23rd June

Sunday was an early start and I wasn’t sure if it was the end of a long week or the start of a new one.
Chief was returned late on Saturday evening as the dog he was homed with took a dislike to him, so just a bit more work to fit into the day.
It was raining when I put the first group out from the house so C had to go down into pen 4 at the bottom to have her food and go to the toilet or she would have been soaked.
I put the wolf dogs out and did everyone’s food in the house then C came in and the little dogs went into the covered yard while Narla and Shone went into pen 4.
I did the pups out the front and then into the hybrid pups and Rainn, by this time I had worked out Sam wasn’t coming in, I later heard she was ill and would be off all week.
I then put Kiro out and cleaned them; I did the next pups and Razzle group.
I did the top groups and cleaned and fed then back down to the house so I could be down the bottom ready for people picking up a pup.
While I was waiting for them I washed the bowls and then cleaned the yard and started to clean the covered yard while Narla and Shone were out in the field.
After the puppy owners had left I got the house dogs in from the field and finished off cleaning the house pens while Matzi was out.
I gave Kia a quick brush before putting Matzi back in to his night kennel as the rain was getting quite heavy, even Tory and Coosa were laying in their day pen, I made the most of them being in and brushed Coosa again.
Next was lunchtime feeds for the little dogs and pups and a quick clean out.
I hung all of the washing in the house as there was no chance the rain was letting up.
None of the dogs went out for over an hour, so while they were all in and quiet I did the chip registrations for the pups that had just left.
I cleaned out a whelping box for the lab that is due to have pups any day and put it all back together.
I got the frozen feeds ready for the next morning and then filled up paper blue roll and feed bins.
I had five minutes to do some lead work with Ranger before getting all of the disinfectant buckets ready for the evening.
Kirsty and Malcolm came down and helped me move the whelping box into the pen for the lab.
Kirsty went to have a play with the Coosa pups while Malcolm was entertaining Millie the yorkie, I was getting dogs in.
The rain had nearly stopped so everyone was out in the yards or the fields, I had two groups out and Coosa in for a while as I needed to have everyone locked in by 5.45.
I had the puppy feeds ready so that I could feed just before training class started and then do a quick clean and bowl wash.
Training was finished just after 7 pm, so I let the house dogs straight out and then washed the yards down.
I came in just after 8 and had food and brought all of the dogs in, they were sleeping in the lounge while I cleaned out the Coosa pups and then had a play with them for a while.
I watch tv with the dogs for a while before bed.
Monday morning I put two groups out from the top and came back down and did the house dogs, while they were out I fed the pups in the whelping area and did the first clean and checked their water.
The house dogs came in for breakfast while I did Chief and Ranger and Kiro.
Then Razzle group came out so I could do the pups and their pen.
I got the top groups in and fed everyone before it got to hot, then down to wash vet beds and bring the puppy in that was leaving today.
I washed the yard and put Shone and Narla out in the field while cleaning the bottom covered pen.
Nathan arrived with Jake to move the tiles and get the floors cleaned up ready for the tiler tomorrow.
I quickly went to get some rolls for breakfast while Nath kept an eye on the dogs.
I got home and fed puppies while Nath cooked a bacon sandwich.
I put Matzi out as he can be out the longest while I wormed the puppies and the hardest one of all was the little yorkie he went mad biting and screaming, he takes after his dad.
I did the chicken feeds for all the little dogs and the house dogs and then I had a play with the Coosa pups and got scratched to bits.
I had a quick look up at the new kennel it’s looking good now but I think it will look far better once the tiles are down and the bath and stuff is all put in.
I am so looking forward to having most of the dogs in one place and having the office right there in the same building especially come the winter.
I did the lunchtime feeds and re cleaned pups.
Each group of dogs are now going out for 1 ½ hours so I haven’t got to go up and down so often and I can get on with other jobs while they are out.
I swapped dogs all day until the last group comes in around 8/9 pm.
I brushed Coosa as he is too hot with this sudden change in weather again.
I have moved Rainn up with Coosa and Tory as she was not happy being so close to the house with the pups crying.
I cleaned the floors in the house as Cito decided to wet in the lounge which did not please me.
I had a puppy owner come and fetch their pup which was nice another gone to his new home.
I got the frozen meat ready in the boxes for the next morning.
After everyone had gone from the new kennel I burnt all the rubbish and then went out in the field with Shone Kia and Narla for a while and checked the fences.
I came in and had dinner at around 9.30 and spent some time with the house dogs.
I cleaned out he Coosa pups and then off to bed around 1 am.
Tuesday morning was an early one as I had the plumber, tiler and Nath all arriving at 8am and I needed to have got most of the kennels done and all of the dogs needed to have been out.
I also had my yearly fire check inspection and he also wanted to see the new kennel and see what had been put in there as well.
After spending nearly an hour down the kennel while Matzi was out I came back up and cleaned the yards and then put the house group out in the field.
I had time on and off all day to do some emails and adverts.
I did the vet beds in the house and spent some time with the bitches that are due to whelp.
I did the lunch time feeds and got he biscuit feed bins done for a few days.
Then it was time to get ragged by the Coosa pups for a while, they are great one their own but in with the whole litter they are full on.
I have to take each one out and spend time giving it a cuddle or taking it for a walk to check on other dogs.
I did a bit of weeding as the side going up to the top kennel was being overtaken with nettles and grass.
I came in for a quick sandwich and fed the house dogs and sorted out some paper work, and then spoke to mum to get the order in for the aqua boarding in the dog’s wet room.
I went out in the field with the labradoodle group as they were being rather vocal and I thought they were going to upset my neighbour.
I came back in and had a chat with the plumber, he checked the new water heater that had just been delivered and said all was fine with it.
I sent some more pictures up to Jaq for the web site.
I did the evening feeds and washed down the yards, the last group came in at 8 so the house dogs could have the gates open.
Kirsty came down and we had a long chat about the dogs and stuff, then I went back out and sorted out the chicken carcasses that she had brought down.
I had dinner at 9.30 and spent an hour with the Coosa pups and then watched tv for an hour before going on the computer and doing morning feeds.
Wednesday morning the first group were out in the field by 6 am, all the pups and bitches fed, my lab was whelping and the other lab looked like she was going to start fairly soon.
Most of the kennels were not too bad, the worse was Coosa’s pen, this is because Rainn is in with them and she can be a dirty mute sometimes.
I got the kennels all done, the fire was done and the first two vet beds washed.
I put all of the Coosa pups out into the bottom pen so they could run around for the day; I spent an hour in with them and took lots of pictures, which I have put on my Facebook page, they will also be put on the web site.
I swapped dogs around all day, Coosa decided he was going in Matzi’s pen so I left him in there while the labradoodle group were out in the field.
Kirsty and Malcolm came down and had a play with the Coosa pups, Kirsty is in her element when she gets in with them and they love her.
Malcolm is great with them they climb all over him and bite his ears, it’s nice having a male going in with them.
After they left I did the lunchtime feeds and then went to see how things were going in the new kennel,I took a couple of pictures of the first tiles that have been laid and then I got Jake and Greg to come up and have a play with the puppies.
Back to check on the first lab bitch that was starting to whelp, the first pup was born and he was yellow, the second was black, at this point I was reasonably sure that the pups were not labs as I was expecting, they are labradoodles from Budd not labs from Bracken, until they are older you won’t tell if it’s a split litter, I could have done without the uncertainty.
The bitch was doing well she is a good mum and careful unlike the other lab that carries the pups around and is a pain until all the pups are born.
I got the disinfectant buckets done ready for the evening and then the frozen feeds.
I went out with Moon and gave him a brush as he is kennelled on his own I thought the company would do him good.
After swapping over dogs I had a couple of phone calls to sort out.
I fed everyone and then put the house dogs and the hybrid pups out, while they were out I let the rest of the house dogs in the yard and moved the Coosa pups back to the pen in the house, I cleaned the bottom pen and put the house dogs back down the bottom and then cleaned the yard.
I checked on both labs then had dinner.
I put Razzles group away and cleaned their yard.
I power washed Coosa and Matzi’s pen and the track into the field.
The last group of dogs came in at 10 pm as it was getting dark.
I did the morning feeds and sorted out the washing.
I was hoping for an hour to sit down with the house dogs but one bitch finished whelping and the other started, she was not very good with the first two pups as she was not settled.
While I was in the whelping area I changed the vet bed again and then cleaned out the puppies next door, so it shouldn’t be too bad in the morning.
After pup 3 was born at 02.26 she started to calm down a bit more.

I was shattered as I had now done 21 hours and I knew I had no chance of getting any sleep, but if the bitches are ok its not a problem.
I stayed with Breeze and popped in and out of the house for more caffeine.
Then off to wash the next vet bed and for a couple of hours sleep.
Thursday morning I felt a little like death warmed up until I got outside and got drowned.
I did the house dogs, then bitches and pups the top kennel waited a while for the rain to easy up, my neighbour rang up to ask if I could shut the dogs up.
Everyone went out even in the rain as it wasn’t cold.
Hannah was here grooming the little dogs.
Coosa is looking a little thin I was hoping it was because he is blowing the last of his, I gave him a pound of tripe normally he is fine with it but within 4 minutes of eating it this was the result.

I got Hannah to clip the area while I held him, this is the first time Hannah has met Coosa so she was a little unsure but as always he was fairly good, he did give me a slight warning when he put the lotion directly onto the area but nothing much.
I kept a close eye on him as he did eat again and was feeling very sorry for himself.
I came down and did the house dogs and tried to get in front as I was expecting a hybrid visitor and I knew it was going to take considerable time.
Helen phoned up to ask if I needed her to have Daisy and her pups with her for a few weeks until I was less busy here, that was a really kind gesture, she also picked up Ollie from the vets for me as I had been putting it off.
Hannah groomed Rupert so I could feed all of Razzles group as a pack after they were fed she carried on with the bottom group.
My visitors arrived so I put Matzi and Coosa groups out as I could leave them out for 2 hours.
I did have to swap dogs around while they were here or I wouldn’t have finished before midnight.
After they had left I let all the house dogs out again and fed everyone.
I had a big meat delivery which I was pleased it arrived tonight as I knew the morning was going to be busy.
I cleaned all of the yards and power washed Coosa and Matzi’s pen.
I cleaned out the bitches and pups and came in at about 10.15 as it was getting dark.
Spent time playing with the Coosa pups and then had dinner before putting the music channel on and having an hour with the dogs.
I spoke to Rach and then went on the computer to get an inspiration for the names for the Coosa pups, I have named them all after lakes and creeks along the Coosa river.
I did the morning feeds and went to bed around 1.30 am.
Friday morning was an early wet start; I fed the Coosa pups and cleaned their pen while they were eating.
I let the house dogs out and let two groups from the top out and put Coosa’s group into an outside pen, three out of the four kennels were clean so I just changed the water and then came down and let the house dogs in with their food.
Next was the hybrid pups out and feed the rest of the bitches and pups.
Kiro came out and I cleaned the two pens out and then put her back in for a while as she can be noisy otherwise.
I burnt all of the rubbish and then put a cage in the spare room for my cocker bitch as I was expecting her to whelp very soon.
Sarah and Howard arrived to meet with Jerry and Jude as they are all having hybrids from Coosa and they live relatively near each other, I left them to spend time with their puppies and have a chat.
I had to go down to the new kennel with the steel engineer as I need to get a drain and cover made, after we had done that and got the measurements we came up to discuss the gates I want made later.
Then we looked at the panels I need for the bottom block so keep the rain out but let the light in for the winter.
I made everyone coffee and then swapped dogs around.
After everyone had left Pearl and her family arrived to spend time with their puppy, it was a busy day but great socialising for all of the pups.
I did the lunch time feeds and then rang mum with my shopping list as she is visiting tomorrow.
I went up and put some more lotion on Coosa’s sore bum and gave him a quick brush.
It was just starting to rain again so I put all the little dogs away and cleaned the yards.
Daisy had one puppy but seemed very unsettled so I fed everyone and made sure I was ready if anything looked like it was going to go pear shaped.
I cleaned the yards and checked her constantly.
I fed the pups and still Daisy had not got any further along so I gave her an injection, still nothing and I could feel a tail and one leg of a pup when I examined her,
Next was ring mother and tell her she could be coming down tonight so be prepared, I gave her another injection 40 minutes later and she was not going to push, mother was then on route, so I got all the dogs in and fed the Coosa pups their chicken.
I put the one puppy she had in with my poodle and her puppies as I knew she would look after it until I got home, I loaded Daisy into the van and off to the vets, mum arrived ten minutes after I had left to keep an eye on the rest of the dogs.
All went well with the caesarean even though Daisy’s oxygen levels were very low she came out of it ok, mum and pups are fine.
I got home after 11 pm and got mum and pups in and settled.
I let the house dogs out and checked on everyone else, I cleaned the Coosa pups out and had a short play with them.
I picked up in the yards and washed the dirty bits, and then I did the morning feeds and wrote the blog, then a few emails before bed at 2.30 am.
Saturday morning was a wet start but it soon brightened up we had odd showers all day but nothing too drastic.
The house dogs were out while I fed the bitches and pups.
I put two groups out from the top kennel and the hybrids were out with Shone and Narla, when I let Ranger, Shone and Narla out they got to the top and Ranger stopped dead as he could see Coosa looking at him and he really didn’t want to go past, Shone started talking to Ranger but he still wasn’t going to pass the pen so she came back and tried to get him to go with her, this still didn’t work so she gets even more vocal and now Narla has come back to see what is going on, the two bitches went either side of him and walked him past Coosa, it was really nice to watch and see just how Shone works, she is full of confidence and a very gentle caring bitch especially for 8 months old.
Mum was here so she washed the vet beds and did the bitches water in the house and did all the house work and odd jobs inside.
I cleaned the whelping area and changed vet beds and water.
Razzles and Kiro’s groups came out into the yards, they were fed and cleaned.
Next was dogs in from the top and lab group out, after they were cleaned out and Idaho done then Coosa went out and Moon then I cleaned both pens top to bottom.
When they came in the house group went out while I was changing more vet beds.
I had people come and pick up a puppy, after they had left I got the house group in and put C and Cito out while I was up in the field brushing Coosa before he got too wet.
I did the lunchtime feeds and cleaned out the Coosa pups and washed the floor in their pen and the office.
I cut up all of the chicken for the little dogs and left it ready in the fridge so mum and I could feed quickly after the next people had been.
I cleaned out ears on a few of the little dogs while I was waiting for viewers, and tidied up in the garage.
I thought while I was in the garage I would get all the feed bins done for the morning and the biscuit feed bins.
My viewers were here for quite a while so I swapped dogs over while they spent time with the puppies.
After we did the paper work and they had left I did a puppy check on food and water.
I got all of the disinfectant buckets ready to wash the yards, I got paper and blue roll everywhere so I don’t run short of anything in the week.
I fed the pups and cleaned the yards, everyone except the house dogs were in by 6.30 as it started to rain, I was quite pleased as mum had cooked a roast and we had paper work to do.
We had dinner and finished the paper work; we sat down and watched the voice.
Sam phoned up to say she was feeling much better and would be in tomorrow morning.
After we had the yorkie pups out running around the house that was entertaining they are mad little creatures, when they were tired out I put them back to bed and let the Coosa pups out, they are great when they get loose, they are so inquisitive and full of energy, they were playing with the toys in the lounge and ragging the rope toys pulling each other around the room.
I put them away and did the morning feeds; I let everyone out and changed Daisy’s vet bed again.
I had a couple of hours on the computer and then went to bed.

Coosa River

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