23rd December

Sunday the 16 th
What a nightmare of a day, we had very heavy showers with no warning on and off all day.
Racheal was coming down to take puppies to the vets for Rabies vaccines before they went to stay in London with their owners for a few days over Christmas before they would fly out to Dubai.
Rach should have been here by 3 pm, that turned into a fiasco as her car over heated and she had to get someone to drive her van to the service station on the M5 and take her car back on a recovery truck.
Rach got her van and finally arrived in Devon at 9 pm.
Our hybrid pup that was due to go out to Germany was still here as the owners were bringing their dog over here to meet me.
The customs people could not find the microchip so the dog had to be driven back to Germany and the set off again in their motor home to come and pick up their new puppy.
They ended up getting here 7 hours late so I had fed the pup, they decided to stay here the night and head off in the morning which was better for them to of had some sleep and the pup had a nights rest after he had been fed.
Eventually Rach, mum Kirsty and I went off for a Thai meal.
We got home and sorted out the house dogs and Rach took Jade off to the loo before bed.
Monday morning I did Kiro and the rest of the pups early before anyone arrived as I knew we were going to be busy.
Kate went to the vets with Rach and the pups going to Dubai.
Kirsty and I did the Labradoodles and then the Ladies from Germany came up and sorted out the paper work and things for their puppy that they were picking up.
Kirsty went up and cleaned the top group of dogs while I was with people.
After the pup had gone I started hosing the yards.
Kate came back and sat with the lab who was due to whelp on the 20 th .
I went off to meet up with Rach to sort out some last minuet things for dogs flying out.
We had breakfast and off Rach went to London to meet the new owners of the hybrids; Rach was thoroughly spoilt on her visit with royalty.
The new owners were very happy with the pups, so off they went to Harrods to get a selection of puppy toys and book the puppies in for a bath and groom.
Rach has now taken over with the pups and family as their personal trainer, here and in Dubai.
I had a call from the liaison personnel of the family to tell me how impressed they were with both the pups and Racheal.
It is really nice when people make the effort to express how they feel about the service they have received.
When I got back I started the lunchtime feeding and then on to more cleaning and getting evening feeds prepared.
I cleaned all of the outside runs, and then fed everyone.
The house dogs took a little longer as the rain was so heavy they got fed in two groups.
The builders arrived with the Ve lux windows ready to fit in the roof of the new kennel.
I burnt all of the rubbish from the last couple of days.
I spent some time out with each group and checked on all the worming dates for the bitches in pup.
Everyone was fed and locked up for the night.
Tuesday morning was really cold but fairly dry for a while so everyone got out and stayed dry first time round.
After everyone was cleaned out I had a little time on the computer while Kirsty finished off outside with the muck buckets, bone buckets and the other small jobs that are constant.
I fed the pups and Kiro came out in the yard with a beef bone for an hour.
I sorted out the meat delivery then fed everyone as it looked like it was going to rain and I did not want the group of four to get wet when they were trying to eat their bones.
I did some training with C as she has got her test on Wednesday night, and after a three week break she could be unsettled.
Everyone was in and fed by 4.30 as I had an appointment with the Osteopath, I felt not too bad when I went in but my neck and shoulder started to ache afterwards.
Wednesday morning was wet windy and horrible, I felt awful so all round not a good start.
The labradoodles only went out in the bottom yards as they would have got soaked.
We cleaned the bitches and pups out.
Kiro only went out for a short time as she was not keen on the wind.
All of the top groups went out while we cleaned them out then back in for breakfast.
The bottom block went out and we cleaned them out and got the pens ready in case they needed to come back down.
Kirsty let everyone out again while I came in and did my emails and adverts.
At 11 o clock I was feeling really ill, I had a trapped nerve in my neck and kept feeling dizzy, I went to bed until 1 o clock when Kirsty left.
I got up feeling just as bad.
I let everyone out and fed.
After doing the house dogs I went for a lay down at 5.30 I thought I would feel better after half hour.
When I woke up at 6.50 I could not believe that I only had 15 minutes to get to training and should have left at 6.15.
I rushed out of the door with C and got to training with about 5 minutes to spare as they were running slightly late.
Between me feeling like death and poor C being rushed out of the door I felt things were not looking good for the test.
Apart from C’s heel work which I thought was a little loose and sloppy everything else was perfect, after 17 months of hard work thankfully it had paid off and C was very good, a perfect send away and down early in the test made me feel more confident.
C now has her Kc Gold award.
This gives me chance to train the Kiro female hybrid if she stays or a least I can train her and if a home comes along for her she will be part trained and socialised.
I came home and let the house dogs out and went straight back to bed hoping that I would feel better in the morning.
Thursday morning I did feel better but not a 100%.
It was wet cold windy and dark when we started.
The day remained wet and horrible until very late afternoon.
Coosa and Matzi’s group have moved up to the top kennel and the lab group down to one of the whelping areas as the bottom block is cold and damp when the rain is this constant.
Hannah came to groom the house dogs.
Kirsty and I were out doing the rest of the dogs.
After everyone was cleaned out run and fed they all stayed in for the rest of the morning.
I let everyone back out from 2 o clock onwards, they all had a short time out then fed.
Simon popped in to give me loads of chicken carcasses as he has an over load of turkey carcasses and mine don’t eat turkey except for Idaho.
I had a couple come and view a puppy, he was really good with them, but they are thinking about him over night.
I was on and off the phone all day with Rach sorting out training schedules and flights for different dogs going out after Christmas and New Year.
We have two dogs coming in for two weeks training this coming Sunday.
Kirsty went off to work with my Kiro pup for the rest of the day.
I got the feeding done, and everyone was in by 4 pm as it was so wet none of them wanted to go out.
I did the house dogs in their groups for feeing and toilet.
Everyone was settled in for the night with bones.
I went through the list of dogs to give booster vaccines for at the end of the week.
Friday morning was a dry start so things were much easier even though Lisa and I were catching up a little from the wet day we had just had.
After we and got everyone fed and cleaned out, we wormed the pups.
Lunchtime feeding came around fast.
Lisa was disinfecting the bottom pens and the steps.
I started power washing as I knew with the coming weather it was not going to be possible for a few days if it didn’t get done now.
Lisa went home and I fed everyone and let groups out for the afternoon, after 5 hours power washing I still had not finished when it had got dark so I gave in the day and had dinner and spent the evening with the house dogs and sorting out phone calls.
Saturday morning was as expected torrential rain, this meant it took three times as long to get the dogs out for the first run as most of them had to go out under cover.
It was time to take the buttons out of Coosa’s ear; I had to call Kirsty as I could not hold him still and turn his ear over to get the stitches out.
He was not overly keen but we did get them out and got his ear cleaned, it was looking like there could be an infection underneath the area where the buttons were.
I have started him on another course of antibiotic injections.
He has only been out into a concrete area as the inside of the ear still has a very large cut to stop the blood from filling the ear again.
I went off to town quickly while Lisa carried on with drying a couple of pens and doing muck buckets.
The town was really busy and the roads were terrible.

These are the pictures of the side road by my house parts of the main road were not much better.
I got home and we did the lunch feeds and then we vaccinated a number of the dogs with their boosters, everyone was really good no problems.
Lisa went home and I did a quick check to make sure everyone was clean before doing their afternoon feeds.
No one went out after the feeding as the rain was coming sideways and they would have been drowned.
I fed the house dogs in the kennels down the bottom block.
After I had fed the pups and kiro, I went to get some shopping the roads were not good and Sainsbury’s was packed, what a delight.
I came home and spent a couple of hours with the house dogs before writing the blog.

Hybrid puppy

Myst, hybrid pup

Myst sleeping

Vadar giving blood

Vadar giving blood

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