24th April

Sunday morning
All the dogs out and finished quite early as the last two puppies were leaving today.
After the pups went I cleaned out their kennel ready for the next female at the end of the month.
Shone and Cito went out in the field and then down to the bottom block, Voodoo stayed up at the kennel with me so he could go out into his little run and watch the rest of the dogs.
Lunch time feeds done and then the front pen power washed and scraped off as dry as possible.
Coosa’s group brushed as they all now look like sheep.
Matt the plumber popped in for an hour just to put some more clips on the underfloor heating pipes.
I spent the afternoon with the dogs brushing and cleaning ears.
Everyone was out until 7.30.
Monday and Tuesday
A very busy and stressful time myself and my friend had some serious issues to attend to and feelings were left very low so any spare time was just spent with the dogs.
I also had a migraine and felt ill due to problems with my back and shoulder.
Everyone done and out for second run by 8.30 and then I left for a 2 hour session with a new osteopath I felt better when I got home but still a long way to go yet.
I swapped over the dogs that were out and started to get the lunch time feeds done.
Everyone fed and out which gave me time to hoover and tidy up in the kennels.
Next was an hour of computer and paper work before swapping over dogs again.
All the kennel walk way mats are up ready to power wash tomorrow and then the floor can be washed and steam cleaned.
The van ready for training and all the dogs out in the field and then everyone was fed.
I fed the pups and then got Winter in the van and then off to training.
We had a great night training Winter did shock me as he did break stay once but that was the only problem in the night.
I got home and then sorted out the rest of the dogs and fed Voodoo, Shone and Cito and then went to bed.
An early start everyone done and finished before 9 am and then I power washed the labs outside pen.
My sister came over and spent a couple of hours sorting out stuff for next week for the builders.
Donna hoovered the kennel mats and then I cut up the chicken ready for lunch time feeds.
I power washed all of the spare mats ready nice and clean to use if needed.
I just manged to get the dogs fed and then the rain came with a vengeance so I went out for late lunch with my sister.
I got home and the weather had improved so I got everyone back out again and then fed the puppies before bed.
Everyone done and then Coosa’s outside pen was power washed.
I cut up the chicken early as I needed to be ready to leave after lunch to get one of my labradoodles spayed before she goes off to her new home.
Hannah was here grooming so I fed everyone and then off to the vets with Yaz.
Hannah let dogs out while I was out when she could as the rain was quite hard.
I got home and left Yaz in my bedroom for a couple of hours.
I fed everyone and then let them all out again for another run before bed.
I put Yaz back in with her group she was fine.
All the dogs done a nice dry day so everyone out.
I popped to the builders merchants and when I got back Kate had arrived to help me with microchipping the puppies and taking pictures of them for the web site.
Kate helped me feed some of the dogs their lunch time chicken carcasses and then she had to go.
I finished off feeding and then swapped the dogs around and cleaned the spare kennel we had used to put the pups in after chipping.
Everyone fed and then I spent some time out with Voodoo and the little dogs.
Some of the bedding was getting low so I did some shredding and soaked up some more pellets for next week and stocked up in the kennel with dry food.
Coosa’s shaggy group needed another brush so I did as much as I could with a bad shoulder and then got the frozen feeds ready for the morning.
Everyone stayed out late as the sun was shining and then Coosa’s group came in just after 8 pm.

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