven as he is with the four girls and so far he has been very good.
I did the afternoon feeding and gave Atlz a bit of a brush, this will take a few days of doing a bit at a time as he is not too keen on being brushed.
I put everyone in and went off to Taunton looking for tiles this time it was a success thankfully I managed to find the right non slip tile and can have the whole kennel done the same, I did have to settle for beige even though I wanted grey.
After I had sorted the tiles mother and I went for a really fantastic Indian.
I got home and did the house dogs I stayed up quite late so they were not shut in too long.
Saturday morning was Lisa Sam and I, Wendy and Brian came down to do some odd bits.
Brian picked up my new wheel barrow and loads of shavings for the top block.
Atlz has now got sides for his bench so he does not pee all over his straw, Moon has also got sides on his bench as the straw was disgusting in his kennel.
Kate came over for a couple of hours to help out, it was great to see her, and Millie was with Granny as its not ideal for her to visit just at the moment, hopefully when we get into the new kennel she can come down a bit more.
We tidied up the garage and moved stuff into the lean to and put things up in the roof.
Wendy made us breakfast which was very nice.
Brian has put the new bulb in the whelping area so it is better to view the hybrid pups now.
The builders were here today they were plaster boarding the five rooms in the top part of the kennel.
Next job is to screed the floor which will then have to be left to dry completely before the guy can lay the tiles.
We could be looking as long as three months before the floor can be tiled.
After all the dogs were in I went out for a while with C, Shone and Narla, I locked everyone up and had to go down for a tidy up and a big fire by the new kennel.
I finally came in at 7.30 I was hungry and dirty.
I did the blog and checked my emails before spending a couple of hours with the house dogs.

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