23rd August

The house dogs all went out and Elsa my yorkiepoo was still laying in her whelping box she didn’t want to go out so I put Kiro and Reo in with food and then checked Elsa again, she had gone into labour so I got the house dogs feeds ready and then brought them in.
Dave fed Cito and Shone they stayed out in the bottom block and the garden with their food.
Dave sorted out two loads of washing and got the first lot out on the line.
I phoned Kirsty to come down and keep an eye on Elsa while we did the kennel dogs.
While waiting for Kirsty Dave picked up from the house dogs and then let the labs out and fed them.
Kirsty arrived so we went down and let the kennel dogs out and fed them, we cleaned the kennel and then I came back to the house to help Kirsty while Dave washed the bowls and picked up in the drive.
I left Siren and Narla out in the field.
Dave put Razzle’s group out in the drive and then went around and checked up on all of the bait stations and cleaned them out and refilled them.
I stayed with Elsa to keep a watch on her as she was a bit to vigorous on the cords, Kirsty had to go to work.
The rest of the house dogs were really good they were all sleeping on the sofa in the lounge, the poodle puppies in the other side of the whelping room were fast asleep they didn’t make a sound.
I was starving now so time for chocolate and pringles as I couldn’t leave Elsa.
After Elsa had finished I did the lunchtime feeds for everyone and cleaned the puppies out again.
Dave did some odd jobs and then we did the fire and got Coosa’s kennel and the labs kennel ready for the evening.
Everyone was out all afternoon.
I fed the puppies and then we went off to Bristol to pick up one of my dogs, we stopped at the Indian in Taunton on the way home and picked up a takeaway for us and Nathan, we stayed at Naths for a couple of hours and then home to get the hybrids in and feed them, I did the house dogs and the puppies and then went to bed at 2 am shattered.

We were surprisingly bright and breezy after going to bed at 2am.
I put the house dogs out and cleaned the poodles and the puppy’s rooms.
I made the feeds and Dave fed Cito and Shone and picked up in their yard while I fed the poodles and puppies.
Kiro went in and then we put the labs out and fed them.
We cleaned their kennel and Dave put the labs in to the field and then swept the kennel.
I went on down to start the rest of the kennel dogs.
Everyone and cleaned and fed.
Dave picked up in the drive and then we did the fire and put Cito and Shone out in the field and the hose dogs out on the drive.
We stopped for breakfast and then Dave took the tumble dryer apart and found the belt was broken so we have ordered another one.
Next we took the big cage out of my van and all of the boarding out and washed and cleaned up ready to go back in.
Dave took the old locks off the spare cage and ordered new locks.
Our extra jobs were Dave strimming and doing repairs while I did the dogs and some printing while waiting for people to view dogs.
I had a couple of bitches to mate and then two meat deliveries to sort out.
Lunch time feeding done.
Some of the little dogs needed brushing ready for Hannah coming on Wednesday.
Dave was out weed killing again and then he sorted out some panels and gates for me.
Evening feeding finished and everyone in, Kiro and Reo out.
A great start to the morning all the kennels finished by 8.45 and the fire done.
Hannah had already made a start on the poodles grooming, as soon as I had finished my jobs I started drying dogs and Hannah was bathing and clipping.
Dave was doing odd jobs and letting dogs in and out for me.
The van was already for training and the grooming going really well we were getting through the dogs really quickly.
I got a message from Kirsty to say 14 dogs needed rescuing as it looked like the owner was being evicted from their rented property.
That was then end of a good day it was then constant phone calls and messages back and forth to try to get these dogs out of the property.
I got everything ready and more blankets in the van.
We had arranged with the dog warden in Wales to collect the dogs between 11 and 12 o clock at night as we had to go to training.
All the dogs were fed and in before we went to training as the weather was appalling and the hybrid group were fed up with being outside.
We loaded the dogs and off we went we had a terrible drive to training the rain was still awful and the traffic was a nightmare.
We had a great night training and then home dogs unloaded, puppies fed and then cages ready for the trip to Wales.
Kirsty arrived and then off we went to collect the dogs we were very apprehensive as we were told by the owner of the dogs the landlord was very nasty.
We were also sent messages to say the dogs were filthy and stinking covered in mud and urine.
We finally arrived at the property and was greeted by a very nice couple being the landlord and his partner, they could not have been more helpful we were extremely grateful to them both for their help holding torches’ and dog for us while loading 7 dogs.
This was an experience I never want to have to be part of again; the dogs were aggressive towards each other they were dripping in mud and terrified.
We loaded up and the landlord showed us around, the state of the house and outbuildings was indescribable.
We drove straight to the service station and had a good wash.
We arrived home at around 3 am and unloaded and settled the dogs in and then Kirsty went to work and I had a couple of hours sleep before starting my dogs.
All the dogs done and finished by 9.30 thankfully as I spent the day working with the phone glued to my ear, I was so tired I was slower with most of the days jobs.
I did also have to still be on the phone for several calls to the dog wardens from Wales as it was paramount for the dogs I had picked up not to let the rspca get involved with the dogs, I had to spend time with each of the 7 dogs individually and give my assurances to the dog wardens that these dogs were able to be rehomed safely into the public after living as a volatile pack I finally managed to smooth things over with them and allow us to be able to take legal possession of the dogs .
The next step as to get Wolf dog rescue to confirm they would arrange the re homing.
Nicola did her very best to talk the dog wardens around to let the owner keep 4 dogs and get them returned to her when she finds a new home.
In between all this I had all of my own dogs and puppies to look after and feed.
I managed to get off the phone at 9 pm and finally finish my dogs and then spent an hour with my house dogs before going to bed.
Today was a bit calmer all my dogs were finished by 8.30 and then Alan arrived to fit the doors in the grooming room so it all looks really nice now.
I had one puppy owner come to spend time with their pup and then I spent the day with each group of dogs as I felt they had not had much quality time this week with everything going on.
I washed all the yards down in the evening and then finished at 9 pm .
The entire kennels were finished by 9 am and then I spent time with the rescue pack.
I did the fire and then cut up meat.
Kate arrived to give me a hand for a couple of hours so we microchipped puppies and then took a couple of videos of the rescue pack.
Kate helped me do a mating with Chili and then had a quick bit to eat and Kate left.
Everyone fed and then I cleaned the floor in the kitchen.
The afternoon was washing yards and sorting out food for different areas of the kennels.
I did the evening feeds and then went over to my sisters for dinner and to get some time out of here for a while.

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