23rd January

Another cold week, things started out not too bad then one of our staff has reduced her hours due to a change in her circumstances this leaving us a little in a difficult position.
Until such times as a suitable new member can be found to join us Kate has agreed to step in and increase her hours thankfully as it would have been a nightmare at this time of year.
More building work has started again this time giant diggers, dumpers and excavators, we are having a new entrance put in at the end of the lane to make it safer for visitors getting in and out of the drive.
This will be going on for a few weeks.
Due to the change in the driveway we have had to take down the hybrid paddock, when the weather improves and we have more time the paddock will be resited in another field, this will be a temporary pain as its not so easy for the girls to get Coosa in from the main field when he decides it time to play.
I have assured the girls this will be done before the motocross season starts and I have 1 day off a month to watch my son race.

Kiro is doing well with her puppies, as Kate found out she can be protective when you approach her whelping box.
When she is outside away from them she is great but still she will only let me change her vet bed.
She has 5 males and 4 females.

Saffi and Tease are both doing well with the puppies. Saffi is going out in the field playing with the other labs.

One labradoodle will be moving off the web cam on Monday as she is being retained for the breeding program, her name is Biscuit, she will be coming in the house to join our new puppy we have just bought in from another breeder.
Thanks to Janine who has spent several hours, well no days searching for the right male to join our labradoodle group.

Early this week we also bought in a beautiful parti poodle girl called Bon Bon she is a black and white 2-year-old girl, she has fitted in very well with our other poodles in the house.

Luta has now been rehomed she has gone back to the lady I originally got her from to keep her 10 year old dog company.
That was great to reunite her back with Harry and Martine.

Annie has now found a new home and is getting on very well.

Cito has started a course of treatment to try and bring her into season, if this works this will be her last litter, if not we will see if she comes into season on her own next winter, then either way she will be spayed.

In an ideal world I would like to rehome her with Titan lobo, as they have always been a pair.
The only problem is Cito would like to live in the house but I am not sure Titan would be very happy about being in.

Friday morning was great fun minus 8 at 9.45 am still struggling to wash out pens with limited hot water as the new boiler was being fitted in the house, so we couldn’t even get in the kitchen to warm up, endless supplies of coffee from mother helped.

Saturday and today was taken up digging out 10ft posts from the Hybrid pen and taking out all the wire that has been buried 32 inch into the ground and 32 inches along the fence line, it might have been seriously hard work but we were still freezing to death.

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