23rd October

Finally the last Meli pup was homed on Sunday, he has really fallen on his feet with a really great family in Somerset, they already have a male wolf dog that I bred nearly two years ago.
My license inspection went very well everything is in order and no advisories to be addressed.
Cleaning has been made harder this week as my trusted power washer decided to go on strike, I think maybe due to lack of tlc, but all is ok now as a good service has sorted it out.

This last week with visitor’s emails and ten dogs going has taken a huge chunk of time, which has led to many more very late nights.

Wednesday was a really difficult day one of the Labrador puppy’s owners came, and picked her up.
Storm our re home dog has gone to his new home with a female wolf dog.
This was also the day for a major change around with a number of dogs changing kennels and the girls needed to go into the whelping areas.
Meli has come into season so she has been moved to a female pen.
Matzi and Eba are now being kenneled together as Matzi is noisy and Eba has the worst howl you have ever been subjected to, she sounds like a cat being strangled.
Lycan and Taska have also been moved, as Taska is a howler.
Hopefully the changes will benefit us at exercise time as any Saarloos bitches can go out in the field with Coosa and Siren.
Coosa is never mixed with any Czech’s as he has a real dislike to them.

C was really good at training this Wednesday, this was the first time she had ever played with a toy with the other pups around, she even did a good retrieve, that pleased me as I was beginning to think retrieve was not in her vocabulary.

All being well everything is in place for A’Lupa to be picked up from the airport on Monday, I hope as the last few days have been ridiculous with the flight being booked then cancelled then rebooked, this was due to an error on the passport.
Then the final straw came when I had a phone call saying the bank in Italy had not received the remaining money.
The funds were paid well in advance so there really was no need for this to happen last minute.
Hopefully it looks like Kate will be looking after the kennels and I will drive up and pick her up myself.
I will wait until the flight has left Italy before I really am sure all has gone to plan.

I am really looking forward to meeting A’Lupa, as so far I have only had pictures and updates on her progress from the breeder.

On my way to the airport I have decided as much as I hate technology I am going to buy a new computer and printer and another telephone, as they never seem to last long.

I am now getting an hour and a half me time a week, it has not been by choice but still it is good.
I have a weekly massage to help with a trapped nerve in my back this has been causing several migraines which make me feel like I just want to sleep, so I end up working much slower but plodding on.
My dream would be a lay in or 6 hours straight sleep would be nice.

Wendy and Brian came down and spent Saturday putting in the new drain pipes for the yard outside Matzis pen to go into the soak away that will be going in next.
If Matzi continues to be a pain with eating everything in sight in his new area, he will be back up in the pen up at the top yard.
This week he has removed all the waste pipes for the sink in the bathroom and eaten the taps off the water butts.
We also put up a shed so we have more storage space for straw and shavings down in the bottom kenneling area.
Its not huge but it will help.

Whenever possible I will try to keep you updated on the race results from The Akna wolf dogs owned and raced by Racheal Bailey and some of her friends.

Latest results are
Wyedean mushing organised the Deans Doubles in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
The 8th/9th Oct was the first event of the race season for us.
With several teams of wolf dog crosses taking part this was a team event with two teams of dogs and their mushers, each running the trail and then combining the two times together to give an overall placing.

Racheal Bailey ran a 3 dog team with Jerry-Lee and litter brother and sister Will and Jade (both Czech wolf dog crosses) getting a good time around the 3 mile trail in just over 12 mins, although beating the opposition in that heat they placed 2nd in their class. Rachael also ran a team of three Canadian Eskimo dogs and not only ran the fastest freight team time took enough of a lead to get them a first place.

Anne Sharman who has two rehome Czech wolf dog crosses Mya and Austin placed a fantastic second place overall being the team’s first competition together.

Stu Malcolmson who ran Vadar who was bred by Shoshone Kennels and his son Dak, a rehome also had a fantastic result with their team placing second in their class.

A fantastic time had by all and a great way to kick off the race season, the dogs will be next travelling up to Scotland to compete with SDAS at the Forest of Ae at the end of October.

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