23rd November

Sunday morning was a cold damp start everyone was out and fed, I cleaned out and then put Coosa’s group in the front yard at the new kennel block.
The rest of the hybrids went out in the field.
I burnt the rubbish and then did a quick yard clean and then picked up in the drive.
Puppy viewers were due to arrive , so gates opened and Coosa’s group moved to the bottom yard at the house with their food.
After the visitors left I soaked the puppy food and moved the next group of dogs out.
I fed the dogs at the house first and then the kennel dogs.
I was in the drive with the puppies and it suddenly got very dark, so everyone in quickly and then I printed some info for new puppy owners, I managed to do a couple of bags of shredding for more bedding.
The rain stopped so everyone went back out and I spent some time in the field with Coosa’s group, River was on pest control duty killing moles and voles.
Matzi spend most of time on my lap.
I got the evening feeds ready and the frozen feeds out for the next day.
the house dogs all went in with cows ears for a while so I could clean the yard.

New bedding down for the house dogs in their outside pen area.
Cito had a brush and Shone had a token gesture with the soft brush as she has still got marks from the two hot spots she had last week.
Restocked on paper for the puppies, and some more new toys in their kennels.
Coosa’s group came down to the paddock as it is easier to see them in a smaller area when it starts to get dark.
I brought some more bales of shavings in and bags of food.
Half an hour on the computer and then everyone fed and out for a toilet stop before bed.
Coosa’s group in with chews and last in Narla and Siren.
Kennels locked up and Kiro out.
Early evening with the house dogs.
Monday morning was a cold wet start all the bitches went out quickly with the first group in the drive while the poodles went up in the field.
I fed the puppies and cleaned all the kennels out and got the two groups in and then cleaned the puppies kennels.
Next out was Narla and Siren went in the paddock while I cleaned them out and then they went up to the top pens.
Coosa went out through the front pen I cleaned his kennel and washed all the bowls and then put the bitches back with the puppies.
Coosa went out in the field for a short time and then down to the bottom block for food as the rain still hadn’t stopped.
I got the lunchtime feeds ready and then ordered a few things on line.
I rang Racheal to find out what time she would be arriving with Vika and Rosie.
I fed everyone and brought Narla into a top pen area and let Coosa out into the field and off to the dentist, not a good experience I thought my mouth was numb until she started with the drill, another two injections later, couldn’t wait to go home.
I got back and Rach was already here, we moved Vika in with Reo and Rosie went in with my house dogs.
I got all my dogs out and exercised and soaked the puppy food, everyone fed, the hybrid groups came in, all locked up and we went in for dinner.
Rach stayed for a while and then she left with Vader, Cheyenne and Jade and a cage full of bones.
I locked up the gates and let Vika and Rosie out. I wanted to be up early to spend time with them before going down to the kennels doing the rest of the dogs.
Tuesday morning I was outside early it was cold and dry, house dogs were out, Kiro locked in with her food.
Reo and Vika fed and let out, I went down to the kennels and let the first two groups out and fed the puppies and cleaned everyone out, they were all back in and the yorkies out in the drive, Narla went up to the top kennels with her food.
After I had done the fire I let Coosa’s group out in the drive and then did the last two kennels and washed up.
Next was to check emails and then clean up in the drive ready for the meat deliveries arriving.
Coosa went out in the paddock and field two.
First delivery arrived I cut it all up and then swapped dogs around in the bottom block and brought Coosa’s group down as the next delivery was due and this was 50 kilos of carcasses for the little dogs to get cut up.
After I had finished all the meat I fed everyone and then took the house dogs up the drive for a play with the three kennel puppies.
After a while I left them and went to the bottom block and put Shone and Cito away and brought Vika and Reo out for a while.
I washed all of the dogs bedding in the house and then cut up cheese for the next day’s training.
Coosa’s group went out into field two and Narla went into field two.
I hoovered all of the office area of the new kennel and then washed the front pen, as the day was drawing to an end I got the evening and the morning feeds ready.
I cleaned the bottom block while Reo and Vika were now in the yard, I knew I was running out of time so I finished hosing and swapped the dogs on the drive and soaked the puppies food and then put Vika away with their food and cleaned the last yard.
Next were dogs in and bitches outside with their food while the puppies were eating.
All the hybrid groups came in and I finished off my emails and then locked up and let Kiro out.
I fed the house dogs and had dinner made a few phone calls and then wrote the blog.
Wednesday morning was dry and cold normal routine dogs out feeding and cleaning and then I power washed the bottom block.
I had a few things to sort out for training as it was the mock test for the bronze and silver classes.
Lunchtime feeds done and puppies out in the drive with the house dogs.
Evening feeds ready and the morning feeds ready.
Everyone was out for quite a long time and then all in fed and cleaned.
Shiraz in the van and off to training, we had a really good night I only took Shiraz as I am going to leave Chili until next year when Shiraz goes up to the bronze class then I will put Chili into puppy after my sisters dog moves up a class so that should be in March.
I got home and did all of the dogs and then watched tv with the house dogs for a while before bed.
Thursday morning was a cold dry start house dogs out and fed Cito and Shone have to go back into the house after breakfast as cito has started to be vocal while I am doing the other dogs.
Puppies back in with food, Reo and Vika were out in the bottom block.
Kiro back in and I went down to do the kennel dogs, the first two groups were out and the puppies fed.
I cleaned the two kennels out and then cleaned out the pups, my older Labrador puppies had completely flooded their kennel s they had turned over their water feeder so they went out in the side yard and I completely cleared the kennel out and washed it.
All back in and Coosa group out in the front yard and Narla and Siren out in the paddock, I cleaned them out and bedded them up for the night.
I washed the bowls and did my emails and then I heard a voice say hello, I thought oh my god who is that as the gates were still locked it was the fencing guy he had come down the side and in through the side gate that I had opened earlier.
The feed delivery lorry had arrived, I thought it would be ok to let the lorry in but Aimi had decided she did not like the lorry so she jumped straight over a 2 metre panel and out, I shouted to the fencing guy to shut the gate.
I opened the kennel door and let all the hybrids straight back into the kennel until the lorry was unloaded.
After unloading then pallet of food I put Coosa’s group out into field two and the paddock, Narla and Siren were in field one and Rupert, Cito and Shone out on the drive, the house puppies were out in their yard.
I spent five hours power washing the front pen and the side yard in between doing the dogs.
Lunch time feeds soaked ready, I fed the house dogs and hybrids and then back and fed the kennel dogs, all dogs changed over and the poodles were out in the field.
I had a few phone calls about puppies and then got the savings for the morning and the new bags of feed into the kitchen at the new kennel.
I picked up in the drive and the paddock and then had a coffee and biscuits for lunch before going back to power washing.
I did the evening feeds and the morning feeds and then fed the bitches and puppies, hybrids in and fed.
I went down to the house and moved Vika and Reo back into their kennel, washed the puppies yard and the bottom block in the dark.
I cooked dinner ready for Dave arriving, we had dinner and then went back down to the kennel as I still had emails, blog and insurances to do before the morning, Dave sorted out a temporary job on the dogs bath as it was leaking.
I thought we were going into the house for the rest of the evening but I thought I would just check on the yorkiepoo puppies first, the smallest pup was quiet and seemed a little cold, I checked his gums and they were white so I rang Gavin and straight into the vets for antibiotic injection and rehydration fluid.
We got home and I stayed up all night with him as he needed syringe feeding every ten minutes all night so I took him up to bed.
Friday morning was a very wet start so all the dogs went out for a short time and then back in for food.
Hannah and Tracey arrived to groom the little dogs and then the meat delivery arrived.
I sorted out the meat ready for lunch time and then the rain eased up a little so the dogs went out for a while.
I did the lunch time feeds and then helped Hannah for a while with Rupert.
I rang the vet to give him a progress report on the puppy and then cleaned the bottom block.
Emails and phone calls then cleaned the puppies out again.
Dave reset the mouse traps in the garage and took the bags of food up to the top kennel for the hybrids.
Evening feeds ready and the bitches fed all the dogs came in and then the puppies were fed.
I locked up after Hannah had left and Kiro went out.
Saturday morning was dry so everyone went out longer, I did the house dogs and then Dave went off doing odd jobs taking up meat bins, cleaning out gutters and drains.
After the kennel dogs were all finished I went up with Kate and did the fire while Dave dried the kennels.
I fed the hybrids and then I disinfected and power washed the bottom block and yard while Dave disinfected all of Coosa’s area at the top.
I went up and power washed everywhere that Dave had disinfected.
Next was to get the frozen feeds ready for the morning and the biscuit feeds for the evening.
I fed everyone and got the hybrids in and then got more food and shavings from the container.
All dogs done and locked up and then we went off to my sisters for dinner.
When I got home I did the blog and let all of the house dogs out.

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