23rd September

Sunday 16 by Kate.
Sunday morning was anther normal day by myself, the phones has been quiet all weekend which has helped me it has saved me rushing and constantly speaking to people.
After all the dogs were out and pens all clean I went over all the jobs that Andre needed doing for when she get home Monday evening.
I attacked the muck heap and tidied it up and made all the banks as I think this one has to get us through the winter.
I managed to get a little bit of time out in the field with a couple of groups.
After feeding it went in and crashed out the the house dogs.
Monday morning was an early start as I wanted to get the entire track and the steps then down into Matzi’s day pen then into Atlz and Roxy’s pen power washed so it all looked nice and clean and tidy for Andre coming home.
I should not have spoken too soon about the phone being quiet as I had several calls about hybrids this morning.
I had a late breakfast then swept the house well that was a task and a half as most of the time I had Ollie the yorkie hanging off of the broom.
I then checked and answered the emails that I could deal with.
We had an email from Sophie the girl who does Friday and Saturday to say she has been offered full time at the pub she works in starting immediately, I though oh no what really bad timing so I rang Andre, she said don’t worry I was expecting it, I thought she was going to be worried but she did not care and took it in her stride
The day flew by and feeding time came round very fast.
I had everyone done and the last groups out by the time Andre and Vicky arrived home with Coosa Buck and Soul.
Everything was done so Andre could spend her time concentrating on settling Soul in.
Andre’s Blog.
Friday the 14 th
Vicky and I had our dogs loaded ready for when Kirsty and Simon arrived.
We set off as planned at 11 am, the traffic was really heavy, we had only gone a few miles on the link road and a van nearly hit me from behind, thankfully he skidded and just missed me.
We had a long drive as the traffic was bad all the way up.
We only had one short stop a few miles from the venue as everyone was in need of the loo.
We arrived late afternoon and met Wendy and Brian then got the dogs straight out and walked them around the field for a while.
Then off we went off and checked into the Premier Inn where we were staying for the three nights.
After we had unpacked and got ourselves organised we all went out for dinner with Racheal.
We had a nice meal, we came out and walked the dogs again before going back to feed the dogs before bed.
Saturday morning we took the dogs for a walk had breakfast then off to the event.
In the morning was the Canicross , bikejor and scooter demo.
Then the dog show started, while the companion show was on I took Coosa around to meet up with all of the people that had travelled over from Europe and many of my owners from the uk.
In the afternoon the Wolf dog show started.
There was a very good turnout for these classes.
I was really impressed with how my breeding got on in the ring.
The puppy class was won by Koda one of our hybrids owned by Cliff and Sonya.
Junior class Koda 2 nd the pipers hybrid Narla one of our hybrid bitches owned by Simon was 3 rd. 5 th was Vika.
Open bitch was won by Soul or hybrid female owned by Jan and myself. 3 rd was Tala our cvs bitch.
Open dog was Brzo 1 st. Lupus 2 nd 3rd will bred by rach 4 th Vader bred by me owned by rach

Brace class was 3rd Soul and Lupus Coosa and Brzo 4 thrd owned by Marina from Europe.
Forth was Soul and Lupus Kirsty’s boy.
Most wolfie class won by Coosa
Best puppy in show was won by Koda.
Best in show was won by Marina.
After the showing was finished we had a short break before the evening with Shaun this was fully booked with 45 people attending for an informal talk and to ask any questions they wanted and get advice on certain scenario’s that had occurred in their experiences with their own dogs or other peoples when they were training.
As Shaun pointed out there was a number of people with a large amount of experience , he was impressed by the knowledge of the people including very good trainers like Rachael and Pete Milson and a few others all of these people were open to new and different ideas.
Shaun was captivated by the audience and enjoyed the evening immensely
I think Shaun’s reference to Elton John when explaining the porcupine stage of development will be remembered for a long time to come.
After the meeting and supper had finished we wound up the evening with a meet and greet with Coosa outside of the café.
This was a nice end to the evening anyone who wanted to come and stroke him and have a chat was welcomed outside to come over and spend a little time with him.
Coosa was very good he was a little wary with some of the people but in general he was very good.
He had spent the day meeting different people and children he was amazing I was so proud with how he coped and behaved, he was very good if a dog showed aggression towards him he just stood still and did not let it faze him at all.
We all went back to the Inn to feed our dogs and have a few drinks.
I dropped off my van sorted my dogs out then went back to the forest, Wendy and Brian drove me back and I went out on the quad around the forest trail with Rach with four of the Eskimo’s and Cheyenne her older bitch, who still loves to run but does not compete anymore.
This was my first time out running the dogs like this and it was great I loved it, and we didn’t even see any boars or anything strange in the woods thankfully.
We went back to join the others in the garden at the inn for a couple of drinks.
I was only half way through my first drink when someone spotted a rat in the car park, I was cringing by the time we had seen the third one I was on the table.
Just before going to bed we took the dogs out for another walk, I think I was so stressed it put the dogs off going to the loo, Tala was dancing around on the end of the lead looking at every bush.
We walked out to the main road as I could not bear to be around the horrid creatures.
I had decided that we were no longer walking in the car park at night. That was my plan anyway.
We went off to bed late.
Sunday morning was up out to walk the dogs then breakfast before going down to watch some of the Duathlon.
I spent time around the field talking to new owners of one of my csv’s that we have just re homed.
After they had gone off for a walk to get to know their new dog.
I had a couple of hours to go around and see people and let Coosa speak to a number of other dogs.
Simon stayed with Lupus, Narla and kept an eye on my van while we went in for the last workshop.
After everyone had gone Vicci and I walked our dogs, and then drove over to Rachael’s.
We had a really nice Indian meal then drove back to the forest to walk the dogs before bed, as I could not face walking through the car park at the premier inn with the rats, well that was my theory.
After we had walked a mile around the lake we put the dogs back in the van and set off again hoping to go back have a coffee and then bed.
Coosa had other ideas; he was banging and crashing around in the cage trying to throw his water bucket around.
There was no way he was going to settle down without another walk so I got him out and walked through the ratty car park and up towards the town.
Thankfully he then settled and went to sleep, as did we.
Monday morning we walked the dogs before going to breakfast then loaded up ready to go and have a long walk in the forest before setting off back home.
Coosa was wanting another walk so we stopped off at Western super mare and went for a walk along the beach.

We got home at round 4 pm and put all the dogs away except Coosa who went out in the field for a couple of hours while we unloaded the van and got all the washing put on.
Vicci and Kate went home and I spent time with all the dogs in their kennels as some of them had clearly missed me being around.
I then came in a spent time with the house dogs before catching up on phone calls and emails until just after 1 am.
Tuesday morning I helped Kate cleaning before then going back to phone calls and emails.
Hannah was here grooming but I did not have much time with her only to help with doing a few dogs ears.
I did the dogs for the afternoon and had a lady come round to look at the dogs to see how she may feel about working here.
The lady is called Jane; she is coming to have a trial while Kate is off for a few days.
I finished all the dogs then checked my emails, umm I had a message from the film crew that we are booked to film with next week and they have changed the script.
I rang Kirsty immediately as it’s hard enough that the filming has been brought forward by two weeks but now we have been told we are filming in the dark by torch light.
At 9 pm Kirsty and I were out in the field with A’Lupa retrieving a plucked chicken out of a ditch, this has to be done without her eating it.
Within minutes I was in stiches, A’Lupa has slapped Kirsty straight in the face with this chicken, when I managed to compose myself we continued with the training.
A’Lupa has done very well so far but it could all be different on the night.
After we had finished I sat down for an hour with the house dogs before bed.

Wednesday morning was Kate and I cleaning, Kirsty came in and did Roxy and Atlz.
After we had finished all the pens I went out for a walk with Koko and Kirsty had Lupus.
Koko was not too keen on the road works so we sat on the green in the village for a while and let her just watch from a distance.
When I got home we microchipped some puppies then Kate left and I went out and did the dogs and spent time with Soul, bless her she is missing her mum and finding things here a little strange.
When everyone was fed and locked up for the night I ran the house dogs out in the field for an hour then off to training with C.
Tonight was probably her best night so far this course, her heel work had more energy to it.
Food refusal is always good, and stays are 99.9%.
We even manage to do a semi send away.
I am hoping to practice send always in the other room while the earlier class are training if it’s possible as this may be the key to getting her more comfortable with the exercise.
At home it’s perfect but at training it’s caused an issue from the start of this class; I think it’s a lack of confidence.
We got home just before 9 and Alison had let the house dogs out and they were all chilling in the lounge when we got in.
I did the morning feeds and a few emails then sat down with the dogs before bed.
Thursday morning I started early as it was going to be Jane’s first day.
It’s very hard for someone to just jump straight into this set up, in an ideal world Jane should have done a couple of days with Kate and I but no matter how hard you try and plan things it never quite works the way you want.
Despite Jane being on her own with me and having Soul as an extra dog that is unfamiliar with me and our kennels Jane did very well.
She has coped with all of the dogs, even Lobo being a complete pain in the rear as we have another bitch in season.
After we finished the morning a bit late we also had people come and view their pup.
I did the afternoon and the feeding then went to the osteopath to get my neck and back done again.
I got home just before 8 and had dinner then spent time with the house dogs.
Friday morning was slow and a late start as I had a really bad headache.
As always we had a meat delivery and another puppy owner came for a visit.
Jane was doing ok but I have to be with her as there is too much to take in for the first few weeks.
Kirsty came in to help with some training with A’Lupa in between her two shifts.
I popped out and met my sister with some dog food for her pup, and then I thought as I had not had a cooked meal this week it would be nice to grab a Chinese before going out with the house dogs.
After they were all walked I sat with the dogs for a while before writing most of the blog.
Saturday morning was an early start as I needed to get in front with as much as possible before Wendy and Brian arrived at 8 am.
Jane came in and we rushed through the first part of the morning cleaning and getting the feed bins out and ready for the afternoon.
Mum came down to meet with one of the builder’s to do some block work on the new build when he gets a free couple of days next month.
We got the new gated panel put up on the front of the pen for Roxy just as a precaution.
We have also put another panel inside to divide Idaho from Coosa as he keeps being horrible to her, this now means we can move another male in the pen with her for company and we won’t have them barking at each other.
I got everyone fed, and then Brian swept all the leaves from the roof on Coosa’s day pen and then de weeded and strimmed the area around the tunnel that the Coosa group come in and out of to the field.
I then cut the rest of the bottom of the field and cut down the stinging nettles and weeds.
Wendy spent ages pulling up nettles while watching the dogs when the house dogs were in the field next to Coosa group.
Finally we came in for half an hour and had coffee and cake while waiting for Kirsty to come over so we could train with Alupa.
At 7.30 we went out to the field, as we needed to see how Alupa was going to react to distractions there was five of us in the field.
She did very well and even gave us all a laugh when she slapped Kirsty in the face with her chicken.
As we don’t let Alupa eat the chicken after we have finished training Idaho got an extra feed.
I finished off the dogs and washed bowls, done feeds for the pups and the morning feed for everyone else.
I then got the van ready with water, blankets, our wet weather gear towels to dry the dogs, first aid boxes, leads and everything else we needed.
The frozen chickens for the dogs feeding were ready in the freezer to take with us.
I came in at 9 and had a sandwich and got straight on the computer printing out the script, the directions to the hotel and the filming location.

At midnight I had to go to bed as I could not keep my eyes open.

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