24th August

Sunday morning was a wet start so everyone went out quickly and then came in for food.
I cleaned the new kennel block and then put the hybrids out as they don’t mind the rain.
Rubbish burnt and paddock cleaned up.
I changed the vet beds and took all the washing down to the house.
Two families booked in to see puppies and then lunchtime feeding.
I cleaned the house hybrids yards and then brought them in for food.
I got the frozen feeds ready to just get out late at night for the morning.
Rupert needed a brush and ears done, so I did him and the new puppies while I was in the house.
The rain had stopped so all the dogs were out and Coosa’s group were shut in for a while to eat.
I rushed around getting everything sorted out ready to leave to go to the hospital to visit Declan.
I left Coosa’s group out in the top kennel area and the house hybrid group in the bottom block.
Rupert and the puppies fed and everyone locked up and off to the hospital.
I got home and let the bitches out and brought the house dogs in.
Monday morning was a wet and cold start I put one group out at a time so they did not get too wet.
It took me a bit longer to get everyone out and then the rain stopped and everyone went back out.
Computer as I had a virus.
Next I did the lunch time feeds and sorted out all my post and emails.
Vicci rang up for chat as she can’t come up this week due to her dogs having kennel cough.
Razzle’s group were out playing on the drive and Budd’s group were out in the field.
I fed the puppies in the house and then took them for a walk up the drive and did a little bit of training with them ready for our first night back on Wednesday this week.
Dry food delivery ordered, diary up to date now time for some hybrid therapy time for me.
I brought Kiro out for a play with the ball as I have not had much time with her lately; she was manic running around like a mad thing.
Tuesday morning all looking good for a nice sunny day, everyone was out fed and cleaned vet beds changed by 8.30.
I put the hybrids out and then phoned my sister to get an update on my nephew expecting him to be able to get up and about today, unfortunately this was not to be, he had a bad turn and they found out his drain was blocked and the infection was not under control.
I have made plans to visit again on Thursday to give my sister some support as she is staying at the hospital.
I ordered my vaccines from the vets as I have a number of dogs needing boosters and the new puppies need vaccinating.
I have two meat deliveries and both orders were double normal as I did not want the following week’s delivery as it’s the bank holiday week.
After the meat was sorted and frozen I started to paint the fence and gate, I had nearly finished the gate and the heavens opened so I abandoned that and did some paper work and email.
I stopped for lunch and did some cooking for the freezer.
All the feeds done and ready for the evening, so I took the puppies for a walk up the drive as the rain had now stopped.
I did my change of ownership for my new puppies and ordered them pedigree’s to save time in the future as writing them out takes too long.
I had an hour to do some ear cleaning on the little dogs.
I left everyone out for a while and spent some time with the hybrid groups and then had dinner and put everyone in for 9pm
Wednesday morning was cold but dry so everyone out and did some house work.
I got my spare cage in the van and everything packed up ready for the evening training.
I left my training bag on the table ready to put the last minute bits in, when I came back Rupert had thrown the bag on the floor eaten all the treats and weed all over my new bag, I was fuming he was evicted to the yard for 15 minutes.
I rang for an update on my nephew and then did the lunchtime feeds.
I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting out paper work ready for the next litter going out.
Hybrids were brought in, fed and left in the top kennel area while I was out at training all the rest of the dogs were locked up.
I got changed and out the door for five as Kate arrived to keep an eye on the dogs.
I met Kirsty and she trained Noodles for me, we were all very impressed with the response she got from Noodles especially with the recall as Schnauzers can be a little independent and aloof.
I had Shiraz she is a little madam but very willing and worked well.
Kirsty was in my silver class with Lupus, he was very good and Kirsty being a bit of an old hand with the training is my example of how to do things quietly and get good results.
I got home late and finished off my dogs and brought the Coosa group in.
Thursday morning was an early start I had everyone out fed and cleaned before Hannah arrived at 9 am.
I did the meat and the odd jobs and then left a list for Hannah on what to do with the dogs in between grooming.
I went off to the hospital to spend the afternoon with my Nephew.
I picked up another miniature Schnauzer on my way home, she is called Luna.
I got home just after 6 pm, Hannah left and then Dave arrived to spend a few days here helping out.
Dave and I finished the dogs at about 9 pm and then disinfected and hosed all of the Coosa groups top kennel area.
Friday morning was had an early start, all the dogs were finished before the meat delivery arrived.
I sorted out the meat while Dave cleaned the windows in the new kennel and then I power washed right down the steps from Coosa’s area to the house dogs pens.
Dave disinfected the bottom yard and bottom block.
We finished and then fed all the dogs, off to the vets to pick up vaccines and then out to dinner with my sister. Dave drove home as we had a few glasses of wine.
Saturday morning we did the puppies and the house section of dogs and then up to the kennel.
We were part way through when Brian and Wendy arrived so Dave and Wendy helped to get the dogs in the new kennel block finished off as I was expecting four lots of people to view dogs though out the day.
All dogs done by 8.30 and the fire done.
Dave put the new green panelling mesh on the main gates to stop the yorkies getting out and then went on to putting more tree guards on the little trees in the fields as there are over 500 trees need doing.
Brian was rendering the wall along the path at the side of the new kennel and Wendy was doing odd jobs and making the mix up.
Lunchtime feeds done for the adult dogs and both litters of puppies are now on biscuit so this can take a little longer doing three feeds a day.
I was seeing people and alternating dogs.
We barely had time to stop for a quick sandwich and back out again.
Dave and I weeded the area by the new puppy yard at the back of the house and then moved all the plants that have not yet been planted.
I cleaned the puppy and the bottom block.
We stopped for a short evening meal break and then back out until 9 pm when I went and brought the hybrid groups in

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