23rd February

Friday evening I got home from the hospital and Wendy and Brian were already here doing running repairs from the storm damage and putting up a secure pen out in the drive for the little dogs, I got the hybrids in and fed everyone.
Saturday morning Wendy and Brian helped me do the dogs as I had people booked to view puppies and pick up puppies.
We got everyone out fed and cleaned out, all the rubbish burnt, while I was busy with customers Wendy and Brian did odd jobs and let dogs out and got them in when it rained.
Sunday morning was a dry start so I did the house dogs and the puppies, while they were out I did the bitches in season that have been separated from the rest of the pack and then down to the kennel and put the hybrids out in the top pens then came back and put the bitches out with puppies, I did their kennels and put the feeds in then brought them back in.
Next out were the labs and poodles I cleaned them out and then put Reo out in the front pen and kiro in the field.
When they were all cleaned and pens ready for them to come back in I did the rest of the dogs in the kennels and then moved two of the bitches from the house down to the kennel.
I got the frozen feeds done ready for the morning and then cleaned the house dogs out and brought Shone and Narla in with bones, Rupert was being a complete sod he would not let Cito have a bone three times I took the bones from him and gave her one but in the end I gave up and left her to it.
I let the hybrids out and alternated the rest of the dogs out in the field.
I fed all of the little dogs their chicken and the house dogs so I could bring Shone and Narla in for the afternoon as I needed to do paper work in between letting dogs out.
I came back from letting Kiro out and I could hear Rupert barking he really did not sound happy when I opened the door I could see why he was sat on my computer chair as normal, but Shone had her foot on the chair and was swivelling him round quite fast and he couldn’t jump off, she stopped when I walked through the door but the chair was still spinning, I stopped the chair and Rupert jumped off looking rather bemused, he sat on the back of the arm chair looking quite annoyed Shone got up on the chair to lick his face and he bit her right on the nose.
I had three families here during the afternoon looking at puppies.
I went out and cleaned the bottom block and the yards then went up and cleaned the pens where the hybrids were and just left them one pen to get in and out of.
I got the evening feeds ready and the morning feeds for all of the kennel dogs.
Everyone came in and I spent the evening sorting out stuff in the house and looking for a shipping container.
Monday morning was wet again so I did the house dogs and the first group of puppies when Amy arrived.
We did the bitches with pups first and got the first load of washing in, next out was the lab group, then the poodles.
The hybrids went up to the top kennel until the rain had eased off and the poodle group went out in the front yard, Reo went out in the field.
Last out was Kiro, we finished cleaning and then did the house dogs.
I did the frozen feeds while Amy finished off the little dogs.
We cleaned the yards and the bottom block and Shone and Narla came in the house for a few hours.
I fed all the dogs there lunch time feeds and then got the feeds ready for the evening and the next morning.
I sorted out a stock order and then spent some more time looking for things on the internet.
I gave Cito a brush and then went out with the hybrids for a while and checked fencing.
I had a ventilation specialist come and give me some advice on putting in a humidity stat in the hybrid kennel.
BT turned up to connect the phones and the order had been booked wrong yet again by someone in India, I finally lost the plot with BT on the phone, they are so incompetent it is unbelievable.
The engineer went off he said he would be back later in the day!!
Amy carried on and did the fire and the house dogs while I was being transferred from one idiot to another at BT.
The upshot of BT was three hours on the phone until I got a Scottish chap who was really good and understood exactly what I wanted so hopefully but I won’t hold my breath I should get a new line put into the kennel with my own number on a business contract soon I hope.
I had a young lad come and have a look around to do some odd jobs like power washing and stuff that I am just not getting done myself, he will start this weekend.
I did the feeds and fed most of the dogs at lunchtime, the puppies are also just starting to be fed now so this takes up more time.
I re cleaned the puppies and bitches kennels and then arranged for the shipping container to be delivered for storage for the furniture from the house for when we start doing the floors upstairs.
Amy had got the morning dry feeds done for me so I fed the bitches and got the hybrids in for the night.
I did the temperature charts and finished off in the kennels and then came up to the house and got the house dogs done.
I spent the evening doing adverts and phone calls.
I had a friend come round for a bottle of wine and a chat, she is happy to help out if needed and I have to leave in the middle of the night to get to the hospital anytime.
Tuesday morning was dry so I did the house dogs and the two groups of dogs up here before Amy arrived and then we did the puppies and down to the kennels to get the rest of them fed and cleaned out.
We finished in there at just after 10 am, I did the house dogs paper and beds, and Amy did the rubbish.
I had a girl come round to look at some voluntary work; I showed her round and explained different aspects of what needs doing.
Amy and I cleaned the bottom block and the bottom yard.
I did the lunch time feeds for the little dogs while Amy cleaned up the paddock and did straw bags.
While I had people here Amy did odd jobs and then she left and I did the afternoon putting dogs in and out and filling up feed bins and placing orders for more food and chicken breasts.
I got everyone in at 5 pm and left Shone and Narla in the house with Cito and Rupert while I went to the hospital, I got home around midnight, I let the dogs out and did the morning feeds before going to bed.
Wednesday morning the weather as a bit drizzly so I did all the first groups of dogs up by the house and then Amy arrived and we did the puppies, next down to the kennels to feed and change vet beds.
We put the bitches with pups out first and then the two groups of little dogs.
Hybrids out. then Kiro in the paddock, and Reo out in the front pen.
We got everyone cleaned out and Amy dried floors while I spoke to family about my mum.
I did the next morning’s frozen feeds and then cut the chicken for today’s feeds.
I did all of the washing and drying while I was in the house on the phone.
Next I cleaned out the two kennels by the house and then fed them their lunch.
Shone and Narla came in for a few hours I was in and out, I had to go to the vets but I totally got the wrong time and missed my appointment so I went up to the town and got some shopping for me and stuff to take to the hospital.
I had only just arrived home when my cousin from Australia arrived for a coffee and chat before he headed off to the hospital.
Just after he left I had people come and view a puppy, then I had a quick bath before early afternoon feeding, Amy had already fed the puppies.
I had some food and then swapped dogs again; I got the evening feeds ready and fed the puppies.
The hybrids came in and I went off to the hospital again.
Thursday morning I fed the house dogs and put them out, I did the bitches in season and then the rest of the dogs up at the house, Amy arrived and we did the puppies.
We went down to the kennels and let the first groups out and we fed the puppies and cleaned them out.
Bitches came back in and the two groups of little dogs went out.
Next the hybrids went out and I went off to the vets to get a passport, Amy finished cleaning and changing vet beds.
When I got home Jack was here so I got him straight on to power washing the top pens.
Amy did the rubbish while I did the house dogs.
I did the chicken for the little dogs, and fed everyone; Amy fed the puppies and got the feeds ready for the evening.
I needed to keep in front with everything as I was having to leave the house by 4 pm, I had a call from the hospital to say they wanted a meeting at 5 pm and I was expecting the traffic to be bad.
I fed the puppies and locked everyone up.
Kirsty came in during the evening and let the house dogs out, I got home and did the morning feeds and let the dogs out again and went to bed.
Friday morning after doing the house dogs and the bitches in season Amy arrived and we did the kennel dogs.
We cleaned everyone out and fed them, Amy did vet beds while I was on the phone.
I went back down to the kennel for a while and then left Amy to dry kennels while I sorted out the meat order and got everyone’s feeds done.
We cleaned the yards and the bottom block, Amy swapped over dogs in the field until lunch time then I fed everyone and made evening and thee next morning’s feeds.
Dogs all stayed out until just before dark.
I spent the night on the sofa with a headache but at least the house dogs had company.
Just a normal day on my own the only help was Jack who was power washing.
I went out with each group of dogs so they did not forget who I was.
I left early evening to go to the hospital and spend the night there, so Wendy and Brian came down to stay with my dogs.

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