24th April

Great week good weather which has given me many hours of power washing my poor arms are still buzzing.

The only real problem with this heat is the dogs all want to get out so early when it’s still cool.
They then spend all day chilling in the outside pens.
As soon as the temperatures drop the excitement levels rise and everyone wants to go out again, this is making the day so long for me.
I love the summer but 15-hour days are a killer.

Some of you may have seen in the past on the web cam we have successfully whelped a bitch with another bitch in the pen, this has been with Saarloos hybrid sisters.

Kiro is our pure csv female; she is a very hard beta-ranking bitch.
Kiro’s main job here is as a guard dog; she is absolutely superb she asks no questions if anyone is in her space or trying to intrude on the property.
To my amazement she spent the night in the whelping box with her mother while her mother was whelping.
I was really surprised to watch her clean the puppies as they were born.
Kiro has recently had her first litter; I could not fault her until the pups got to six weeks then she did get a little rough when playing with them.
Watching her try and pick up a very large pup I decided she could come back into the house for a few days with her mum.
Cito had puppies on Sunday night there are 4 males available and possibly one female.

Thankfully Boots started to whelp on Good Friday, that was a relief as Sunday was her due date and I had arranged to be at motocross.

A few pups left from Mia and 2 pure csv pups.

Rupert was a star at training this week; he is such a fast learner.
Lupus was very impressive he is one of the nicest hybrids I have bred so far.
I am really pleased with Kirsty, he is only her second wolf dog her first is only a few months younger than Lupus.
Both of her dogs are doing so well, they are a real credit to her and her two sons who have helped out so much with both dogs.

Saturday was a really full on 17 hour day Wendy and Brian came down and we completely changed the Labrador yard and got rid of the old kennel, now they have a lot more space and it looks really tidy.
I am shattered but very pleased with the result.

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